How to take care of the skin and protect it from the sun during the summer in the city


We are sure that you loved this first photo of Beach Sea and sand but the holidays do not last all summer and much of the summer we spent right in the city. That's why today we give you advice on how to take care of the skin of the sun and the heat in the city.

How to take care of your skin expensive , your body and your hair during the summer months? What are the important things you should know to have beautiful skin and avoid the aggressions of UV rays?

Today we decided to analyze the topic of facial, body and hair care during the summer season.

Discover all the answers to the question of how to care for the skin in summer and tips on protecting and caring for the face, body and hair below:


A good way to prepare for the summer season is to learn how the skin responds to changes in temperature. You should be informed about how to care for your skin and what to consider to welcome the hot season.

In winter, the skin on the face is vulnerable. It suffers from the wind, cold and dry air due to frequent changes of temperature. In summer, the situation changes. The skin of the face is exposed to heat, sunlight and moisture.

How to take care of the skin of the face


To prepare for the summer, forget the intense washing procedures. They are not beneficial during this season and will increase their fragility. Instead, you can bet on a lotion to cleanse your face.

Do you like homemade products for face care? So bet on a light lotion based on an infusion of aromatic herbs:

For oily skin, an infusion made of blueberries, parsley or rosemary;

For dry skin, an infusion of chamomile.

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How to care for the skin and body to prepare for summer

In summer, the skin of the body is also exposed to changes in the weather. Low temperatures and air conditioning tend to dry the skin. This gives it a fragile, depleted and dehydrated appearance.

To prepare for the summer season, the right thing to do is to bet on a moisturizing lotion. Those who prefer home skin care can opt for a recipe made from coconut oil, which is an excellent natural moisturizer.

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Although summer is the time of vacation and travel, unfortunately there are few people who can afford to spend the entire season out of town. However, in urban centers in particular, the risks associated with prolonged exposure to the sun should not be underestimated.

How to care for the skin during the summer

How to take care of the skin and protect it from the sun during the summer in the city

What are the good things we should know and how to protect the skin and hair in the city? Here are the answers to these questions.

Take care of your face and skin in the city with the right sunscreens


When it comes to caring for the face and skin in large cities in summer, the most important point is, of course, the choice of sunscreen products. Whether on the beach or in the city, our skin needs adequate protection.

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With regard to the care of the skin during the summer in the city, it should be taken into account that the sun protection factor, which should not be less than 30. For the care of the face in these conditions, the SPF 50 is recommended.

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Practical and aesthetic, a good idea would be to opt for a matt finish sunscreen. You will avoid problems related to the application of your makeup. For skin care, you will need a sunscreen product that does not leave marks on your clothes.


After seeing what types of products are recommended for facial and body care in the city, let's see how to use them. In the lines that follow, we will talk about the frequency of the application and the most sensitive areas that we should try to protect.

When should you apply the product for skin and face care in the summer?

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To determine the best time to apply your sunscreen, know that a cream needs approximately twenty minutes to absorb into the skin. This is the reason why the application should not be done, just before leaving. It would be best to plan 20 minutes before being exposed to the sun.


It should also be taken into account that a sunscreen product is not effective throughout the day. For optimal protection, one should reapply their cream. Experts recommend reapplying the solar product every 2 hours. This duration is the same in the city and on the beach.

How much and where to apply your product of protection and facial and body care in the city?


A major problem is the amount of solar product recommended. The protection cream and facial and body care must be used in an adapted amount to be effective. The principle here is that 2 milligrams of product are sufficient per square centimeter of skin. To make it easier, you can remember that this amount is approximately ΒΌ teaspoon.


What are the areas of application of the product that require attention? In the city, summer facial care is particularly important. This is because the rest of the body is not as exposed to sunlight as to the beach.


When it comes to facial skin, do not forget your lips. In summer, choose a lip balm with a sun protection factor. In this way, your lips will be more hydrated and better protected.


Next to the facial skin, you should think about all the parts of the body that will be exposed to the sun during the day. The neckline and neck are areas that we tend to forget, so pay attention!


As with all cosmetic products, the preservation of facial creams and skin care in summer is essential. Keeping your sun protection product will help you make the most of it. For this reason, the best approach would be to buy the necessary products at the beginning of the summer. This will ensure that they are effective throughout the season.