Pyramid food, everything you should know about it and the products that integrate

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Some of the main problems that we find today are located at the two extreme and opposite points of a line that constitutes our feeding daily These problems have two names: the first has been called overweight and the second lack of weight or, to be even more extreme, anorexia. Surely they have realized the high number among young people who suffer from these two problems. And like every problem, these also have their solutions. Therefore, in today's article I will dedicate myself to talking about the food pyramid , I will explain its composition and the motive of the basic products that are integrated in it and what is its main idea that we must follow in order to understand it more easily.

Food pyramid, a concept with an important meaning

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In the first photo of this article you can see the graphic that illustrates the pyramid. It is a triangle with several steps and in each of them we can find the basic foods that constitute it. That said, we can deduce therefore that the main idea of ​​the pyramid of good eating is to impose balance, variety and moderation on our diet.

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In order to explain in more detail the importance of each of the components that are located in the steps of the pyramid, we will see what its benefits are. First, carbohydrates are at the base of the scheme and, as a consequence, should become the basis of our diet. Among them you can find bread, pasta, rice, cookies, etc.

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Unlike what many people believe, the main source of energy that we have is not proteins, but precisely those carbohydrates . This is due to the fact that when we consume them, our body processes them and these are converted into glucose, which is the substance from which our body and our metabolism collect the energies.

The reasons for the importance of carbohydrates at the base of the food pyramid

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In addition, surely suppose that these foods are important also for the proper functioning of our body. At the same time, they must remember that they are also important for the functioning of our brain, because it is the energetic substance that can be used.

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On the other hand, if they practice sports systematically, carbohydrates should appear constantly in their diet. This means that they have to follow a diet rich in these substances. It can serve as an accompaniment to the main dish or simply as a main course.

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To better understand the process that our muscles follow during long-term and more intense workouts, they have to imagine a container in which all the limited reserves of the organism are found. In the specific case of these foods, the reserves are accumulated in the liver and muscles.

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As a result, if they do not provide the necessary amounts to the body and if the reserves they have reach a low level, symptoms such as fatigue, fatigue, little effectiveness will appear and all of this will prevent them from doing their exercises productively. In addition, in these cases, the defenses and the immune system are also weakened.

The importance of fruits and vegetables in the food pyramid

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On the other hand, their return to the scheme of the nutritional pyramid, they will realize that fruits and vegetables are located in the second step. The reasons why health entities have cloned in this position are several and include mainly the issue of sugar, fiber and the prevention of different diseases.

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First of all, you should know that thanks to the fruits our group acquires sugars in a healthy way. To put it another way, the sugar we eat when we consume fruits is natural. On the other hand, they offer us many vitamins and minerals that our body is not able to produce, such as vitamin C. This vitamin is also antioxidant, which helps our body to discard harmful substances.

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For their part, these healthy meals also provide us with high levels of water, which helps hydration. Returning for a moment to the subject of sugars, people who want to lose weight or who are under a strict diet, should take into account carbohydrates.

The food pyramid and the reasons why they should consume fruits and vegetables

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They should bear in mind that what was said above about the contributions of these foods are easily absorbed by our body. However, this does not mean that excess consumption can not cause problems, because if we consume more than we owe and especially if it is a food with higher levels of calories, the consequences can be a liquid reserve.

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The best way to consume these nutritious foods is support during the day. This means that they can eat between meals, instead of eating non-nutritious foods or eating junk food. What I mean with all this is that they consume them at the time of the snack and lunch. In this way, they will be sure that they are following a healthy diet.

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If you prefer you can also follow the previous advice in another way, since it is recommended to consume around three or four pieces of fruit a day to meet the needs of our body to obtain the necessary vitamins and nutrients.

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Following these tips will provide your body with the necessary dose of vitality and daily joy it requires. This is very important because apart from the nutrients and benefits I have listed above, you can also see the results of your diet reflected in your well-being.

Dairy products in the food pyramid

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The issue of dairy products is a little more complicated than the previous ones, since it largely depends on the age and stage of the person who consumes them. In our scheme, these products are in the third step of the food pyramid. However, to say it somehow this is more true for people who are not in a stage of growth or old age.

