Interior design in white and wood 30 ideas that you will love!


The rooms white Every so often they are in trend since they are an indisputable classic. You can see inner and outer design images in white almost everywhere, this happens because people keep asking about them. But if a room white It is not designed with care, it can end up being cold and unattractive.

Today we will present you interior design and original ideas of combinations of white with wood tones


Can there be something fresher and cleaner than white? But to improve the feeling of cleanliness and freshness in the interiors of white colors like snow, there must be elements of contrast. There are many options. Let's see some of them.


There are many shades of wood to take advantage of. Therefore, they can be introduced inside not only in combination with white, but also between them, use smooth transitions from light to dark or make bright accents.


For lovers of smooth transitions and a quiet palette in a white room, you can make shelves for dishes, books or other items made of light brown wood, and the furniture to use can come in a couple of shades is darker.


It looks very well in the center of the white room, an original decorative element made of wood. A good idea is to opt for a very light colored wooden table and furniture and accessories in darker tones that will make the transition smooth.


If you want a volume effect it will be created by dark brown cabinets and cabinet doors and a soft corner, with a table and white curtains with dark wood that look even whiter and fresher.


One of the best ways to use wood and white in the same space is to use them on alternate surfaces. You can not simply have a large white surface next to a large wooden one. You have to play with the design! If the top of the table is white, the bottom part would be made of wood! If the cut is made of wood, the main surface will be white! That's the way to use this specific combination in your interior designs!


A great impression in a blank room can make a wooden structure regardless of the color of it. With the help of an unusual wooden element, you can highlight the whiteness of the furniture and the walls. Wood can help you divide a large white room into areas.


Both the wood textures and the white color are quite simple. They are underestimated and they are in the limit of neutral and soft tones! So, what to do to create interest? You can use asymmetry as your advantage! If the balance between these two surfaces is asymmetric, your interior design will automatically look more interesting!


For a beautiful kitchen design you do not have to go for something extraordinary, the skillful combination of wood furniture and glossy surfaces visually enhances the space and gives the room a homelike and cozy look. It is a good idea to introduce the color black in the decoration of a modern room. A table in the center is a great way to visually increase the size of the room and add contrast.


One of the simplest and easiest options is to go for minimal details, contrasting colors, comfortable design, simple arrangement of furniture and appliances. Ideal for interior design with open plan where a wooden table in the center visually separates the kitchen and living areas. Accents placed correctly help to highlight interesting details, unusual interior elements that can go unnoticed and also help to divide the room into zones.


Interior design with built-in brightness

A warm tone of wood in the built-in cabinets makes a white room more interesting and gives it a strong focal point. In addition, each room can use more storage space. The white walls help keep the space open, and the transparent white curtains let in lots of natural light. This bright base provides a great contrast to the focal wall of wood.

design-interiors-white-wood - dining-ideas

The wooden furniture sets with the same design had their moment. And this has already happened. Mixing wood tones makes a room more cozy and does not require a lot of effort. You can choose, for example, for a painted oak table and a walnut chest of drawers. We also recommend avoiding the softness when incorporating other materials (glass, metals, stone) together with wood.


Because most people do not buy all their furniture at the same time and place, they have probably already been mixing shades of wooden furniture without knowing that it will be modern and elegant. Now you just have to make sure you're doing it right.


Since wood shades are in the 'neutral' category, it is relatively easy to mix them and achieve a visually pleasing result. But when in doubt, look for the contrast. Mixing a dark wood (like ebony) with a light wood (like the lime) will always look chic and original.


If you start with a wood floor and are adding new wood shades (a table, chairs, etc.), consider using a carpet that softens the design. Do things start to look too heavy and there are too many wooden elements? Then go with the white as a neutralizer: paint, fabrics, any touch of white will balance the browns.

Kitchen and dining room designed by Adrian Bonomi Architect¹

design interior-modern-adrian-bonomi-architect

If you look for information in a book about interior design and decoration, you will find the dining table and chairs in the same tone of wood. But you must know when and how to break the rules and escape from the conventional. The pieces that you invite to your home should like you. At the end of the design process, your home should be a harmonious collection of the things you like, whether they are chosen according to the rules or not.

design interior-modern-kitchen-white-wood

The integration of wood shades may be fashionable, but it is not a new idea. The mixture of woods for interior design and outdoor spaces has been done for centuries. You can make a white room shine with a sophisticated and modern grace not only with the help of wood but also with accessories with crystals. Create an open space that gleams with a crystal chandelier or a collage of old and transparent glass frames against a white wall (the use of wooden frames will keep the room connected to nature).

A kitchen designed by Finnis Architects

interior design-white-wood-finnis-architects

The accents are what matter most. While bursts of bright, bold colors often look amazing and modern against white walls or ceilings, for a truly daring design, combine a white room with small touches of black or dark brown and watch how whites look sharper.

The kitchen of a house designed by Hardy Constructions

interior design-white-wood-hardy-constructions

Do not forget about the fifth wall

The ceilings often have no decorations, but they have an important role to play in a well-designed room. Follow the example of this room and look up by adding wood to the ceiling, also known as the fifth wall. The white walls allow the wooden ceiling and ornaments to stand out, creating a strong architectural presence.

Living room designed by Taylor Knights

design interiors-white-wood-taylor-knights

Although the roof is darker, medium to light wood prevents it from feeling heavy. Get the feeling of a natural coating, with corkboard, can also bring warm wood tones to the ceiling. A white room is a large canvas. Use the space to add subtle patterns and textures.


A wall with pictures or pictures with wooden frames makes the living room cozy. The white walls and white pieces of furniture upholstery create a great backdrop for the varying tones and textures of the forests of the room. Warm a room using woods that have a worn patina. It gives the living room a comfortable and comfortable environment.


A simple touch A completely white room makes a strong statement for itself, so keeping it simple is sometimes the best. The white walls, the sofa and the furniture feel fresh and clean, while the touch of wood can be added to the coffee table, chair or mantelpiece. The addition of green areas and subtle patterns keeps the space with a feeling of light, bright and white.


The aesthetics of the design in white with wooden elements is defined by a warm combination of home comforts and the use of fantastic finishes. The combination is perfect to bring a little modernity tranquility and elegance to your interior. The white home with wood accents is charming, quirky and wonderfully genuine. We invite you to be inspired by these modern white and wood interior design ideas.



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1 Adrian Bonomi Architect