Interior decoration: ideas for the living room

Living room furniture comfortable blue wall

The living room we all call simply living room Is one of the bedrooms Most important in our house because that is where every night after a tiring day away from home the family meets to relax and rest and tell us the most interesting things that happened during the day.

At night you better meet with the family in your living room And relax watching TV or playing educational games. Whether you are entertaining your guests during a party or enjoying a family reunion, there is no better place to spend quality time with friends and family than the living room.

Interior decoration purple furniture and large mirror

Beautiful idea cream salon purple modern

It will not be a lie to say that the living room is the place where you spend the most time reading stories, watching movies, enjoying light chats or perhaps doing some homework. If you could choose a room in your house where you put heart and soul in the design Of it, the salon would be at the top of the list. It is that sacred and precious place that sets the tone for the whole style of interior decoration. That is why it is important to decorate this place and make a pleasant atmosphere to ensure the comfort of its guests.

Interior decoration tables and table lamp

Spacious area without table modern comfortable furniture

One thing to remember when thinking of interior decoration is that you have to be comfortable with practical furniture, a cozy fireplace, fully equipped shelves and of course a large screen TV in the room since you will most likely pass by Most of your free time in the living room. The perfect interior decoration for salons has to be both practical and elegant. The trick is that it is simple attractive straight lines with a lot of comfort and a little glamor.

Many colorful colors in furniture and decoration

Confortabla colorful blue modern red carpet furniture

For the walls of your living room choose light colors the range of cream or light brown colors is one of the best options as it creates a cozy atmosphere in your living room. The warm colors usually make one feel comfortable and calm the view. Cool colors like violet green and blue give energy and freshness to your space are a good idea if you have a spacious and spacious room for small classrooms is recommended to use the cream colors.

Interior decoration blue table and very modern black carpet

Interior decoration carpet contrast furniture design

When you choose interior decoration for your living room do not be afraid to choose bright and lively colors that attract attention. Try to choose sofas and armchairs in neutral colors so that later it is easier to change the small decorative details and make new combinations with different colors and textures. Picture frames, curtains, cushions, rugs, and artwork can serve to liven up your living room while ceiling lights, table lamps and mirrors will make light flow into your interior space. The light will help you create the perfect environment to relax.

A green canape catches the eye in this modern salon

Interior decoration canape modern tables wood

In wide spaces uses a general light source there are infinity of designs of ceiling lamps to favor only a part of the room uses focal ceiling lamps in this way will give enough brightness to your decorations. Natural light is very important in any room of the house because it gives the illusion of spaciousness. The curtains in the solon are not very recommendable because they obstruct the light and distract the people from the views that are outside.

A rustic style living room idea

Interior decoration comfortable agog wood modern

There are blinds that come in different styles, designs, colors that are very easy to use and to clean you have to choose only the most suitable for your living room. Neither should we fill our room with myriad of accessories there is nothing better than the simplicity to create a spacious space and a comfortable and stress free environment. Less furniture and accessories will let light into your living room. All you can use to not escape the simplicity in your living room is a picture a lamp, books and fresh flowers alone with that will create a hospitable atmosphere.

A simple design with a very interesting work of art

Interior decoration

Each living room has to have a central focus point a fireplace can be the perfect centerpiece for your living room and is also very traditional. But with the advancement of technologies television has become the central point of the home. Some rooms by their architecture have focal points that are the big windows or as before we said the chimney. The salo must be designed in such a way that the central point stands out from the other elements.

A very spacious space where the living room is the dining room and kitchen

Interior decoration divided spaces kitchen dining room living room

Remember that to change the image of your living room is not necessary to make big changes with changing the colors of your walls, buying a new carpet, curtains or a hanging work of art on the wall will completely change the look of the whole room. Here we show you some incredible design salons there are many ideas but it is worth to see them in order to redecorate your salon with the latest trends in interior designs.

Interior design lamps for your living room

Interior lighting illuminated lamp balls modern stools

We know that it is not easy to choose the decorative style for your home but we hope that the photos that we have gathered for you of exclusive living room will help. You will be able to choose between modern living room minimalist furniture rustic style or contemporary furniture. We let you immerse yourself and inspire yourself with the ideas that we show you.

Light colors in furniture and walls make this room look even larger

Interior decoration long white reassures modern

Very interesting idea of ​​lighting in this modern hall

Interior decoration furniture interesting colors striking modern

A spacious and spacious design room

Interior decoration living room large modern spacious window

Mix light colors on the wall and dark on furniture

Interior decoration salon simple modern design

Craft furniture for your living room

Interior decoration salon high modern bricks

A simple and subtle design for your living room

Interior decoration salon windows white comfortable trim

A thin and sober living room in white

Interior decoration subtle furniture brown walls

Design furniture in daring colors for your living room

Interior decoration high ceiling few furniture design

Very modern black leather furniture


Very spacious living room with comfortable furniture

Interior decoration high ceiling plants large wood

Some paintings decorate this small room

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