List of vegetables that do not have to pay and their upbringing at home

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In the times we are living, all money saving is welcome and accepted with great gratitude by all. And when it comes to food that we consume every day the good news of not paying to obtain them will make our day. Next, you will see a list of vegetables who can plant and cultivate in their homes, either directly on the ground or in pots to enjoy after their natural flavor. In addition, we will also mention some of its properties and benefits.

List of vegetables to grow at home, garlic

Benefits of garlic-breed-house

Thanks to the properties and benefits of garlic, it has become a powerful medicinal plant that is good to have at home. This product has a compound, called allicin, which makes it an antibiotic and antioxidant ingredient. In addition, garlic contains very few calories and great nutritional value. Due to all its components and vitamins this product of nature is very good also for heart diseases.

Benefits of garlic-plant-house

The way to plant and raise it in their homes is very easy. For this, they only need a clove of garlic that they have to plant with the end of the root towards the ground and with the buds that are going to go upwards. This can be done in a pot, in your garden or in a small dish with water. They have to place it in a sunny and warm place, like on the windowsills.

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If you follow these steps, you will see that in a few days there will be new outbreaks that, in addition, can already be consumed in dishes and other dishes. Keep in mind that the flavor of the sprouts is not as strong as the flavor of the Garlic . Then they just have to let the other shoots of the earth keep growing.

The potatoes in the list of vegetables that we can grow in our homes

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For its part, the potato is also a product that provides us with a diversity of benefits and nutrients. Among them we can point out the control that exerts on blood sugar, especially when they are cold. At the same time, it fights oxidation and has a positive effect on blood pressure.

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Due to the size that the potatoes reach, for them they will need a bigger and deeper container, like a pot, a barrel or if they have a garden it is better to cultivate them directly on the ground. The cultivation of the potato is very easy to do. They only have to leave a potato until it sprouts around. Then they have to introduce it into the earth with a few inches of earth.

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The sprouts of the potatoes have to be at least two and they have to be planted upwards. In this way, roots are going to appear and you just have to add more dirt on top of them. As you can see the method is very easy. If they do it in a pot or in a barrel, do not forget about drainage.

A list of vegetables to plant and grow at home, carrots

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Carrots are one of the foods that provide us with many benefits to the body, as well as benefits related to our aesthetics. The most important thing about this vegetable is that it stimulates our appetite, which is very good for people who have food problems, precisely related to their appetite. In addition, it is a great diuretic agent since it contains a high level of water.

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After having seen some of the properties of the carrot and the vitamins of the carrot, now we are going to take care of its cultivation, which is much easier than that of the potato. The simplest way to grow it is by cutting the top of a carrot and leaving it in a small bowl of water. In this way, what we will be getting is that their leaves grow back.

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The container has to be left on the ledge of some window so that enough lighting and enough heat. Soon, you will see that the leaves grow back from the top of the carrots.

Onions on the list of vegetables that we must grow at home

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On the other hand, the onion similar to garlic is also a product with great antibiotic properties that helps us in times of cold and flu. However, like the other vegetables that we have seen above, it has other properties that are very beneficial for health and help our body to fight against the malignant agents.

onion-plantation-house cultivation

For the cultivation of onions they only have to cut one end of their root and plant it in a sunny place in their house. You have to cover it with about an inch of soil and let it grow. The earth must be moist and the environment in which it is located, warm. Therefore, if you plant it in a pot, it must be placed near a window, while if you choose the garden you have to opt for an area with plenty of sun.

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Keep in mind that the onion has different methods of planting and cultivation depending on the place where it is going to be planted and if it is going to be cultivated from a seed or root. When the plantation is going to be done outdoors, it must be done during the cold months of the year.

Celery and the list of vegetables that we can plant at home

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Another product that they have to consume is celery and they should pay attention to its cultivation for the benefits and properties that it offers. In the first place, it is a product that helps with the retention of liquids in the body, stimulates the different systems in our body and purifies the kidneys.

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Its plantation is very similar to the others we have seen. We leave a piece of the plant a container with water and let it release its buds. Below you will see more photos about the vegetables that are good to plant in your house and for those who do not have to pay to consume them.

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