Interior design oriental and zen style


Today with the life so intense that we take it is very difficult to find a quiet and relaxed place to rest. That is why we will present to you a chance to create our own little paradise in your home.

When it comes to interior design the zen style is increasingly used. Zen-like interior decoration should reflect balance, harmony and relaxation.

Interior decoration Zen style bathroom

Bathroom large design zen nice black

Zen is associated with minimalism, simplicity and purity of lines in interior or exterior design. Here are some ideas on how to create a Zen design inside your home. For the interior decoration to the zen style the colors most used in walls are the soft colors like the beige white gray rose. It is no secret that these colors help to relax and give tranquility.

Interior living room with zen style design furniture

Zen living room colors pretty clear

The harmony between the different elements and the continuity in the design is essential for the Zen style. The park and the different options of wood floors are the best idea when creating your space in the Zen style. The water varnish to protect your park because it is the most effective. The resin floor being very comfortable and beautiful is not a bad idea either. To make your feet more comfortable, use a wool rug.

Zen design in your home great ideas for the salon


Light is also very important there is nothing better than natural light for your zen relaxation space. The curtains also have to be made of soft materials like acrylic which is a synthetic fiber substitute for wool or the same wool that is very sturdy. Forget the lamps that you can perfectly replace with candles and you can not use table lamps avoiding direct light. Be inspired by the following pictures to make a place of relaxation in your own home.

A bathroom with simple and natural design

Bathroom ideas

Living room with windows for natural light

Interior decoration white large furniture spacious

Very simple zen bedroom with a beautiful view

Interior decoration of single bedroom

Zen style with simple lines very reassuring

Simple zen style interior decoration

Salon with Japanese design

Interior decoration few nice gray wall

Interior decoration with very modern bamboo

Interior decoration living room nice style

Furniture with oriental design

Subtle Interior decoration zen simple straight lines pretty Interior decoration zen tranquility salon relaxation Simple Bedroom style zen pretty minimalist modern Zen bedroom decoration simple round bed Modern Inspiration Modern design zen nice white simple Furniture bathroom style simple zen nice Zen furniture decorate bedroom beautiful black Lounge decorated simple nice zen style Modern minimalist zen style lounge Bath style zen polished bath tubs Interior decoration bathroom zen candles lighting beautiful