Landscaping with outdoor plants, ideas for a change.

Landscaping with outdoor plants gravel cactus

Many times we dedicate hours and energy to our garden with the intention of making it look more attractive and lush. Sometimes for reasons of work, time in general, we neglect pruning, soil preparation or irrigation.

On this particular last I want to stop today. Landscaping with outdoor plants has a style that allows us to maintain the beauty of our garden and outdoor areas. The Xeriscape, suitable for reduced irrigation landscapes, can help us save even money for water.

Landscaping with outdoor plants in front

Landscaping with outdoor plants flowers cobbles wood

The fundamental premise of landscaping with outdoor plants in this case is to take measures to avoid Water By evaporation and by leaks. The region's own plants are often successful choices, as they have evolved in that environment and tolerate climate and soil conditions. The period comprised within the first two years after planting our plants is when they require regular irrigation. We must reduce the frequency of irrigation in the future. We will do more to develop much stronger roots with this technique.

Landscaping with Outdoor Plants and Path

Landscaping with outdoor plants gravel footpath herbs

In addition the use that make these plants of the rain is greater. We must carry out a good selection of plants as in any landscaping plan with outdoor plants. Usually we can use agave, lavender or cactus. As well as other ornamental plants that withstand the stress of lack of water. It is necessary to group the plants with similar irrigation needs. We can create minimum areas of grass Using resistant species.

Landscaping with outdoor plants and use of mulch

Landscaping with outdoor plants mulch modern design

According to our personal taste we would add or not other plants of greater demand of water as a border. The use of colored mulch as in the image above All Seasons Gardening and Landscaping It is also a smart idea. Last and not least the moment of irrigation, is something fundamental. In the morning or afternoon preferably and avoiding intense winds. Reframe the style of your garden to be your case. A good landscaping design with outdoor plants is always fascinating, but above all let's make it functional and beautiful.

Xeriscape with plants in elevation

Landscaping with outdoor plants rocks wall

Modern garden design

Cacti xeriscape landscaping design watering garden

Path between plants and rocks


Design with grass and gravel

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Contrast between plants of different colors

Colorful design flowers gravel landscaping

Staggered location with mulch

Gravel xeriscape plants landscaping design Contrast of different sizes and color

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