Modern house designed by DL + A with excellent views towards the garden

Modern house interior patio design

Today we show another modern house design and creation full of personality. With an interesting position and orientation this home single family DL + A shows interesting finishes and functional spaces. Located in the northern area of ​​a plot in Madrid, in the back of its two entrances adopts an L-shaped structure.

Modern house designed by DL + A

Modern house design side fountain

Conceived pointing towards a public space, but totally open to your private garden as we can see in the images. The project of this beautiful detached house is delimited by two glass facades and really open. An excellent idea to make the most of natural light and views of the garden.

modern house design minimalist gardens

Despite this glazed finish the modern design house and its structure are visually protected with a porch and a pergola to enjoy the sunlight directly. It is precisely in this area where a climbing plant and a taller tree grow. As you can see in the photos DL + A oriented every part of the house towards this interesting and sunny garden.

modern house design wall rocks

This is traditionally the place where you always choose to rest in each home when time permits. Another interesting detail of the modern house design and the shapes of the house is that it has a higher height above the northwest volume. Just the part of the house in which the living room, dining room and kitchen area was located.

Modern design house seen from the outside

modern house natural design

As we know these spaces need a higher ceiling height, which makes the first floor, where the bedrooms for children, are located with respect to the northeast wing. The difference can be better appreciated inside the rooms, there is at first sight evidence of the varied height of the roof that becomes the lowest area of ​​a terrace with fantastic views of Madrid.


The design of DL + A tries to integrate with the environment and was achieved in a very fluid way. It highlights the building closed to the outside and opens to the garden. The elegance of the finishes also cover the exterior areas. The exterior facades are designed in white concrete with clapboard and wood exterior carpentry.


The relationship between the interior spaces and the garden that we mentioned previously is defined by large glass panels. An interesting aspect is that they are fully equipped with devices for solar control. While other panels are built with perfectly smooth concrete and white almost like stucco.


As a fresh and natural detail to the side the house within the adjoining plot, a shallow pool and a sheet of water can be seen from the inside through a window. The same window that in turn provides a side shot of light on the side of the living room. Right here is where the pergola becomes a portico like a completely covered concrete slab.


It is not just an aesthetic detail since the pergola protects the porch from the direct incidence of sunlight. To which is added the limit situation created by the plot of the project and that we mentioned in a corner position and makes the house is located in its northern area, in the back of its two streets.


For the northwest area, a smaller corridor has been left next to the main bedroom that is located on the first floor. Precisely within the variable height of the roof design. Keeping as we said all that modern architecture designed by DL + A that tries to integrate with the environment and highlight the building closed to the outside and open to the garden.


Separating the house in the adjoining plot, which is currently owned by the same owner, but parceled to be sold in the future, is where a shallow pool and a sheet of water of the initial description are located. Something important about this project is that its creators decidedly committed to saving energy.


A clear example of the modern design house and its style are the glazed surfaces with the latest technology facing south and protected with fallen leaves, colors clear, isolates of maximum efficiency and few entries to the northern part. Regarding glass, it must be mentioned that it is a material that has made great advances in recent years. Mainly due to the constant optimization and development of sheets with superior strength.

Other projects developed by DL + A


A great improvement that has facilitated architectural projects. As we have mentioned, it takes advantage of natural light and allows the occupants to have a good external view. It results by tradition generally used in the facades and other areas of the work as the exterior. However, it can also be used in interior separations.


Currently we can find glass in various forms that even include bricks and floor tiles. A key factor in selecting the right glass is the relationship between light transmission and the solar factor known as selectivity. According to the specialists, the higher their level of selectivity, the better they will be able to adapt to the weather conditions, the luminosity of light and the orientation of the building.


About DL + A we must first start by informing that it is an architectural studio that has the address of Paloma Campo and José María de La Puerta. They have extensive experience in the world of interior design, engineering and architecture. On the other hand in addition to the creative aspect are linked to the teaching and research activity.


He study has obtained important prizes to his works in addition to recognitions. Beginning with the selection of two works in different Spanish Architecture Biennales and Madrid City Council Awards. They were also finalists in the FAD awards and won two prizes in the EUROPAN competition. On the other hand, it is worth highlighting the achievement of the LEED ORO certification for sustainable buildings. A certification obtained, for the first time in Spain, for the Coca Cola Headquarters.