Modern bathrooms, oasis of color and relaxation.

Modern bathrooms lighting warm furniture

Could we imagine a world without color? The insurance response is almost unanimous: no. Color is one of the main elements that allow the perception of the shapes of the objects that surround us.

Our life depends even on the ability to distinguish them. Much has been said about the influence of colors on the mood and the guidelines to be respected for use in design Of interiors. States such as creativity, relaxation or excitement are attributed to the use of specific colors.

Modern bathroom contrasting black and white

Modern bathrooms colorful dark design

Today we are talking about a very special part of the house and how we can design it in a more modern way adding color: the bathroom. In the past we usually spent quite a bit of time after a busy day of work. Usually we seek relaxation and a restful atmosphere. For such reason would be appropriate colors like green, is a color Sedative that is effective in cases of nervous excitability, insomnia or fatigue. It is even said that it dilates the capillaries relieving neuralgias and migraines.

Modern bathrooms with potted plants

Modern bathrooms container plant rocks

The green is a sedative color, helps to rest brings peace, security. We can use it to neutralize the warm colors. We could also place elements of this color in the bath, such as towels, as it purifies and energizes the body. For those who like modern bathrooms, a monochrome option may not be very appealing. In this case we can experiment with a mixture of colors or Shades Of some that awaken different sensations.

Modern bathrooms with abundant lighting

Modern bathrooms lighting orange white

There are cases of modern bathroom designs that play with red in combination with shades of blue. Even some that give more participation to the target, to achieve more enlightenment. The latter is fundamental in the appreciation of colors, since you can modify them or create an environment by itself. Ideas can find many. The truth is that beyond chromatic experiments, modern baths or not, will always be that oasis where we find pleasure.

Bathroom furniture with cushions

Modern Bathrooms Combined Furniture Cushions

Contrast of green tiles on the wall

Bathroom tiles modern green furniture

Effect of light on mural

Bathroom wall tiles design lighting

Intense orange contrast

Colorful bathroom furniture tiles orange

Bathroom with multicolored mural and white background

Bath multicolored modern decoration wall

Multicolor design with white led illumination


Modern bathroom with white furniture

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