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Minimalism has become quite popular over the years as a philosophy of design and way of life. The minimalist architecture tries to achieve a better design through simplicity: a simplicity of form, space, materiality, detail and color.

The design of minimalist houses also shows moderation and careful reduction and editing of spaces to reach a place of clarity. It is the simple details and the simple materials that make minimalism so attractive and that we enjoy creating minimalist spaces, because we appreciate the calm, warmth and beauty that emanate this type of space.

Minimalist houses of a plant

Minimalist houses of a plant

The aesthetic appeal of minimalism can also be impractical at times. But this highly geometric and simple house brings elements of nature while offering a comfortable habitability inside, as well as its patios interspersed.

The design features of the modern minimalist house include:

The design features of the minimalist house

Simplicity in form and function

Wall coverings and coating without complications

Spaces clean, open and full of light

Simple details without decoration

Strategic use of materials for visual interest, texture and personality

Simplicity in form and function

Design features of the minimalist house

Many minimalist houses have a simple, direct and efficient plan design with volumes of stacked spaces. This creates clarity in the plan, where the spaces are predictable and simple. Simple shapes, open floor plans, minimal interior walls, modest storage areas and emphasis on views and daylight are defining characteristics of many minimalist floor plans. The perforated openings without complications for doors and windows mark the facades. In general, there is a simple house design that avoids a lot of entrances and exits, complext curves or angles. Simple roof profiles are also characteristic of minimalist houses.

Minimalist design features

The architecture and the design of minimalism is a style in which we find a lot of inspiration. Together with many designers and architects, we are not alone in viewing minimalist design as a way of life. It has become a philosophy and aesthetics of contemporary design that many are in favor of, but why has it become such a viral style?

design features of minimalist houses

He minimalism It is a concept that emerged in the visual arts in the sixties. He was known for the simplistic use of massive forms. Nowadays, modern creatives probably think of minimalism, as a design style"less is more"but also as a way of life.

Minimalist house features

If one looks at minimalism in architecture, we are talking about this"less is more"approach. Often, in minimal architecture projects, the design elements are used together and all convey a simplistic message. It is about using basic geometric shapes, simple materials and natural textures, keeping certain elements exposed and using a repetition of different elements to create order. It is also about appreciating the natural abilities of space such as light, and playing with shadows. Or keep a simple color palette in the form of harmonious colors. Very often, the interior of minimalism consists of an open plan design with large windows and the use of negative space, in a satisfactory manner.

characteristics of the minimalist style

In general, the final result is always a simplistic design that promotes a clean and messy appearance. The minimalist architecture can be characterized by one word: simple: reducing a construction to its most basic form, function and essence. Nothing on the top, nothing extra, and forget about the ornate decoration. This is also true about minimalist house plans. The same minimalist features of the buildings are applied to their respective floor plans.

minimalist style

Minimalist house plans are generally composed of simple space geometries. His designs are functional and arranged on purpose. And while many are compact and efficient in planning space that wastes very little space, others are more spacious and open, allowing furniture and spaces to breathe. The goal is not to be small and compact. It is to create simple and clean spaces that evoke a sense of order and tranquility regardless of size.

minimalist style house
Simple shapes, open floor plans, minimal interior walls, modest storage areas and emphasis on views and daylight are defining characteristics of many minimalist home plans. Many minimalist floor plans also lack redundant space. You will not find additional spaces such as formal living rooms, dining rooms, libraries, dens or changing rooms. The spaces are adaptable and flexible for multiple purposes and the storage spaces are sized for basic needs. minimalist style one-story house

Many minimalist features define this initial house plan that starts with a simple rectangular floor plan. There are no complex entrances and exits in the outer envelope, just a simple glass facade. Simple steel posts support a flat roof. The design is an open floor plan with lots of natural light flooding the spaces. The only walls are for the bathroom, which leaves a lot of space to breathe furniture and living spaces.

Minimalist style one-story houses

In this publication, we share a variety of minimalist house plans: different sizes, locations and configurations to give you several perspectives. But, as you saw, most of the same underlying minimalist characteristics are true for all of them.

