Modern lip makeup with contours, tricks and tips

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The beauty of the lips is part of our image and many times we neglect this area of ​​our face and do not pay too much attention. To have a fleshy appearance and to be palatable, we must provide them with the necessary and appropriate care. In addition, these care are also part of our lip makeup , because thanks to them its texture and surface will be smooth and without peaks left over and raised. In this article you will find all the information that you should keep in mind. Keep reading and you will discover some secrets of makeup very useful.

Lip makeup and care

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Surely all of you know that juicy and beautiful lips and good lip care ensure a 90% success when it comes to winning and showing attractive. Next, you will see three basic rules related to caring for this area. Follow them systematically and you will see the healthy result on your lips.

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The first rule to which we are going to refer is for dry lips. Although usually his lips are not of this type, surely at some point in his life have had that scaly appearance. The worst solution in these cases is to lick the lips, trying to provide them with the hydration they need. Remember that the saliva will dry them even more, especially if they are on the street. To do this, use petroleum jelly or some lip balm that will help them with hydration.


The second rule is the protection of lips against the harmful rays of the sun. Remember that UVA rays damage not only our skin and our hair, but also our mouth. Therefore, they must choose an appropriate product that is manufactured for that purpose to provide the necessary protection to this part of their face.

The make-up of lips and the appropriate makeup products

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To make a simple makeup is not necessary to use and know some complicated techniques. Remember that the products and makeup tools hide a high percentage of success once we have finished it. Thus, among the most used and most sought after makeup products by the consumer are pencils, traditional lipsticks and those that are of the glos type.

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Between the pencils we can find two types and each of them has a fixed predetermination. Some are big and thick, while others are smaller and thinner. Those of the first type are used to paint the entire labial surface, while those of the second type are used to make the contours of the lips.

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Finally, among the lip makeup products we find the glos. With it you can not only paint your lips, but you also use to give more volume to them and to give shine to the color of the lipstick that has been applied underneath. Remember that in the second case, the tone of the lipstick and the tone of the gloss should be very close, if they can not be identical.

Making the contours in the makeup of lips with pencil

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This technique of makeup is more appropriate for women who have thinner and smaller lips, since with it they can correct imperfections or areas that they do not like. In addition, with the contours can also add volume and mass to the lips very easily. They only have to cover a larger area outside the lips and then fill this area and paint it.

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On the other hand, the correction of the shape of the lips can also be done with the pencil. In the photo above there are the steps that you have to follow to create a well-made outline, marking first the unification point of the two sides of the upper lip. In addition, in this way they will not go beyond the limits marked by the lips.

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Another variant of contouring and marking the borders of your lips is to make a complete and followed delineation. Once you have drawn the lines with the pencil, the inner filling can be done with the same color or you can use a color with lighter shades. If you choose the second technique, in this case your lips will have a meatier appearance.

A natural lip make-up for the day

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When choosing the color and tones of lipstick, it is important to consider whether we will wear it day or night. In general, day makeup is usually and is much more natural. The tones are softer and attract so much attention. To put it another way, in day makeup we must bet on our natural and innate beauty.

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For this, it is better that they bet on the balms and glos that add shine. However, it is possible that they add some special tone to their lips, which is no problem, as long as this tone is not in opposition to the naturalness. You can bet on the pink claritos or a reddish tone almost transparent.

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On the other hand, using the pencils can also create a very appropriate makeup for the hours of the day. The makeup tips in these cases consist of applying the pencil in the center of the lips and blur towards the labial commissures so that in the center the color is more intense. Thus, the lips will gain more volume and thickness in the area in which they applied the pencil.

A night lip makeup - step by step makeup

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Among the makeup tricks you can find these techniques with which they can give your thick lips a modern and very original look. In the first place, the technique that you see in the image above is in general lines, the pencil technique of which I have already spoken. The only thing that I want to remind you about, related to this technique is that the pencil, the lipstick and the shine should be of similar tones.

