Models of kitchens with wooden dashboard in different styles

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Wood is a material that has many applications and can practically be used for everything. Its use in architecture and many kitchen models give the house a modern and contemporary look but also inspired by the nature.

Therefore the wood never goes out of fashion and can combine with all kinds of styles and colors.

Kitchen models with wooden splashback

models of wood finished kitchens

We have seen almost everywhere and in many houses wooden stairs, furniture, walls, accessories and we are even a little used to them. Well, the custom now comes varied by a new and fresher new idea: wood for plates for splashes. Something that is already common in different kitchen models.

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Many people are left with the impression that wood and plywood are not the best solution for bathrooms or kitchens due to humidity, splashes and greases of different types. But the modern finishes and the types of plywood are such that they leave no room for so many worries. The wood plates for kitchen backsplashes can be a very creative elegant idea.

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Especially if the rest of the kitchen also includes this natural and unique material. In this way it is possible to do something different than usual with a modern and useful dashboard. So create an incredible appearance for kitchen models. Wood has always been the material chosen to decorate the kitchen and now, with the appearance of plywood, all uses of this material are welcome.

kitchen models wood splashback

The practical aspect can still be improved by adding an acrylic screen. Also glass over the entire length or in the cooking area. Here we are going to share some inspiring ideas. Splash plates made of smooth or plywood give it a fresh, contemporary look and add warmth to its appearance.

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There are many textures and these dashboard panels are ideal for contemporary and minimalist spaces. At the same time they also find their application in rustic kitchens. Adding an elegant splash guard helps create a unique contrast between the materials. Hidden lights can be added to the cabinets or other decoration details can be used.


For example, ceramics, to achieve a more contrasting appearance. An additional protection can be to cover the whole dashboard or only a part of it with a glass screen. If we prefer a black kitchen or with furniture dark becomes more interesting. A light-colored wooden dashboard will look perfect.


Always in the models of kitchens can be contrasted with an aged wooden floor. As a variant, a contemporary kitchen with white cabinets and touches of light wood offers a natural sensation. Even in minimalist kitchens that, for example, have a bright color, can be added. Especially striking color wood for a modern feel.

Kitchen models idea contrast white and wood


In the minimalist kitchen you can also add lights that will give more brightness to the furniture and in contrast to the dashboard you will achieve a unique look. Another idea can be the same style with elegant white cabinetry and a warm wood back panel. Another minimalist white kitchen with elegant cabinets and a light wood countertop plus a tile backsplash with a glass screen.


The kitchen can also be modern with elegant walnut cabinets and a backsplash and dark green walls. Otherwise it can be a modern space with an industrial touch and wood of warm colors for the dashboard and in the kitchen. If the kitchen is very small and minimalist in appearance, you can use a backsplash of wood panel and countertop.


The glass or kitchen backsplash can have bright white cabinets and striking color plywood dashboards. Everything is possible to design it matching with a countertop for modern and fresh appearance. If you want to add texture, color and a unique touch to the space, you should choose a backsplash of wood with the appropriate texture. It can be a protector of regenerated or aged wood.


It can be composed only by some vertical or horizontal wooden planks. This type of appearance is not only dedicated to rustic kitchens, mountain cabinets kitchens, vintage or shabby chic, but also to many others. For modern kitchens with wooden splashback a unique and excellent contrast is created.


If you are concerned about the length of the material we recommend the use of wood-look tiles instead of real wood. For a mountain environment, add elegant gray cabinets and wooden plank walls. Combined with a protective glass screen or a modern Scandinavian kitchen with lower cabinets and a cool wall of wooden planks for a natural feel.


Each contrast and material will make your kitchen unique. Another great idea, although a bit dark, may be the dark rustic kitchen with a stone countertop and a backsplash of recovered wood. It is improved with more additional lights to give a little light to the space.


The cabinets can also be gray with a vintage look. It will look all warmer because of the wood details, especially if you use light colored ones. The mountain home can have vintage white rustic cabinets, light colored wood countertops and wood splash backs for a cozy feel.


Otherwise you can use turquoise cabinets with a traditional touch and chevron-coated wooden pieces for a daring appearance. In the kitchens of a modern apartment can not miss dark cabinets.


The silver handles and a splashguard of wooden planks with an additional glass screen for protection harmonize the entire design. For a less formal style, it includes gray cabinets, a marble countertop and a wood splash guard.

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