Small apartments, ideas for design and decoration of small spaces

modern kitchen

The studio-like departments are quite difficult to decorate , especially when they are very small. The simplest approach is to create a coordinated style that extends throughout the home , but that option can restrict the creativity and the expressive potential of its owners.

small-design-geometric departments

Another possible option is to create a different theme within each functional area, but this requires careful planning and a unifying design layer to ensure that the style of the home does not feel too eclectic. The five studio-like departments shown in this publication demonstrate a variety of techniques and styles, which indicate that creative constraints can lead to inspiring solutions.


Small apartment designs

Designer: YØ DEZEEN

This first apartment designed by the YØ DEZEEN architecture studio uses a modern monochromatic theme along with smooth plywood wall panels. The compact style of the living room sets the standard for smart, space-saving solutions found throughout the house.


The division between living spaces is created with a combination of thematic decoration and incorporated dividers. Here, a striped rug helps define the seating area. studio-type departments
The slightly off-center location of the carpet prevents the sofa area from looking too stiff, allowing for greater communication with the rest of the room. kitchen-modern-in-neutral-colors
An independent divider creates an implicit boundary between the kitchen and the surrounding space. It also offers a convenient place to place television, making it conceive as part of the room. type-studio-kitchen
The workspace presents a lot of additional storage space to minimize the need for a larger desk. The shelves also serve as an exhibition space for decorative items to make the living room look more homely and inhabited. studio-hall-type departments
The distinctive green chairs give the dining room a unique look and add a touch of bright color within a uniform interior design. A wooden pendant lamp by Seppo Koho helps center the space.


The minimalist style to decorate small apartments

The kitchen is exceptionally minimalist. Matte black panels on the left allow neutral cabinets to be highlighted.

Although originally a true studio layout, the designers gave the bedroom its own type of annex. A sliding glass door allows a large amount of sunlight to enter and the storage wall offers sufficient privacy. bathroom-black-matt
Low-profile horizontal tiles make the bathroom appear wider, and its uniform layout draws attention to the height of the ceiling, an intelligent choice for a bathroom as narrow as this one.
The matt black coating gives the bathroom a particularly luxurious appeal. bedroom-with-wood-walls
The sliding glass panels reveal a compact dressing room decorated in matt black and cream.
Smart organization makes the closet look much more spacious than it really is: the niches for shoes, shirts and hanging clothes cover all bases. departments-studio-in-neutral-colors
Near the entrance, more sliding mirrors hide a comfortable wardrobe with everything the inhabitant needs to go out the door in style. Indirect lighting makes it possible to find any element even in a space as dark as this. department-type-studio-monochromatic wall-of-division-with-television

Small studio apartments


Small apartments designed by the architectural firm Lugerin Architects

This next house, by Lugerin Architects, makes fantastic use of high-textured surfaces to give life to a relatively small 56-square-meter study plan. Wood, exposed brick, concrete and textiles come together to create a modern apartment with a great personality and an eclectic atmosphere.

Decha Archjananun's weight jugs help unify the concrete ceiling and the black metal accents with the natural elements found everywhere.

small departments-division

The use of panels for the physical division of space

The wooden panels slide to hide the TV and expose the bedroom and kitchen, an inspiring project for anyone who wants to physically divide the rooms within the design of a studio apartment.

departments-small panel-slide
The bedroom, although quite small, has a large amount of storage space integrated into the dividing wall. small departments library-closet

The shelves offer plenty of material to read in the morning or before bedtime, and the light wood cabinets allow for convenient storage of clothes. The removable baskets organize the lower spaces where boxes or cupboards would not fit.

Do not you love how the closet seems to float in a sea of ​​books? bathroom-small-with-colorful-carpet
The kitchen has some own smart storage features. Large glass jars in cabinets provide a safe place to store dry products and minimize clutter. They also add a nice variety of attractive colors within a neutral decoration theme. Geometric tiles are also a great touch! bathroom-of-colors-natural
A striped rug in natural colors helps the bathroom stand out from the rest of the house.

small-style apartments

Small apartments with colorful aesthetics

This magnificent studio offers a more colorful aesthetic than previous houses. Its interior decoration is more or less uniform throughout the department, without separators or interior walls that break the spaces, which creates a cohesive theme that turned out to be a practical and beautiful choice.

small apartments-carpet
The dining room chairs are from the La Central collection by Brazilian designer Guilherme Wentz. The Acapulco style woven chairs and the transparent acrylic table are lightweight and adapt perfectly to a small space like this one.
Burgundy, gold and bright cerulean accents offer an updated and refined approach to the classic primary color theme.


Studio apartment created by the designer Roşca Vadim

Traditional sensibilities join the influences of modern design in this fantastic studio by Roşca Vadim. A large wood-lined partition occupies the center of the house, providing additional storage and decorative shelves, along with a bench that could serve as a seat or side table as needed.
An elegant white bedroom resides within the central divider. Such intelligent use of space!
The dining room presents modern elements, such as a black textured wall, but also incorporates traditional elements, such as a carpet with popular motifs in black and white. The bent plywood dining chairs offer a combination of modern and traditional elements.