Images of fireplaces and fire tables for the garden

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A beautiful chimney outdoors is a true delight for the eyes and an element that will undoubtedly arouse the envy of the neighbors.

In addition, it not only brings a decorative effect, but also creates a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. For this reason we invite you to see our images of open fireplaces and modern fire tables.

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Modern design deals with both the outdoors and the interior. An impressive contemporary home often brings with it a fabulous patio or backyard that sports a pool refreshing.


Whether it's an infinity-edge pool that leaves you inspired or a wonderful combination of jacuzzi and pool that brings you home the spa experience, the spectacular outdoor settings have become an integral part of most houses. Adding a fireplace to this background accentuates the charm of your deck space several times.


Outdoor fireplaces are a great place to gather friends and family, and can be a valuable addition to any patio. In short, the outdoor fireplace suitable for the outdoor space of your home will reflect your personality as it is designed for your entertainment.


But, if you want to build a fireplace in the garden or on the terrace, before you start building, you should consider some features. Take advantage of our tips and ideas to avoid problems when building a garden fireplace and inspire with our images of chimneys.


Images of outdoor fireplaces What is an outdoor fireplace?

A wood oven or outdoor fireplace is a structure that is not portable and, therefore, can not be moved, unlike a barbecue a fire table or a portable fire pit. Before building an outdoor fireplace, you must choose the correct location.


It is necessary to take into account the proximity of the houses. The outdoor fireplace is a construction that is not capricious and does not suffer from atmospheric influences, therefore it can be used even during the cold season.


You can build a fireplace in the garden or the terrace with your own hands, ask for the help of professional builders or choose ready models that are sold in specialized stores.


If you decide to buy a model since hehco of garden fireplace has a drawback. Each area has its own unique style, construction and landscape design. When buying a model from the, it is very possible that you can not select a fireplace 100% according to your requirements.


If you managed to find a suitable option for the space and suitable for you, try not to buy the cheapest one, since appearance and aesthetic appeal play a very important role. Undoubtedly, the fireplace made at home or manufactured by the builders in the garden will look more attractive. You can show wit, choose your own design and materials, to create the look and style desired for your outdoor.


Another advantage of making a fireplace outdoors with your own hands or with the help of professionals, will be the possibility of providing additional compartments or storage boxes. Do not forget to design a place for firewood or cooking. Try to take into account all the nuances, keep in mind the safe location of the chimney and the distance of the trees or buildings.


If you still do not have a cover or pergola in your garden, then its simultaneous construction together with a chimney will be the best option. You can always hide from bad weather under the roof, if it rains or is too sunny. But do not forget that this option significantly increases the price of the project.


Therefore, if you have a limited budget for construction, but want to combine an outdoor fireplace, design these buildings in advance so you do not have to rebuild or rebuild the fireplace.


Images of chimneys in the garden and how they differ from the barbecue

A great advantage of the outdoor fireplace is that it has a chimney through which smoke always rises. Of course, you know, the eternal problem with barbecues. When the wind blows, the smoke always goes to the guests. In the case of a chimney, this will not happen if you build a chimney with a sufficient height.


Images of chimneys and ideas about planning

Plan the right size for your fireplace before you start building. This will depend mainly on the space that in the garden on the terrace or where you plan to place the fireplace.


However, do not choose an outdoor fireplace size too small, as you can save on materials. Since it is almost inevitable and in the process of exploitation to think that we need a larger chimney. And finally, if you want to use it for cooking, do not forget the area needed to cook.


You also have the opportunity to build a fireplace that not only has an open side. Of course, this option is very attractive, especially because the fire will be visible from two sides. It is a good idea to divide the room, if, for example, in one part it has a kitchen and in another place for a comfortable rest.

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But it also brings inconveniences and creates additional problems. The absence of a rear wall guarantees less heat and the additional consumption of firewood. Also, we should not forget the wind.

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To build an outdoor fireplace, you must choose the correct location. The soil should not tremble, and there should be no combustible materials around. The wooden floor, therefore, is not suitable. If necessary, install a new base to ensure a hard surface, before building a fireplace in the garden.

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