Interiors of kitchens with modern dashboards and their practical and aesthetic function

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Today's article will be dedicated to the decoration and design of kitchen interiors and more especially to the dashboards. This part of the kitchen It is important from two fundamental points of view: firstly, it has a very practical function when it comes to putting us in kitchens and, secondly, it has an aesthetic function. Today we will talk about the importance of these two functionalities that we should not ignore and to which we should pay more attention. Next, you will see some images from which you can get ideas on how to decorate a kitchen.

Interiors of kitchens and their dashboards

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One of the main points we will start with are the materials that can be used to decorate this area of ​​the kitchen. They can choose between granite, marble, wood, tiles, etc., but they can also focus on the decorative panels. These panels will not only serve to decorate, but also offer their practical use.

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In the first place, decorative kitchen panels are very resistant to both steam and humidity, do not forget that inside these spaces these characteristics are very important. In addition, its resistance to changes in temperature is also important. Surely, some of you have ever happened to place a wooden panel or decorate the dashboard with wood and, after a certain time, see that it has been deformed.

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The reason is that wood is not a material very resistant to all these abrupt changes, which I do not recommend. At the same time, these panels for modern kitchens they are easier to clean and do not absorb odors, either from the vapors that your food emits while you are cooking or from the cleaning products that you use to remove the grease.

Interiors of modern kitchens with panels installed with ease

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The designs of kitchens created with this type of panels offer not only the comforts I have listed above, but also a facility when assembling them. It is not necessary to call a specialist, nor do they need special tools to place them on the walls. In addition, for their fixation they can use glue or also some special frames or magnets with which to maintain the compositions.

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On the other hand, the wall behind them does not need any previous preparation, nor any alignment. In addition, the price of these decorative elements is very varying which allows the arrival to the product to a larger audience. They just have to go around the hypermarkets and choose their model.

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As you can imagine, these elements for the interior are very appropriate when they want to make reforms in their kitchen, when they want to clean it or when they want to give it a completely different image. In addition, the panels are suitable for small spaces as well as larger and wider interiors, since they do not occupy any place in the interior.

Different variants of panels for kitchen interiors

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Keep in mind that like most things, panels also present us with different types, whose differences are observed mainly in the area of ​​the surface. Thus, we can differentiate between PVC, glass and wood kitchen panels. Each of them has its characteristics and the truth is that it is a bit difficult to say which of them is the best or most appropriate for the interior.

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In spite of everything, so that they are more easily oriented in the choice and selection of their panels in the decoration for kitchens, I am going to give you some keys that concern aesthetics and design. Surely, many of you will be struck by photos of models of kitchens with dashboards decorated with flowers and bright and intense colors.

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However, keep in mind that in interior design and decoration the use of these colors is appropriate and is allowed when the rest of the colors are neutral, without intensity and do not offer that brightness. In addition, these striking and intense colors can also be used in larger and wider spaces, since in them the effect will be deluded and will not be stressful.

Some principles to follow in the interior decoration of kitchens

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On the other hand, in the interior lighting is also very important and must be taken into account. Therefore, if your kitchen is darker, choose lighter and less intense colors. On the other hand, if they are large, they have more varieties to choose from and they can opt for light colors and for more intense colors.

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In the models of small kitchens, especially, they must pay attention to the tonal combination of the dashboard and of the decorative panels with the other elements of the furniture. In kitchens that are more spacious this point also has to be taken into account, but in them we have a greater margin to improvise. This means that we can compensate heavier colors with lighter ones to balance the tones.

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However, when choosing colors take into account another very important fact: the visibility of the spots. Surely, everyone will agree that on completely white surfaces and black with gloss, the spots stand out and are much more than on surfaces with ornaments or other colors.

More decorative elements for the backs of kitchen interiors

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Lastly, I will mention LED lighting as a decorative element in modern small and spacious kitchens. This lighting will not only add additional decoration to the interior, but will also become a practical source of light, especially when placed in the darkest areas of the kitchen.

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Next, you will see more pictures of kitchen interiors decorated with modern backsplashes. I hope the article has been useful to get the information they needed and I hope it helped them in their decorative choice for their dashboard.

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