Minimalist rooms, the characteristics of this modern style today

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The style minimalist is one of the most used today in decoration and interior design both in small spaces, as in large and large places. In this article I will talk about its general characteristics and then I will focus on the minimalist rooms . I hope the article is interesting for you and that you answer your questions and doubts. Keep reading and you will discover more about these interiors and this very specific style.

Minimalist rooms and the general characteristics of the style

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The minimalist style is distinguished from the others by its rigor and by its moderation in the interior design. In general, to create it you have to bet on functional elements, geometric shapes and a combination of two basic colors, some of which are usually black or gray, since they promote the sensation and the strict air in inside.

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One of the main components of the interiors of minimalist houses is space, with which in order to achieve this they must get rid of all those unnecessary objects that they do not need. In addition, the large windows are also very important, since the second component of the minimalist is light and, more specifically, the saturation of the lighting.

Interiors of minimalist-elegant homes

In terms of color, as I said, they need two basic colors, one of which is usually black or gray, however, most people opt for the combination of white and light gray. The idea that is at the base and forms the chromatic conception of minimalism is the game of halftones. The reason for the use of halftones is that they reflect light and, in this way, increase it.

The minimalist style in modern minimalist rooms

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After having seen the main points of the minimalist style, we will focus on the rooms to be and the rooms. Before you start with your features, which are actually applicable to most interior rooms, you should specify that this style is ideal for all those people who want a simple and elegant interior at the same time.

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It is probable that some of you ask yourself a question, how it is possible to merge the simple and the elegant inside. And, the answer is very clear: for this, first they have to remove all the decorations and the non-functional objects and furniture. Remember that light and space must predominate in the interior.

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Everything said so far has to make them suppose that in general lines the minimalist decoration is appropriate for any type of house and for any type of interior. Next, you will see the most important elements and the tips that you must follow to form and create the design of the ceiling, the walls and the floor.

The ceiling, the walls and the floor in the minimalist rooms

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First, the roof must be a component of the interior that does not have to be loaded with unnecessary and heavy elements. This means that they should bet on simple decorative details, such as light colors, and for simpler lamps. The solution offered by neon lights or LED lights are very appropriate to complete the roof design without loading too much.

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Secondly, the variants that this style allows to decorate the walls include textures and colors. In minimalist interiors the walls are usually covered by a textured plaster, by wallpaper or by a decorative panel. In addition, you can also choose the surfaces of glass, concrete or natural stone that will give relief to the surface.

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And, thirdly, in the decoration of the floor, laconicism must reign. As you can see, the only place where we can afford to add a little more decoration is on the walls. To achieve this laconismo you can bet on surfaces with laminate, parquet or ceramic tiles. In general, carpets can be placed only when they do not distort the main idea of ​​the interior.

The right furniture for the minimalist rooms

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Many times in interiors it usually happens that, although all the steps and requirements of the ceiling, the walls and the floor have been followed and complied with, the interiors do not end up being minimalist. The reason in most cases is usually hidden in the furniture. If your furniture has been large and massive with complex shapes before, it is better not to use them in a minimalist modern room.

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Remember that like the surfaces and other components of the interior, the furniture must also stand out and be characterized by simple shapes and lines. In this way, the furniture will be more compact inside, which will guarantee an expansion of the space. Space must convey freedom and not a burden.

Interiors of minimalist-modern houses

On the other hand, the colors of the furniture are also important in the minimalist style houses. In the living rooms the most appropriate shades are black, white, gray and beige, used as basic colors. However, they can also introduce some accents and highlights of red, orange or green.

The decorative components in the minimalist rooms

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Keep in mind that when designing the decoration of minimalist houses and, above all, the decoration of the living rooms, they must pay close attention to all the details. If you harmoniously combine the decoration of the large surfaces of the interior, with the predominance of space and light and with the correct choice of furniture, you will be able to enjoy a completely new interior.

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Stay in line with the functional and strict forms and guarantee a greater light input. Windows will be the main source of your lighting that is very important especially in smaller spaces, as it visually makes them larger. Pay attention to the objects are flat and reflective surfaces, as they will help in the creation of minimalism.

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