Living room furniture - style, fashion and comfort

Young fun hall furniture

See below our selection of the Lounges More modern and modern in interior design and discover why there are so many who have opted for functionalism and comfort in choosing the Living room furniture .

We present a series of images that show fantastic examples of contemporary decoration for living rooms and living rooms.

Modern living room furniture with steel fireplace

Living room furniture modern fireplace

The great rectangular steel fireplace attracts looks and creates comfort. In addition, the location of the seats placed in front of the fire makes it possible to enjoy more of the view creating that special and cozy atmosphere. It has achieved that touch so elegant and romantic with few elements of a minimalist style .

White Modern Living Room Furniture


The next living room Totally white gives us different sensations. It invites relaxation and rest only by stopping in straight and smooth forms. They appreciate the o Order and symmetry, nothing strikes us in sight or causes us distraction, is a neutral space that will make us meditate. Here is an example of something more colorful and not less special, this fantastic set of sofas and armchairs with gold accents and matching cushions.

Living room furniture set of sofa and armchairs

Lounge furniture color gold balls Maybe you remember more than one Moroccan style , But in combination with a minimalist decoration it is possible to achieve a balance of colors. In addition the metal lamps are very appropriate because with its smooth finish they achieve a bright daylight too. In the following image instead we will see how different materials and surfaces have been combined and mixed, obtaining a result

Minimalist lounge with different materials

Minimalist living room furniture

really spectacular. Each distinct element has importance and a more appropriate place where it should be located. Playing with the different possibilities has reached harmony, and although each object of the decoration is different from the other, it appears a final vision of the whole in which everything has been created on purpose.

Contemporary wall decals

Living room furniture bricks stairs

Modern style living room furniture

Red wall living room furniture

Living room with beige fireplace and wicker furniture

Furniture living room fireplace beige plant

Contemporary wooden living room furniture

Furniture living room wood gray modern

Living room with minimalist style furniture

Furniture lounge armchair contemporary garden deck chair

Living room with modern sofa and purple decoration

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