Modern garden designs and outdoor spaces

Well fire under pergola white design garden modern ideas

Today we have for you all ideas of garden designs and modern outdoor spaces and very attractive. A modern or contemporary landscape is defined by its strong emphasis on structural and graphic elements, clean lines and unusual materials.

Modern garden designs and outdoor spaces

Design modern sofa paola lenti ideas

Although you can often see gardens With very marked lines. For this hard surfaces such as stone walls or wood and stone floors, wood and grass are used, the soil types play a much more important role than the plantations.

Garden Designs with Fireplaces and Outdoor Lounges

Design modern garden atmosphere modern cozy space ideas

It also appeals to modern sensibility, blending the interior with the outside world.

Large garden designs with wooden huts

Design garden modern bench fence house wooden ideas

Even though a garden of this type may seem very distant from the natural landscape to which we are accustomed and you may think that this is a total break with centuries of landscape design, when you look closely, you will find that the basics Typical of a garden are still there.

Rustic house with fire pit in the garden

House rustic design garden well fire rest ideas

They simply have undergone a change. You will have the same garden but for example the floor will be concrete instead of slabs.

Spacious garden with pergola and modern furniture

Design garden modern lawn rest furniture ideas

The overhead pergola can be constructed of steel instead of wood, and you can use water troughs instead of terracotta pots in addition to watering holes there are many other things that can serve as pots.

Garden with Mediterranean style design and fireplace

Design modern garden fireplace mediterranean style ideas

The water from your fountain can go down the wall instead of going around the garden and the place with the lawn will no longer be the focal point of the back garden.

Garden with wooden floor and outdoor dining furniture


The designs gardens and outdoor spaces that we show you in these photos are surprisingly adaptable to large and small spaces.

Potted plants ideas and wooden furniture ceiling in the modern garden


Within modern or contemporary landscapes we can really mention those spaces that present an architecture from the mid-1900s to today.

Garden with many plants and small pool

Design garden modern creative colorful options ideas

If the style of your home is bold and strong, a traditional garden simply will not fit. This is one of the reasons why style and its applications have evolved.

Small urban garden with simple design in classic style

Design garden fence modern style brick fence ideas

As we have said the modern garden is surprisingly adaptable, in its design can add zen Asian elements, natural and even some adjustments of handmade designs.

Black steel furniture in the modern garden

Modern garden design furniture steel style classic ideas

A modern garden should be low maintenance and very cozy and quiet. People have also discovered what the modern landscape fits into a modern lifestyle.

Very large garden with two levels at different height and pool

Design modern garden levels spacious pool ideas

With its simplicity and clean lines, the modern garden can easily become a relaxing and soothing retreat.

Back garden with modern and very comfortable furniture

Design garden modern floor wood furniture white ideas

Because there is more of an emphasis, contemporary landscapes are generally low maintenance. An added advantage in many parts of the country is that a contemporary landscape also tends to be much more drought tolerant.

Shabby chic style furniture and details in the garden

Design garden modern awning large furniture white ideas

Everything about these landscapes today is an example of the best of the modern design of classic design and rustic design. Taking each element individually.

Small urban garden with vintage design

Design garden modern urban small hammock ideas

With concrete paths, cement slabs or stones, a piece of lawn or more, a dining area or a lounge area in other words, everything one needs to enjoy their free time.

Ideas of fireplaces in the garden

Design modern gardens fireplace armchairs ideas

You can see areas with interesting cuts of lawns and above all, unexpected details and decorations, which add to the space an appearance that is clean, simple and very graphic.

Outdoor Kitchens Options

Modern gardens design kitchen outdoor ideas

Geometric shapes, as well as concrete and gravel are characteristic of contemporary design. We show you many ideas of pavement floors or slabs, with alternating lengths, to create an interesting movement in space and at the same time end up in a fire pit.

Pergola with climbing plants and outdoor dining

Modern gardens design dining room low pergola ideas

For a space with fire pit we advise you to choose dark furniture with a contemporary look that is discreet enough not to break the design.

Ideas for plants and vintage furniture in the garden

Modern gardens

If you are a plant lover our advice is to fill the garden with annual, perennial and pink plants, this would be perfect for a garden with traditional design. You can also fill the space with symmetrical rows of grasses and shrubs to create a completely different look.

