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Have you ever thought that something is not right in your entrance? Maybe it's hard to see your front door or your lobby looks sloppy and unattractive.

Today we have for all of you some ideas of modern entrances to inspire you. Whether you have recently moved to a new home or simply want to beautify your entrance, here we show you ideas in photos and tips to create an entrance that you and your guests like.

Modern entrances and trends for the 2018 a design by Cortney Bishop Design¹


The first impression of the house is important. What your guests see when they enter through the door is what they expect from this house, and also talks about their style and their sense of beauty and fashion. Therefore, the hall is not only the place where you take off your shoes, it is also a place that needs special attention in design words.

Modern tickets and ideas for decoration


On our page you can find many design ideas from different environments some in the city and others in the field. But today we focus on the useful ways on how to create an entry that guides your people and shows you more or less what you should expect to see inside.


Most of the time it is about the design of small areas, where everything must enter. Especially if you plan to create a modern entrance or hallway design. It is necessary to be sophisticated to expand the space visually, to illuminate the space with the help of decoration, but not to use too many things to make it more convenient for cleaning.


Carefully designed storage systems will save a lot of valuable space and allow you to enjoy a space in which clutter does not exist. Lighting is another very important element. The correct positioning of the lighting fixtures will compensate for the absence of natural light.


Another very important thing are the materials. To maintain the freshness of the repair for many years, you must use the correct materials. They must be resistant to moisture and easy to clean. Special attention should be paid to the bottom of the walls, the floor and the corners.


The ideas of modern entrances most of the times show spaces with minimalist style design. Although you can successfully implement any other style. It is desirable that the design be in the same style as the interior or at least have common elements.


It is not good ideas to mix many directions when it comes to designing the entrance or hallway. Although it is a limited espacoio you do not have to limit your imagination. We are sure that they will manage to create an elegant and practical project. But check our examples too.

Modern entrances with simple design


The design of the entrance must be done taking into account the shape of the space, its size, the number of doors. The correct design aligns the proportions to give the space a sense of ease.


A grand entrance is a real gift. But it's no use if you do not know how to use these square meters correctly. You can equip the space with ample storage furniture and seating. To have the space with precision, you need a design project.


Experienced designers know what they have to do. Thinking of every detail. Below we show you the stages of the development of the design of such a project. You first need a drawing of the space to be able to see the necessary furniture parameters and other important nuances.

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First we must create a drawing that includes the measurements to be able to create a real project. We must have an installation plan to know the disposition of finishing materials. We must also calculate where the alarm, the intercom, the lighting, etc. will be. Nor should we forget to plan the arrangement of the furniture.

Modern entrances-wide-spaces-style

The best solution is to create receivers or modern entrances. Since the modern style is ideal for small and functional rooms. The fundamentals of this style are practicality, purity, minimalism and elegance.

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The interior of the entrance should reflect the design of the other rooms, to create a union between all the rooms of the house. Harmony can be achieved with the help of things such as accents, decoration materials.


The design is built from the shape and size of the room. The competent use of finishing materials, furniture and even textures, significantly affects not only the image but also the ease of use of the interior.

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Design of a small entrance

When it comes to the design of an entrance or hallway with reduced size, a closet with mirror doors will fit perfectly. It is spacious, and if you use a cabinet along the height of the wall, solve the problem of installing a mirror. It helps you create a feeling of purity and freedom. Install the furniture so that the proportions of the entrance are forming a square.

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The smallest entrances are approximately 3 square meters. There is no room for a large cabinet. But this can be replaced by a comfortable with little depth. To store shoes, accessories, hats, scarves and a hanger for suits and jackets.

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On the chest of drawers you can place a mirror. If you want a second mirror you can place it on the inner door. The careful selection of decoration and the color of the walls will make even the small space pleasant, warm.

modern-furniture-decoration-vintage tickets

For those who like the minimalist style, enough will be the addition of a comfortable shoe. This is another trick that will make the design of the entrance easy. Even if the walls have hooks for clothes, a shelf for small things is a good idea. Well, the mirror. This is a required attribute. We are used to review our image before leaving so think about adding a mirror.


Design of a narrow entrance

To design a narrow entry with a shape that looks more like a square than a rectangle, use the game with color and layout. Use a light color scheme for the ceiling and floor. It is desirable that the surface be bright. This method visually widens the walls.

modern entrances-door-house-field-options

The same effect creates the wall paper with crossed strips or patterns on the floor and decoration with mirrors. I do what is necessary to visually expand the space. But do not forget that you can not hang the mirrors facing each other. Since such decoration can become a little annoying.


For the walls we advise you to use a white or light color: silver, beige, soft green or blue. Better opt for these types of colors and add bright yellow, scarlet, blue as accent decoration. Diffuse lighting will dilute the narrowness. The lights can be on the ceiling, walls, near the shelves.

modern entrances-door-wood-style-originates

The idea of ​​a single source of light in the form of a volumetric spider, it is better to reject it. A small room requires a meticulous approach to lighting. This is the guarantee of the correct environment at the entrance of the house. Since warm white tones fit better.


Furniture without accessories in relief, modestly open shelves will perform their function without taking full attention to themselves. As a decoration, you can hang several horizontal photographs, paintings or rare posters.


The floor of modern entrances must be waterproof and must be made of a strong material. Choosing a carpet is not practical. But a small doormat near the door will take its rightful place, and will serve to remove the remains of dirt. Zoning, even if it is a small space, is also important.


It is necessary to separate the area for seasonal items and for those that are not currently used. Near the door we can place a bench or furniture for shoes. A little further: an area with a mirror. The cabinets better place them away from the door.


Design of a wide entrance

Entries in private homes and large mansions as we all know are very different from the entrances and corridors of the apartments. It is usually more spacious, it has at least one window. Designing such an interior is a pleasure. It is easier to identify the areas for clothing, footwear and storage of things. However, there is more dirt. For this reason, the place where we left our shoes should be quite spacious.


The design of a corridor in a private house, can be complemented with live plants. The sources of natural light make it more welcoming. Even if the space is wider, use light colors. For more attractive furniture along one wall can contrast with what is along the other.


If there is a staircase at the entrance, we advise you to unleash your imagination. Under the stairs can accommodate a large storage area. The decoration also opens new opportunities. If at the entrance the floor should be practical and resistant to moisture, the staircase can be decorated with a carpet.


1 Cortney Bishop Design