Modern and classic wooden pergolas. Everything you need to know

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The theme of heat and summer brings many innovations and changes that can be made in green spaces such as gardens and terraces.

Therefore, in this article I have decided to focus my attention on the wooden pergolas and I want to provide you with all the information you need to keep in mind before placing one in your home. I will dedicate a space at the beginning to the pergolas in itself, we will talk about the ideal place for this type of construction, the materials that are used, their benefits and maintenance and many other things. I hope you find it useful.

Pergolas of wood, what are they and what are they for?

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The pergolas for garden are one of the most useful constructions for the decoration of the exterior, since on the one hand, they offer an additional decoration to the space and, on the other hand, they provide us a shady place in which we can hide during the hottest hours of summer days. Also, do not forget that this type of building structures increase the price of the house if at a certain time decide to put it on sale.

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At the same time, I thought that the best option is precisely the wooden constructions because they will allow many more adjustments and decorative designs that they want to make at some point. In addition, with wood it is easy to work and, as I mentioned, readjust them can be done immediately.

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And, finally, I have decided to select some images of modern and classic pergolas and porches to better choose the style that will combine with your home. Then, you can see and enjoy some impressive images and very original designs of modern pergolas followed by other photos of classic and traditional style.

The wooden pergolas and the ideal places to place them

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As I said above, one of the functions of the pergolas is to shade and slow down the sun's rays to a certain extent. However, the ideal place where you can place this type of construction should be that place in your garden where the pergola softens the sun's rays. This means that they must ensure a part of the sun and another part of the shade to the people who are sitting inside.

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At the same time, the air flow is also very important, because if it does not enter any air will become a place with a very heavy environment. These are the most important points when it comes to the functionality of the construction. On the other hand, when we talk about aesthetics and design we can introduce more variations.

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Surely, many of you think that the pergolas are constructions free and separate from the house and they are right. However, designers and decoration experts offer us more possibilities when it comes to incorporating this element to our exterior. We can stick it directly to the house near a dining room or a swimming pool or we can also place it next to a fireplace. A very interesting design of the pergolas is when they serve as passage to the entrance door of the garden at the door of the house.

The wood pergolas and the materials most used in its construction

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To build a wooden porch or these pergolas the main thing that they have to take into account is the type of pergola they want and the look they want to have. Wood will be the most important in its elaboration, so the type they use will define the style of the pergola itself.

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In this way, we can distinguish between three types of wood or pergolas: European, American and tropical. Each of these groups differs from the others by the type of wood that includes itself. Thus, for example, the European ones are composed of beech, pine, oak and cedar, among others. On the other hand, the Americans are usually ash, cherry and walnut, among other materials.

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On the other hand, the tropical constructions are distinguished by a very exotic and singular type of wood, such as the wood of Tali, Ukola, Sipo, Mongoy and Iroko, among many other types of wood. The most important thing to keep in mind before choosing the material is that it has to be treated, since the wood is very susceptible to humidity and they have to take into account also the land in which they will be integrated.

The wooden pergolas, an easy way to assemble them

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Nowadays, in the market we can find some complete sets or kits in which we can find all the components and instructions necessary to assemble ourselves this most modern construction. In addition, all these games have different measures so before you get one of them you have to take the measurements of wooden beams for pergolas and the measurements of the terrain where you want to place it.

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At the same time, in the stores they will give you the guarantee in the event that any piece of the puzzle is missing or damaged. As for the safety and protection measures that you have to take, the most important concerns the pipes and underground cables. They should be well informed and in a correct manner in which places are arranged so as not to create a fault.

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This is the easiest way they can assemble and elaborate their pergola, since the materials will come cut with the right tools and also, the wood will be treated. On the other hand, the other way in which they can build their wooden porches is with materials they have at home or with materials they have purchased separately.

The wooden pergolas and the benefits that they provide us

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As I mentioned above, the primary function of these constructions is the creation of a shadow. However, this is not the only benefit we can enjoy. This garden porch can become an ideal place to meet friends and family gatherings. We can turn it into the favorite place to spend unforgettable moments with the most appreciated people.

