Johnny Depp tells it all - secrets about a risky lifestyle

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Stone. Depp is dressed in stripes like a gangster of the forties, has jet black hair combed back, wearing suspenders and leggings. His face is swollen, but Depp still has those brown eyes with a dreamy and threatening look. At the beginning of his career, Johnny Depp dreamed of becoming a star of rock, but Nicolas Cage suggested that he focus on acting, and it was not bad. Now, Depp's smile is reminiscent of Marlon Brando. This is not a coincidence, since Depp has built his life for a long time imitating his legends, buying an island like Brando, becoming an expert in Quaaludes as Hunter S. Thompson.

Johnny Depp tells everything about himself

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Stone, Johnny Depp tells everything about himself, including his current economic situation.

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million that, according to affirms, TMG took illegally for its commission, plus any additional damage that the court considers appropriate.

His relatives did not agree with his marriage to Amber Heard

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Apparently, Depp's friends suggested that she at least enter into a prenup with her. It is also known that Johnny's relationship with his parents and sister worsened because of his new (now already ex) wife.

Depressed after divorce with Amber Heard


Depp and Tom Petty are lifelong friends

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I loved, he says.

strange during pregnancy

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great. But the things that were charming when she was 28 years old, consuming drugs and running scaffolds on a high floor of the Atlantic Records building in Los Angeles, seem unsettling at age 55. (Cruz ends the conversation by telling about Depp trying to get his own tooth in a London restaurant while having dinner with her and Stella McCartney.)

Depp promotes drug use to speed up the capture of Osama bin Laden

The actor affirms that when using LSD-25 psychoactive substances pulverized from airplanes, every living being will leave his cave, smiling and happy.

Recognizes that during filming was dictated by the microphone


Your opinion about Harvey Weinstein

Discuss the charges against you for the death of River Phoenix

Depp bought the Viper Room in the early 90s and turned it into a small rock club, later visited by Guns, Rooseys and Johnny Cash. The actor River Phoenix dies in the overdose club, some blaming Depp for giving him the fatal dose of heroin and cocaine.


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Sparrow says the actor.

Remember your complicated relationship with your mother

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In the last 18 months, there have been few but bad news for Depp

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In the last 18 months, there have been few but bad news for Depp. In addition to the financial problems, there were reports that he could not work and that they had to feed him through a tube. This grew exponentially worse after the Pirates of the Caribbean series began, which earned him approximately $ 300 million. Depp had always been critically acclaimed, but it was Jack Sparrow who made it into a global brand with action figures and salaries of $ 30 million per film. But Depp's tastes got wilder, and the daily conversations between Mandel and Christi revolved around anyone trying to stop Depp from buying another house or finding a project to pay for the new house. He had separated from his former lawyer and agent Joel Mandel. For more than a decade, what was good for Johnny Depp was good for Joel Mandel, and the financial manager took many steps to keep it that way. He installed an additional telephone line in his home in Los Angeles that had a special ring so that Depp could communicate with him at any time, day or night. On the occasion of his wife's 40th birthday, Mandel had a hundred people in his house. Still, he approached Depp and told him he would excuse himself from the party if Depp wanted to talk about his latest financial venture. During good times, Mandel told Depp that his goal was to secure him financially enough so he would not have to take part just to pay the bills. They never got to that point. According to the TMG lawsuit, Depp never had more than six months of savings in the bank.

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During his visit to London, Johnny Depp is alternately hilarious, cunning and incoherent. The days begin after dark and last until the first light of day. There is a scared and persecuted look about him. Despite the great conversations about touring the city, we never left the house. Maybe being a permanent Peter Pan is the key to Depp's on-screen charm. But time has passed. The childish unconcern has slowly transformed into an aged male child, still charismatic but only in glimpses. If your current life is not a perfect copy of the last days of Elvis Presley, it is a decent facsimile.