Potted plant ideas for decorating your outdoor space

Modern gardens

Although furniture and decorations for the modern garden can play an important role, the choice of plants is still an important factor in a modern or contemporary landscape.

Garden with two levels and two spaces in the first is the dining room and in the second the living room

Design modern gardens two levels two spaces ideas

Ideally, most have an architectural character with foliage in shades of green or gray. Although colorful flowers and plants can be used in this style of gardening, they are most effective when used as accent pieces.

Wooden pergola and black furniture in the modern garden

Modern gardens

In a modern or contemporary garden you can see furniture and details with square and rectangular shapes because the geometric shapes are commonly used in a landscape with modern design.

A pond with beautiful water fountain in the modern garden

Modern gardens pond modern fountain ideas

For example in a rectangular garden a pond shaped like a circle can work wonders to soften the image of space.

Garden with tropical style design

Modern style gardens tropical style colorful ideas

To achieve the same effect as the pond you can also use decorations with circle shapes that will help you play with the contrast of shapes.

Dining room in the garden surrounded by green plants

Design gardens modern back garden dining ideas

A contemporary landscape works well with a variety of architectural styles, including a rustic house. Adding furniture and decorations with simple lines to contrast with the lines of the house you can create a quiet garden easy to care and space for parties or to relax.

White furniture and wood and steel details in the modern garden

Modern gardens design furniture white plants ideas

When you are talking about modern landscaping a lot of people are thought to be striking or dramatic designs, but it's modern style can also be very subtle.

Contemporary design furniture and large flowerpots in the modern garden

Design modern furniture design contemporary ideas

Another very good option is to use materials that mimic the colors of the house, allowing the garden to feel like an extension of the house rather than a separate space.

Rustic wooden table to highlight

Modern design

If you have a tree in the garden you can take advantage of its sculptural form, and leave it as unique decoration.

Lacquered wooden furniture to shine in the garden

Modern gardens furniture wood lacquered ideas

Although most modern landscapes are combined with a contemporary house design or at least classic style, but it is not necessary to continue with that.

Very original white steel furniture for the modern garden

Modern gardens

For homeowners who are trying to get a landscape project but have grown tired of not getting anywhere our advice is to use a design and build service. Although this can have its advantages and disadvantages depending on the work and objectives of the project.

Garden with fire pit wooden pergola and many decorative elements that combine to create a relaxing space


An obvious advantage of the process of designing and building a garden is that the company deals with all phases and aspects of the landscape project. This means that your project can move forward faster.

Designs gardens with long pools

Modern gardens design options pools ideas

Our advice is to make sure that your vision and goals are aligned with the goals of that company before hiring them to do the job.

Ideas of pergolas with a swing in which several people can sit

Modern gardens pergola wood swing ideas

Do not think we will not say anything to the furniture. Lately the outdoor spaces have begun to resemble interior spaces much, with sectional and comfortable sofas, colorful decorative carpets and contemporary decorations. The line between the inside and outside is beginning to fade even further.

Garden with modern pond and many umbrellas

Modern gardens design small pool ideas

Now, many outdoor furniture is fulfilling a double function, as they are tough enough to withstand the climatic changes, but that if they are stylish and versatile enough to be presented indoors.

Modern black umbrellas in the modern garden

Modern gardens design umbrellas furniture design ideas

In addition we see houses with an increasingly fluid design between spaces. We are talking about large sliding windows, walls with climbing plants and water fountains in the interior spaces, while outdoor spaces are becoming living rooms with cozy and comfortable furniture and in private and intimate areas.

Modern residence designed by Enrique Feldman Designs

Enrique Feldman Designs private residence garden spacious ideas

Now we leave you with our ideas of modern garden designs and outdoor spaces to inspire you.

Garden designs with ponds and fountains

Modern garden pond design Khosla Associates ideas

Very large house with large garden with rustic design

Fire place

House with modern design David Barr Architect

Modern garden design David Barr Architect ideas

House designed by Vieyra Architects With modern outdoor space

Modern garden design Vieyra Architects ideas

Small fire pit in the modern garden

Design garden modern well fire furniture black ideas

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