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Halloween makeup

As the witches' night is approaching and many of you are waiting for it because this year you have decided to make a makeup In this article, we'll talk about the Halloween makeup For women with the sure to impress the public.

In addition you will also see two types of trends in this type of makeup this year, one simpler and one loaded.

Halloween Makeup, How to Smell and Scare Tonight

Women halloween makeup

Before you start with Halloween makeup you have to know very well and you have to be very clear how to make up on Halloween to choose the colroes and the paintings appropriate for you. Also you have to keep in mind that the ideas that you will see in this article are simply a guide and you can choose the colors that suit you.

Original halloween makeup women

One of the make-up Hallowen Most used by women and men lso is the zombie makeup. Keep in mind that women can do many improvisations for this makeup and can add many decorative details. The main thing in this makeup are the eyes and the mouth. To make up the eyes you have to make circles around them that cover the eyebrows and reach the top of the cheekbones. In the eyes you can make them with the colors that you want but you have to take into account that for that you have to choose darker colors.

Original women halloween makeup

On the other hand the mouth you will have to make up with some clear halloween paintings because usually in this part of the face you will have to draw the teeth. However, you have to keep in mind that to make this type of makeup for the mouth you will have to take advantage of the surface of the lips. On the other hand, to give more prominence to the makeup and colors you can paint your whole face with white paint. Instead, for the nose you will have to choose the black color and this you will have to apply in the form of a triangle in the rounded part of the nose. In this way the black colo will create the sensation of recreating the holes of the skull.

Zombie halloween makeup and its variants for women

Halloween zombie makeup

Another very iteress way to create your makeup for zombie halloween is to divide the face into two parts in half. In this way each of the parts of the face you will have to paint differently. For that you can choose two different colors as in the photo above or you can let your imagination fly. In the image you can see a face for which the colors red and blue have been chosen to paint the face. You can see the differences and also you can add a wig to your costume to make it more authentic.

Halloween women witch makeup

Also you have to take into account that to recreate the figure and the image of the dead many times are chosen a few more muted and dark tones because they give that deadly and infernal air to the face. In this photo you can see a halloween witch makeup for which brown tones are preferred to make dark circles. In addition the shadows have to spread well throughout the mobile eyelid and also have to extend in the lower eyelid part dl to create the shape of dark circles.

Halloween witch makeup

In this photo you can see the final result of the previous makeup. Also for this type of Halloween makeup you will have to also use the black color to make up the mouth. The makeup you can apply in the center of this and this way you will create the sensation that it is a smaller and fleshy mouth. You can also add scars on the skin to make it more real and a black wig with curly hairs will complete the image of the witch.

Halloween doll make-up and other types of faces

Halloween doll makeup

Among the make up spara halloween dolls you can find some very interesting variants and ideas like the one you see in the photo above. The eye makeup you can take to the minimum and you can focus on the painting of the eyelashes. To make them you can use black eyeliner as it is thinner and will allow you to have a greater precision. You have to keep in mind that for the makeup to be more original you will have to lengthen the lashes and others you can make them shorter. This you will have to do also with the upper lashes and you can even lengthen them more than the lower lashes.

Hallowen makeup dead women

On the other hand, the makeup of the eyelashes can also incorporate other types of makeup for halloween. In the photo above you can see this decorative detail that completes the image of the girl incorporated in a zombie costume. However, in this case the make-up of the eyelashes has been focused on the lower ones. For that also has been used eyeliner and as you can see the two lines do not meet in the outside of the eye, but continue one down and one ascends. This way the bottom stripe is used to make the lash extension.

Halloween makeup

On the other hand, in the halloween makeup the eyelashes can be painted only on the top of the eye and on the bottom you can make a few lines that reach the cheekbones or even the mouth as tears. You can use the red color to make them. In this way you will be imitating the blood that comes from the eyes and slips down the cheeks. You can use red paint or you can also use pencils and makeup to make the tears.

Halloween makeup

Halloween makeup

Halloween makeup

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Halloween makeup

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Women halloween makeup

Women halloween makeup

Women halloween makeup

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