Minimalist style one-story houses

While planning your minimalist home design, keep these characteristics in mind. Do not be afraid to go out a little bit as planned. Most of these plant designs show rectilinear designs, but that does not have to be the case. The most important thing is that you design to your liking. It is not a textbook definition of what"should"have.

house of a minimalist style floor

Remember that minimalism is about living a simple life: living in simple spaces that work well, satisfy your basic needs and are easy to maintain so you can spend more time and money on things, people and experiences that really matter to you.

house of a minimalist plant
What other features and minimalist patterns do you observe? What do you like and do not like? How can these spaces adapt to your needs or what would you like to see done in another way? minimalist style house

Below are some inspiring projects of minimalist houses that we like and that beautifully illustrate the mentality of"less is more"of minimalist architecture.

minimalist style cottage

One of the most modern and affordable prefabricated minimalist houses we know is the DublDom series from the Moscow-based firm Bio Architects, directed by the architect Ivan Ovchinnikov. Simple modern cabins range from a 280-square-foot study (bathroom and kitchen, included) to a 1,400-square-foot three-bedroom home, with prices ranging from $ 23,000 for the smallest model to $ 100,000 for the largest. And now, after operating only in Russia for the most part, DublDom has begun taking pre-orders for the United States and Europe. Below are photos of a recently completed DublDom 2.65-01, one of a series of new designs that the company has added. Erected in what will become an ecopark filled with modular homes in Tula Oblast, Russia, the construction of approximately 700 square feet and $ 50,000 was assembled in seven days on site. Coated in black metal and larch, the home maximizes open spaces with large windows and terraces that bring the natural landscape.

prefabricated house minimalist style

The square shape we see in the image above, with its continuous vertical wood cladding and clean window openings, is a clean and modern minimalist solution for this wooded retreat.

minimalist houses

The simple clean lines of this minimalist bungalow in Gujarat, India, keep the residents of the house in contact with the outdoors. The outdoor pool is the central focus of the house that connects intimately with the living spaces.

minimalist house designs

This house is located in Thornbury, a suburb north of the interior of Victoria (Australia) that has a series of houses from the turn of the century, whose aesthetics we admire. Therefore, we did not want to change the part of our house of almost 100 years, nor the urban landscape, but we were looking for a contemporary renovation that would adapt to our needs. The north-oriented design encompasses the kitchen as the center, with a large bank on the island, plus a more formal dining room and abundant natural light. The living room to the east sheltered from the sun and the playground for our little children with a fishbowl embedded in the wall surrounded by hidden cupboards. The back of the house includes the passive solar design, so the summer sun is blocked but letting in the winter sun that would heat the polished concrete slab and release heat in the home when it is most needed in winter. The windows have double glazing with low glass, the walls and the roof have the highest insulation with possible value. The exterior was lined with vertical boards of solid 'gum' that has a beautiful natural feel, softens the sharp angles of the back and keeps within our palette of natural materials. We wanted to show that a passive solar home is functional, but it can also be visually appealing. One of the main objectives was not to build in excess, to respect the neighbors and to maintain a comfortable and practical backyard.

designs of minimalist houses of a plant

Upon entering the green entrance door of this Victorian villa called"Shakin Stevens House"in Melbourne, Australia, one feels that he likes to walk through time and space. This extension of the creative house designed by Matt Gibson Architecture is a true work of art. Three minimalist cubes are built behind the existing Victorian house. The green interior is combined with the green entrance door, providing continuity to the space.

great designs of minimalist houses on a floor

This house located in an Italian city of Treviso is so special that it even has a name: the Green Zero. Its author is a famous architect and designer Daniele Menichini. The concept of architectural design and interiors of this building is applied to modern minimalism characterized by utility, functionality and simplicity. Such an image was excellent to interpret the key ecological concept of the project: return to nature. Modern minimalism implies something beyond simple geometric shapes and minimal decoration. In this approach, greater attention is paid to the quality of the materials. The ecological theme is a superior trend, so modern minimalist interiors often end with wood, stone, concrete and steel. And the exterior of this house is completely in line with these requirements.

original designs of minimalist houses on a floor stunning designs of minimalist houses on a floor house with pond modern house

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original modern house design modern cottage design

House on the Stream Morella / Andrea Oliva

House on the Stream Morella by Andrea Oliva modern house design minimalist style minimalist building minimalist style minimalist architecture minimalist design

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minimalist style buildings

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Minimalist style design