Types of letters for tattoos - styles and designs to the last

Types of letters for tattoos

Tattoos are as unique as the people who wear them. Although many designs have similar elements, the influences, such as the personal style, the positioning and the skin type of the artist, play a very important role in the result. Some people prefer words to images. If you are one of them, then the font or the letters themselves add even more meaning to the words you choose. The types of letters for tattoos are the styles available for the letters. There are thousands to choose from and each adds its own individual style to the words.

Types of letters for tattoos

Types of letters for modern tattoos

Some factors to consider before proceeding to tattoo are the type of font (the shape of the letters), the font (audacity, angle, size, etc.). Do you want serif (where the letters have little flourishes here and there) or sans serif (a simpler line)? How will the text fit or match the part of the body in which it is displayed? Kerning (adjusting the space between letters to affect readability and design art). Do you want the words outlined or shaded to make them really pop? Also consider the additional pictorial content. Do you want solid or shaded coloration? What are other visual forms in which you can emphasize the message you are trying to convey?

Types of tattoos according to meaning or motivation:

Types of fonts for tattoos

more knuckle tattoos.


supplies for tattoos

An ambigram is a word that can be read forward or backward. You can read an ambigram from the side you want, from left to right or from right to left. It is a word or symbol that retains meaning even when viewed from a different angle, perspective or orientation. It can also be a combination of two interlaced words in one. Those who enjoy word games or grammar or marvel at the idiosyncrasies of the English language can get the thrill of tattooing their favorite ambigram.

Unusual and modern scripting

Unusual and modern scripting

As humans, we are always on a journey to make ourselves seem unique or unusual in a world where there are so many things equal. Improving an unusual saying with an equally unusual source has produced some truly unique tattoos.

Types of letters for tattoos - Letters of black blocks

Black block letters

Dark and heavy black letters are often used to make a statement. Its symmetry is also visually pleasing to the brain. This font style makes the reading of the quote or statement possible from a distance, since the words really stand out.

Types of letters for tattoos - Scripts or cursive fonts

Script or cursive fonts

The scripts are as unique as the people who write them. A tattoo artist will add his own style to the script with elegant, fluid and curvy lines.

italic fonts

Cursive fonts are adaptations of cursive writing, which was often taught in schools before 2005. Styles are as diverse as many. The influences include regions of the world, ages of time and personal preferences of the writer. This style was often used in official documents and also in writings of the Church.

Cursive is the style most commonly chosen for commemorative tattoos, particularly those that bear a person's name. The elegant decorative ornaments add a personal touch that adapts to the memory of a loved or deceased.

Tattoo fountain generator

Tattoo fountain generator

A tattoo fountain generator is a great tool to use when you're designing a tattoo of text. There are many different tools available online, for free, if you just do a Google search. Some are downloads, some are just online applications.

TattooFontGenerator is a good place to start: simply type your word or phrase in the online tool and then select a font from a drop-down menu. An excellent way to preview your tattoo quickly and easily! When you find the perfect font, just print it and give it to your artist.

Always check the grammar and spelling

Always check the grammar and spelling

The most important thing to remember when you tattoo words on your body is to check the spelling and grammar.

check grammar and spelling

If all the tattooists were honest, they would admit that they had written something wrong at some point in their career, so it is their responsibility to make sure the words are correct. This should preferably be done during the initial design phase. Check the sketch before you get a tattoo. Look at each letter individually. Check each word with a spell checker and put the whole sentence in a grammar checker. Read it little, since your ears can catch an error that your eyes did not catch. Continue checking the spelling throughout the tattoo session. It is better to take an extra minute to verify it. That way you can detect any error as the tattoo progresses. Remember, the tattoo studio is full of distractions and things can go wrong.

tattoos with letters

Reviewing the grammar and spelling of your new tattoo is entirely your responsibility. You will be the person who is wearing it, so make the effort to avoid a big mistake forever.

Is it a text tattoo easier to draw up?

tattoo design with letters

Although writing and text is one of the first skills taught to tattooists, it is also one of the most technical. To make an appointment look incredible, it must be consistent in size and style, and it must appear directly on a curved canvas: your body. Practice and talent are necessary to achieve it.

lyrics for tatus

Buzzfeed tattoos would think twice before using them, so we thought we would collect 10 free and paid tattoo fonts that are in danger of downloading.

types of letters for tatus

First a note of a warning. As with script fonts, no tattoo font will be as realistic as handwriting. Unless you are only using a short phrase, or are using a font with many alternatives for each letter, its output will always look as if it were produced digitally. But then, for some projects, time-consuming handwriting is simply not feasible and the digital type is more than enough. Just remember to set your expectations correctly and you should be fine.

