Laminate flooring, what will be your choice?

Laminated floor finish modern colors

See here our selection of ideas to coat floors with the latest in fashion and design. We will show examples of laminated parquet floors such as ceramic and marble tiles.

In addition we will verify that each style of decoration can be highlighted with a stylish floor, take a look at our images and choose your ideal model.

Laminated floors of marble

Polished marble

In the wonderful marble tiles of the photograph we notice that the colors of the conglomerate are blurred creating shapes, and along with the polished finish the effect is fantastic, this type of soil brings a lot of luxury to the place and also favors its lighting , Perfect for a decoration in which white predominates.

Great polished parquet laminate

Polished wood

But as we will see, a good polishing also pretty embellishes the floors Laminated parquet . The gloss of the varnished wood is very elegant in any type of space, although we know that its maintenance may be something more complicated since the polishing and varnishing must be done periodically so that it can look good.

Tiles in gray tones for living room or terrace

Ground gray dining terrace table

Let us now turn to a novel and very practical material; PVC, or polyvinyl chloride. This plastic compound is resistant to water and fire allowing its use in very different areas. It turns out that a large Laminate flooring That we show them are precisely of pvc, and they show finishes and great styles.

Combination of green tiles and parquet for bathroom

Combination tiles parquet green bathroom

In this great modern bathroom we see both ceramic tiles and pvc laminate. A great example in which materials are combined with style and always looking for functionality. Pvc also offers multiple variants and models today. We can get practically any aspect using laminated floors of this material.

Tiles for floors of different colors and shapes


Let us also see this fabulous floor of different tiles of many colors and shapes. A fun aspect for kitchens or bathrooms that will also maintain the right temperature in our home. Also for bathrooms marble tiles and smooth tile finishes are ideal, and can also be used for Walls And ceilings.

Beige and yellow bathroom tiles

Beige tiles yellow bathroom espadrilles

For living rooms and bedrooms the choice of laminate flooring can vary depending of course the type of decoration style. In this Modern living room For example the search for straight and clean forms is appreciated. However, as an ornamental detail, tiles have been chosen with

Brown living room tiles with stone conglomerate

Beautiful brown tiles fireplace conglomerate

Rough bands of stone conglomerate. When we find ourselves with few decorative details, these tiles show the class giving a lot of class. In the following image, although it shows again a modern and minimalist style, has opted for a pvc laminate that imitates the parquet of

Imitation wood pvc tiles for living room

Large living room

wood. The result is a somewhat more rustic and traditional vision, although some decorative elements such as the leather stool or the brick wall have also intervened. Marble is the next of our options for laminate flooring. In this room so modern and luxurious has been sought to seek light and clarity using many shades of beige,

Classic beige marble tiles

Marble classic drawing tiles beige

But who has the starring role really is the marble tiled floor with decorative details on the central tiles. In this case the tiles give a very classic and elegant view that breaks with the minimalist style. The next floor of marble tiles that continue to overlap the wall is also fantastic.

Marble tiles polished in light colors

Polished white marble floor tiles

The brilliant polish and its pale color gives much clarity to the place and the sensation is of greater amplitude and luminosity. In conclusion, a floor with style will greatly influence the appearance of any space, so choosing the right tile or laminate can transform your home so that simple walking becomes a luxury.

Beige tile with gloss and matte


Black marble floor tiles

Black polished marble floor tiles

Contemporary brown tiles

Modern brown tile round candles

Dark colored tiles

Dark colored tiles shadow sofas

Dark tiles with worn effect

Dark tiles worn black armchairs

Smooth floor tiles for bathroom floor

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