Lamps, more than a simple decorative option.

Pendant white foot lamps

Are you thinking of adding some lighting to your inside ? One of the easiest ways to light your space is the incorporation of lamps. Floor lamps for example, give different design opportunities.

These can be added according to our space and needs, in terms of lighting. Later we will enjoy some lamps that show the most outstanding current trends. One of them, the minimalist lighting consisting of a single light bulb.

Option for standing lamps


We could choose between different styles from the eclectic To the industrial, or simply the complementary selected lamp some of them. Many of today's pendant lamps are also inspired by a minimalist industrial style. Many with steel in its composition and a single bulb in many occasions. Stylized mostly with a glass bulb or combinations with wood. The wood, on the other hand, gives a very warm tone and is ideal for reading rooms.

Metal structure for floor lamps by Jonathan Adler

Metal folding conical lamps

We could also play with colors and look for daring contrasts or lamps that mix a variety of materials. Those that have an adjustable joint are ideal for the job, allowing us to focus the light where it is needed. Another option would be those with height regulation both in standing and in those that are usually used at tables. The form is another of the details to take into account, the globular style or other more risky in terms of design would provide our space with a bold and modern touch.

Adjustable white metal floor lamps

Adjustable metal saloon lamps

A lamp with more than one bulb with two-tone illumination would give us from the functional point of view many possibilities. We have a wide range of choices at our disposal. Your style, needs and taste in general will guide your choice. Cheer up and save yourself to strategically illuminate areas and key features in the room of your choice!

Style of floor lamps with several bulbs

Black metal foot lamps

Design blue lamp with dim lighting

Blue table lamp lighting

Hanging lamps with fan

Pendant lighting industrial lamp

Lamp with pear and cut shape

Pendant lamp salon

Lotus-shaped bicolour lamp

Flower pendant lamp green

Hanging lamps at different levels

Contemporary pendant lamp

Reading lamp made of wood

Wood reading lamp living room

Lamps adjustable in height Traditional table lamp design

Ceiling lamp Contemporary table lamp salon Zeta table lamp salon