Types of letters for tattoos - Fearless Script tattoo font

original letters for tatus

Fearless Script is a source of tattoos created by illustrator Chris Park, best known for producing rock kick-ass illustrations under the name of Pale Horse Designs. You can follow how he created his impressive work of art Death Goddess in our Illustrator tutorial.

Chris says the fountain is inspired by vintage tattoo and signage letters. Includes uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers, most punctuation marks, alternations, and vector characters.

Types of letters for tattoos - Tattoo font Inked Script

Tattoo font Inked Script

Inked Script is another source of tattoo created by Chris Park, although it is lighter and has more script appearance. As with Fearless Script, there is a complete set of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, alternatives and vectors.

Vicky Mardian is a Bandung type designer in Indonesia who has created four types of commercial tattoos. We choose the one that bears his name.

Mardian Pro is not a typeface to choose from if you want readability, but if you want a needle-like flavor, it's a winner.

Mardian Pro is available in OpenType and TrueType formats and costs £ 32.99, although you can download a fully functional demo version for personal use.

Types of letters for tattoos - True Love tattoo font

True Love tattoo font

typography, True Love has two weights (Bold and Regular) but only a limited set of glyphs (capital letters, period and hyphen).

But we like the cutting of your pen and it's free, so you can not complain too much.

Types of letters for tattoos - Tattoo font Sailors Tattoo Pro

Tattoo font Sailors Tattoo Pro

You can easily choose a decent marine-style tattoo font, but none has the flexibility or adaptability of Sailors Tattoo Pro.

This typeface by Otto Maurer has five main weights, plus six element fonts that can be combined quickly to create types with black lines and color fills. To use it, choose your base weight, which can be pure lines or half full (the upper or lower half will be full), then double your type and change it to one of weights that are composed of elements to complete the line. (either with solid colors or gradients). You can then change the color of the fill or gradient for the effects shown above.

There are also fillings and two light weights from the main source, which are well formed but do not use the internal elements.

Sailors Tattoo Pro is an OpenType font and costs £ 60.99.

Types of letters for tattoos - Fette Fraktur tattoo font

Tattoo fountain Fette Fraktur

If you are looking for large Gothic lettering for tattoo design, Linotype's Fette Fraktur is your best option. It has a great contrast between the thick and thin strokes that gives it almost parody level of 'gothic', so it should not be used in small due to problems of readability, but if you want to give a single word (or two) the shorts) a feeling of heavy metal, divide it. Most tattoo sources show what they are extracting from their heritage with ink at 11, but Angilla Tattoo is more restricted to the point that you could even read one or two sentences without losing an eye. It also makes the fountain usable in circumstances where you want a taste of cycling culture instead of the full Harley Davidson. The font contains uppercase and lowercase letters, and a selection of calligraphic brushes that can be linked to the type or used independently.

Types of letters for tattoos - Source Bleeding Cowboys

Bleeding Cowboys Font

We're a bit reluctant to recommend Bleeding Cowboys, since this free source has the most potential of any feature here to make your guy look like he was created by a 14-year-old girl who just entered Bullet For My Valentine, but used it with a Little thought and subtlety, can give a nice burning effect. It is designed to look like a brand brand, with contact imperfections and blood marks that dirty it, as well as looping tails in some of the characters. Bleeding Cowboys is a free source for personal use only. To use it commercially, you must contact the source designer.

True Man Tattoos Font

True Man Tattoos is a source of free icons of vintage or pin up style that should again be used sparingly, if you need some quick tattoo symbols to add to a project.

The source is free only for personal use. To use it commercially, you must contact the source designer.

Hustlers Font

Hustlers Font


The typeface has two versions of its letters: Rough and Smooth, which exist as uppercase and lowercase letters within the same font, plus a single set of numbers.

Angilla Tattoo Font

Angilla Tattoo is a TrueType font and costs £ 32.99, although you can download it for free for personal use.

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