Interior stairs - great ideas for design and decoration

Interior stairs

Creating a staircase design provides a lot of freedom to act while performing its main function. It is also important that the ladder can be integrated into the overall interior design of the house or building.

Obviously, however, these models are perfectly combined with the environment. Let's take a look at the pictures below for more inspiration in case you have a decision about the interior stairs.

Interior stairs

Modern interior stairs

When it comes to a house or an apartment with two floors or more floors, there is always the need to look for ideas for an internal staircase. If you want to change it completely or renew it, in these images you will find its correct model. Break with your ideals and open to non-standard ladder models for home and building. As you will see in most of them, you will surely forget that until recently I had associated the word stairs with the crispy wooden stairs in grandmother's house.

Tips for choosing the design of the stairs

Tips for choosing the design of the stairs

To inspire you, we have decided to show you some interior stair ideas that will help you choose your own. Style movements in them will become a habit. There is nothing good and original if you can not implement your own ideas in design. If the storage of your house is not enough, you can choose from those that are designed to provide additional space for books, boxes or other items.

indoor stairs

The stairs in the photo above are made in such a way that they leave a space with open shelves to store all kinds of household objects and utensils. In view of the general style and interior, choose the material from which you want the interior staircase to be made. Combine it and choose the right option and, of course, the one that best suits your budget. The options for a modern staircase are many: metal, glass, wood, beautiful combinations between them, etc. See what ideas we choose for the stairs at home to make it easier for you to make the right choice.

original indoor stairs

Interior stairs are important pieces of interior decoration and we can find them in many different styles. Although it seems simple, for the realization of the interior stairs of the house we must pay close attention, as they will help us to pass daily between the living room and the second floor room. But what are the criteria for making ladders robust, easy to climb and easy to maintain? Here you will find some tips to choose well the stairs of your house.

modern interior stairs

Straight or curly, spiral or helical, the interior stairs are found in a variety of designs and materials. Depending on the interior style of your home, if you like rustic or contemporary modern stairs, you can choose between wood, metal, glass or concrete. The current trend is lightness and transparency with the aluminum metal structure and the Plexiglas or glass staircase.

great indoor stairs

The feeling of comfort of the stairs depends on the number of steps, against more steps, more comfort. In the same way, the depth and height of the rungs are important for the feeling of comfort. Generally, straight profiles are safer than spirals.

wooden interior stairs

We can extend or reduce the stairs, depending on the space available. To harmonize the width of the stairs with the space of the corridor, we must take into account the size of the house. For houses with large spaces, the widest stairs will be better adapted and for narrow space houses, we choose narrow stairs.

modern style interior staircase

An important aspect to consider is what material is used for the stairs. There are many solutions that include concrete, wrought iron or wood.

modern style stairs

Classical stairs are usually made of concrete. The concrete staircase can be covered with tiles or wooden slabs. Wrought iron stairs usually fit into commercial spaces, but we can use wrought iron stairs in the garage or attic near the entrance.

wrought iron stairs

The wooden staircase fits the rustic style. They are suitable for mountain chalets or cottages.

wooden stairs

The railing is perhaps more visible than the staircase itself because it is the support element when we step on the stairs. The railing most widely used today is the stainless steel handrail. It usually harmonizes with stairs with a modern minimalist design. For classic staircases, railings in lacquered solid wood can be installed. For wrought iron stairs, the railing can also be installed in wrought iron.

hanging ladder

Other aspects to take into account for interior staircases outside the width of the steps, the material and the handrail are the design elements of the stairs, the number of steps, the height of a step or the position of the direction of travel of the door or the destination area that should not be ignored at all.

pink ladder

You can buy a ladder from ladder manufacturers, which means that you will technically buy a custom made product. Elements such as pitch, depth, height and number of steps must be customized to fit the dimensions of the space that the stairs will occupy. That is why it is very important to look for ladder manufacturers with the tradition that they can offer professional advice in choosing the ladders that suit their needs and preferences.

staircase with wooden steps

Look at the space of your home. This can help you think of a design that does not consume a lot of space if your area is small. You can also opt for a larger and more decorative staircase if your area is larger. Space is another important factor when choosing the right ladder for your home.

ladder with wooden hanging steps

It is very important to consider the safety of your stairs. The safest ladders are those that are L-shaped or U-shaped.

staircase with wooden steps

Of course, since it is the owners who will use it most of the time, their situation should be considered. If there are elderly people and children in the family, it would be advisable to use stairs with landing and handrails.

staircase with rungs painted ombré style

spiral slide

stairs with Led lights