Interiors of modern houses in Mediterranean style

interiors of houses-Mediterranean-style

In today's article I will talk about a very summery and colorful topic that refers to the interiors of modern houses of style Mediterranean .

These interiors have a series of particular characteristics that make them belong to this particular style and these characteristics concern both the interior decoration, as well as the architectural and construction elements. Let's see what their characteristics are.

Interiors of modern houses in Mediterranean style

Interior decoration-mediterranean style-houses

Before going into details, we have to mention and keep in mind that this style covers and develops in almost all the areas occupied by the Mediterranean Sea: Italy, Greece and southern Spain. This fact may suggest that, despite being the same style, in each region there may be differences in some of the decorative elements of the interior.

design of modern houses-mediterranean elements

In order to recreate this style in our interiors, we have to know what is intended with it. First of all, its main purpose is to fill the interior with light and sun, therefore, we must make sure we have everything necessary to achieve it. There are two basic elements that will help us and facilitate the task of windows and colors.

Interior decoration-mediterranean elements

Probably, all of you know that large windows will offer you more light, while small windows will create gaps that will be an obstacle to the sun's rays. Apart from these components, next, we will see more architectural elements characteristic of this style .

Interiors of modern Mediterranean-style houses and some of their architectural elements

Interiors of modern houses-Mediterranean elements

In this section we pay attention to the walls and ceilings and talk about the decorative details that appear in these areas. First of all, the ornaments on the ceilings are the wooden beams that also appear in the rural style of the interior. However, this element does not have to hide or disguise it, but they have to highlight it.

interiors of modern houses-decoration-Mediterranean

On the other hand, the modern decoration of the ceiling can reinforce it with wrought iron. For that, they can include in the decoration some types of lamps made of this material that will help them complete the decoration.

interiors of modern houses-mediterranean-colors

On the other hand, on the walls you can add wooden details such as decorative frames or paintings. In addition, in many occasions the walls also have texture and the most used is the stucco style. At the same time, this is a way to get closer to the rustic style and to combine both styles.

Interiors of modern Mediterranean-style houses and their decorative elements

modern-interior-mediterranean houses

One of the most important decorative elements in the interiors of Mediterranean-style houses is color. The predominant tone in the interior and exterior walls is white, since it is the most suitable for the increase of the interior lighting and, at the same time, it is the color that allows an infinite combination with the other tones.

Interiors of modern houses-Mediterranean-style

On the other hand, the white color in the interiors is usually alternated and combined with aquamarine, olive green and ocher tones. These light and soft tones can serve as substitutes to the white tone. In addition, to highlight or highlight certain parts of the interior and to encourage the decoration of modern houses can also add some intense tones. In this way, they will create the decorative accents.

modern-interior-mediterranean-style houses

At the same time, the decoration of the walls is sometimes simple and it is even possible that it does not appear. In these cases you can bet on the paintings to decorate them or you can also bet on the masaicos.

Interiors of modern Mediterranean-style houses and floor decoration

decoration of modern houses-Mediterranean-style

The most typical of the decoration of the floors in this style are the rustic wooden and terracotta elements of pastel and soft tones. In contrast to the floor we find a ceiling decorated with beams and wrought iron that also appears throughout the house both inside and outside.

decorations for houses-mediterranean-style

In addition, the most used materials in the interior are precisely wrought iron and wood. With them you can create impressive mixes that will give a very summery and cheerful touch to the interior. At the same time, in the decorations for houses the wrought iron can be used not only to decorate the ceilings, but also as a decorative element in the mirrors and frames.

interiors of houses-elements-mediterraneos

Do not forget that its use outdoors is also important, as is the presence of plants. When we speak of exteriors, the most characteristic of the Mediterranean style is the patio, the balconies and the terraces full of plants. They have to take into account that these can also be included in the interiors to decorate them.

Interiors of modern Mediterranean-style houses with huge windows

Interiors of modern houses-Mediterranean ornaments

As I mentioned earlier, large windows are very important because it is the easiest way to guarantee a greater light input. The shape of these elements usually has an arch shape especially when it comes to the doors that lead to the patio or the garden. You have to bear in mind that this form reminds us of the Arabic style in construction and that it is used a lot in the regions mentioned.

Interiors of modern-mediterranean houses

On the other hand, when the house is not large enough to allow us to include these decorative and decorative details, you can choose traditional windows and decorate them with curtains. Do not forget that the predominant shades of the curtains must be clear with some designs of more intense colors.

decorations for houses-elements-mediterraneos

In addition, in the interiors you can also place larger plants and decorative trees. In this way, the green color of the plantation will stand out against the white background of the walls and the rest of the interior.

decoration of modern houses-elements-mediterraneos

Next, I'll leave you with more images of modern Mediterranean-style house designs where you can see the repetition of all the elements mentioned in the article. I hope you liked it and have taken the necessary ideas for decorating your modern interior homes.

modern decoration-Mediterranean-elements modern-interior-decoration-Mediterranean-style decoration designs of modern houses-Mediterranean-style