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They know very well that when it comes to feeding a child or a baby, these products are of the utmost importance, since this is the time in their life when their bones should fortify themselves and these foods provide them with the necessary calcium . In contrast, when it comes to an elderly or elderly person, calcium is important, since at this stage the bones begin to weaken and this is the way to strengthen them.

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In addition, we must not forget the stage of menopause in women, when they also have to consume more of these types of products. The reason is basically the same, since then calcium is also lost and this is a healthy way to recover it.

Other nutrients of dairy products in the food pyramid

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On the other hand, keep in mind that this nutritious food gives us other nutrients other than calcium that should not be overlooked. Some of them are proteins, although depending on the product their density will be higher or lower. Thus, a higher concentration of proteins found in the cured cheese.

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For its part, fat is another of the variable nutrients that can be found in dairy products. However, here the variability is much greater, since as you know there are skimmed, semi-skimmed and whole products. Therefore, if we want to consume a product with a lower concentration of saturated fats we should bet on skimmed and semi-skimmed.

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Carbohydrates is another one of these components that can appear in larger or smaller amounts. Remember that carbohydrates are the natural sugars that also appear in fruits. However, they should be careful with some manufactured products, since it is very possible that they have added sugars that they have to avoid consuming.

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And, finally, the nutrients that I will mention in this section are minerals and vitamins. First, among the minerals we can find others such as potassium and magnesium. On the other hand, if we want to consume more iron, we must remember that milk will not bring it to us. On the other hand, the most abundant vitamins are A, B12 and D.

The proteins in the food pyramid

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As we get closer to the top of the pyramid, food images appear that we have to consume more carefully and not as often. This means that we should not eat them every day, but they have to appear in our weekly menu. This type of food is meat, fish, eggs, etc.

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Surely, they will be asking about the reason that turns meat into a product that should not be consumed so often, being the main source of protein available to our body. The answer should be sought in the fact that the meat also contains saturated fats that are harmful, when they are consumed more often.

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However, similar to dairy products, depending on the type of meat this will have a higher or lower level of saturated fats. In this way, lamb meat, like goat meat, contains more saturated fats, so it is advisable to be careful with their consumption. On the other hand, beef does not have such a high density of saturated fats, but it offers us a lot of iron. This means that they can consume it once or twice a week.

The nutrients of the different types of meat in the food pyramid

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At the same time, chicken meat is the healthiest and the least saturated fat contains. With this in mind, chicken meat can be consumed about three to four times a week. While pork, is considered the most harmful of all. However, depending on the part of the animal that will ingest their nutritional levels also vary.

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In this way, if you choose the loin or ham area, you can enjoy a healthy meal, relatively, since the amounts of saturated fats that are hidden in this part are lower and, at the same time, cholesterol is also lower.

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The last type of meat we have yet to see is rabbit meat. Similar to chicken meat, rabbit meat also contains low levels of saturated fats, but in its case it also offers a high intake of fatty acids. This means that we should consume it more frequently, although in some countries and in some regions it can not be found in the market.

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In general, after all these facts and advice, they can create and establish a fairly balanced diet. In addition, in our recipes section you can find many healthy recipes that will allow you to create a varied and interesting weekly menu. Remember that one of the factors that promotes and helps health is a varied and moderate diet.

The top of the food pyramid

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Finally, the foods placed at the top of the pyramid are those that we must avoid eating or those that we must consume very few and in small quantities. It is junk food and all those products rich in saturated fats such as buns, sweets, chips, etc. There are many easy and healthy foods that you can bet on without integrating these foods.

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Also, do not forget that carbonated drinks are also harmful, so try to consume mainly juices or water. McDonalds hamburgers have a very rich flavor, but they are a pump of saturated fats. So your moderate consumption once every two or three weeks should not be exceeded.

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I hope that the information I have given you has been useful for the preparation of an appropriate menu and to understand the idea of ​​the food pyramid. We will see you in the next with more on the subject.

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