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In addition, another of the benefits it provides us concerns the decoration not only of the construction itself, but also from the outside. Can you imagine some wooden terraces with climbing plants rolled up to the posts and beams? You can also add hanging plants to each side of the pergola.

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Also, do not forget the moments when you are going to use this construction, since depending on this aspect you can add more decorative elements to the structure. In this way, if you are going to use these porch type for house at night you have to also add lighting to the decoration. Do not forget that chimneys are sources that, in addition to providing heat, also provide a lot of lighting.

More benefits that we can add to wood pergolas

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Other benefits that we can add to the wooden porch for terraces covers the ceilings and walls. In general, these types of constructions do not have walls and ceilings are usually of designs with shapes through which light can enter. However, the holes that remain between the figures of the roofs also allow the entry of water on rainy days.

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Therefore, if you are going to use your pergola also on the days when it is raining or on days when there is not good weather, you have to ensure a waterproof surface for your roof. The same goes for the walls. In this way, the construction in winter will become a small house in which they can rest and meet with their friends.

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In addition, in these moments of bad weather the chimney will also be very appropriate and useful, since it will give them heat and also illuminate the interior. However, not all constructions allow this type of adornments and benefits. There are smaller pergolas in which the rest of the facilities can not be assembled.

Wood pergolas and their care

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Regardless of the type of wood or the style of the pergola, whether modern or classic, the care and maintenance of the construction must be annual. The reason is that, as I have already mentioned, wood is one of the materials that most easily deteriorates, especially when it is out in the open.

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The humidity of the air and of the rain, the heat and the rays of the sun, like the abrupt changes of temperature, help and promote the deterioration of the construction. In addition, in this way the material will rot and at a given moment they will have to change the whole structure. Therefore, varnish and lacquering are some of the most important care for her.

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On the other hand, termites are also one of the great enemies of wood. To protect it from these harmful agents they will have to apply an agent that protects the wood from them at a certain period of time. These are the most important care and maintenance that you do not have to ignore and have to follow strictly every year if you want to enjoy some houses with porch and garden with wooden pergolas.

Interior decoration of wooden pergolas

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As I mentioned, most people who install a pergola in their garden do so with the idea of ​​being able to rest and relax inside. Now, talking about the decoration and taking into account this point have to assume that one of the most important accessories that has to appear inside are the furniture.

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For their part, they must be comfortable, with soft cushions and the colors of them have to transmit peace and tranquility. With which the use of red tones are the ones that they have to avoid. They can opt for orange, pastel, blue and green tones. In this way, they will create a very pleasant space that they will not want to leave.

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On the other hand, to be able to choose correctly the furniture that will be placed inside, they have to take into account the space they have. They know that there are large pergolas in which they can place many pieces of furniture and others with a much smaller space. However, in both cases you do not have to forget about the table.

Decoration with plants for wooden pergolas

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Taking into account that it is an open-air construction and wood, which is related to naturalness, the plants also become a very appropriate option for decoration. These decorative elements will add a greater naturalness and can be added by placing them on the sides of the pergolas or also on the beams and posts.

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On the other hand, its incorporation into the ceilings will also give a very interesting result as you can see in the photo above. This way of decorating with plants is very appropriate for classic pergolas models. In contrast, for modern pergolas it is best to choose a way to decorate with plants that includes modern planters and designer vases. In this way, they can complete the style.

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In addition, the hanging plants on all four sides are also a very interesting and original variant of decoration. At the same time, the beams can add a decoration with curtains that will close the house at the moments you want.

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Then, I leave you with more images of classic wooden pergolas between which you can draw different construction and decorative elements with which to complete its construction. In addition, thanks to them they can also create mixed styles together with the elements of modern decoration. I hope that the article has been of great help to you and you have found in it all the information you needed for your exterior with pergolas.

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