Modern houses in Australia that inspire you to live both inside and outside


Architects have always sought to create modern houses that offer a quality of life better to its inhabitants. In this article we will present one of these modern houses that provide the luxury of feeling at home and enjoy comfort and privacy both inside and outside the house.


This contemporary house is built to inspire lifetime inside and outside and also shows how to create a balance between separation and the union of a family

Modern houses in Australia that inspire you to live both inside and outside

Modern houses open to the outside in Australia

Australia presents the climate that really inspires life both inside and outside and it is not surprising that there are many similar modern houses in this country. Today we have chosen to present one of them. It is a contemporary home in Brisbane that is distinguished by its quiet atmosphere and minimalist decoration. The house has an area of ​​366 square meters and has been built in 2017.

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Project author

Alexandra Buchanan Architecture designed the Casa Coorparoo for a family with children of different ages. Located in Brisbane, the house is located on a sloping site surrounded by eucalyptus trees with a raised deck at the front that is enclosed with vertical wooden slats.


Modern houses in Australia - Casa Coorparoo

The house comprises stepped levels that surround a courtyard with sliding glass walls that connect the interior with the exterior. There are three separate sleeping areas that give each member of the family the right amount of privacy since the balance between separation and union is very important for the owners. The horizontal windows frame the views of the green surroundings and allow daylight to fill the interior space of the house.

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Modern houses, interior design of Casa Coorparoo

The color palette used by designers includes white, gray and slate gray, used in different proportions in each room. The master bedroom is darker and more melancholic for a relaxed feeling, the living room is more ventilated and lighter to create a more cozy feeling. As for the materials as in other modern houses, the architects opted for concrete, plywood, natural wood, stone tiles and even furs.

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Stone tiles are widely used not only in bathrooms to make spaces colder. The tiles do not heat up much and give more freshness in this climate. The furniture is laconic, minimalist and contemporary, literally nothing is unnecessary. Look at the photos below to get inspired.

Entrance of the house A stone fireplace, a staircase made of wood and steel and custom wood joinery are some of the details used to give a sense of richness of materials in the interior. The interaction of double and triple height volumes creates generous proportions of space with full height openings that promote a sense of infinite space. furniture-modern-and-plants Here there is a glazed terrace to avoid excessive sun and allow the inhabitants to enjoy the fresh air modern bedroom homes Plants in pots and contemporary furniture make the deck cozy, modern and fresh picture-in-the-bedroom The master bedroom is temperamental to create a relaxed feeling and offers access to the sunroom modern houses decoration The double height ceiling is highlighted by its curved and long plywood lamps modern living-room houses The living room is made with a modern built-in fireplace, comfortable furniture and modern textiles, the tiles are widely used here so that the space is not so hot planks-of-wood-trellis The interior patio is made with grass, pebbles and tile stairs modern kitchen-with-view The kitchen is made with elegant gray and black cabinets, a long wooden dining table and a kitchen island planters-with-plants The bathroom is made with light colored stone and the entire wall is glazed to enjoy the views and flood in a space full of light

Plants in pots here and there encourage spaces and make them fresher

the-house-Coorparoo-por-fuera This is how the house looks from the outside

The architecture studio Alexandra Buchanan Architecture

The concept on which the construction of modern houses is based by Alexandra Buchanan Architecture is the creation of a unique architecture, elegant and practical

project-de-la-casa-Coorparoo Driven by accessibility, personalization and collaboration, architects build a unique identity with each project for their clients. An identity that reflects the personal lifestyle of the future inhabitants. The designs of modern houses are influenced by the cultural diversity of the team and the breadth of their experience.


In conclusion, designers and architects must always have a social, cultural and ecological conscience to create environmentally responsible projects that improve the human experience.