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The following technique is much easier to apply and also with it you can also give volume to the lips. For this, they need neutral-tone products, because dark shades can not be achieved. They can choose a pencil of a light pink color and they must apply it on the lips. Then, with the help of your finger, they should blur the color in the part of the edges and then just apply a more light and neutral color to increase the blur. The last step is to apply the brightness.

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The next professional makeup technique is called Ombre and surely you know more about the world of hairdressing. The technique consists in choosing two tones, one light and the other dark, of the same color and combining them in such a way that there is a slight cut between them. For this, the darker color should apply it in the center of the lips, while the light color in the rest of the labial surface. Remember that the cut between both colors should fade slightly.

More lip makeup tips to go out at night

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The technique they see represented in the photo above consists of grading the tones and somehow resembles the Ombre quite a bit. However, the main difference between the two is that in this case, the colors that are used form a more obvious and striking opposition, since the dark tone that is used contrasts rather with the lighter tone. In addition, this type of night makeup is specific for events that allow them to wear it.

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On the other hand, makeup for the night can also be opt for the bright lip makeup with a perfect finish. To do this, they must first contour the lips, starting with the central part of the upper lip and going down the arch towards the corners. Once they have reached them, the two lines should be in the center.


To make it last longer, the makeup must be applied in several layers. It is best if two or three and after each of them with the help of a thin napkin should remove what is left over from the lipstick. This is an easy and effective way to wear a lipstick and a beautiful and modern make-up on full and full lips.

How to choose our lipstick for a professional lip make-up

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It is important to also consider how to choose the right product for our lips according to their shape, as each product is better to a predetermined type of lips. First, in matte lipstick has a fairly dense texture and its color is quite intense. This is due to the large amount of wax and dust used to make it. It does not provide an additional shine but is ideal for women who have thicker lips.


On the other hand, the variant of the satin lipstick has a consistency much thicker than the matte. This means that visually it gives more volume to the lips, softens and hydrates the skin. In addition, it provides an extra shine and is the perfect variant for women with thinner lips.

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Third, nowadays in the market we can also choose between persistent or resistant to water and moisture lipsticks. My advice is to use them on occasions when they do not have time or can not fix their lipstick throughout the day. To apply it, your lips should be dry and you should not eat fatty foods if they wear it on your lips.

More types of lipsticks in lip makeup


There are other types of lipsticks that are super resistant. The good thing about this product is that it does not leave stains on clothes and it is not removed when eating and drinking. However, the bad thing is that it dries the skin a lot, so that women who already have drier lips, should avoid applying them. Also, it is not advisable to wear them during the day because they give the appearance of having a film on the lips. On the other hand, it is ideal for parties and nights out.

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On the other hand, liquid lipsticks are also a good choice among makeup beauty tips. They provide volume, they have a wide range of colors and tones among which they can choose and they also apply very easily. However, its main drawback is that they do not last long and are easily removed.

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For its part, the nourishing lipstick has a restorative effect. This product is ideal for women whose lips dry more easily and for those women with cracks on the surface. The tones offered by the product include transparent and invisible and bright burgundy. If they decide to use it, it is best to combine it with a small amount of brightness.

A healthy and attractive lip make-up

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There are also moisturizing lipsticks that are made with many oils. The main benefit they offer us is a great level of hydration and a lot of shine. On the other hand, the inconvenience with which they have to be careful if they decide to use it is that it leaves stains on the clothes and disappears from the lips very quickly.

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And, finally, at present, beauty products offer us endless possibilities and options. One of the latest products for lips is manufactured with the idea of ​​giving them volume. When applied, the first effect and the first sensation we feel is a burning sensation on the lips, which means that the substances are penetrating the skin and are beginning to make their effects. This variant is appropriate for women who do not have bulky lips.

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Then, I leave you with more images of different lipsticks and original ideas that I hope you like and they are interesting. I hope that the article has been useful and interesting and that you do not neglect your lips.

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