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We all want a modern and comfortable outdoor design. We recently dedicated an article to the design ideas of the backyard. Today we continue with the same theme and expanding it by focusing not only on the patio design but also in all configurations of outdoor space. Do not miss our ideas and advice on modern home gardens.

Gardens of modern houses and 45 ideas that should not be missed



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If you have a small space, do not design it in the same way as a large space. No matter the size of your Exterior , there are certain rules to follow that promise you a modern and successful outdoor design. It is possible to organize any space to turn it into a place where you can rest comfortably. The key is to plan everything focusing on the functionality and practicality of things.


Functionality: the key to success in contemporary interior and exterior design

It is often said that functionality is the most important of any successful exterior or interior design project. We must also focus on the practical side of things trying to optimize the space optimally always choosing solutions with more than one purpose. For example for small spaces, we must choose custom furniture or make them ourselves. Nowadays, there are so many different stores that it is not difficult to find furniture of all sizes, shapes, colors and prices.


What coating to choose for your outdoor terrace?

Before starting to install any outdoor space, it must be cleaned and prepared. Then, we think about the possibilities of coating. Some outdoor spaces definitely require the installation of a solid floor, while others do not really need and can be dispensed with. What material to choose for the exterior floor? You can choose from many materials, such as: wood, composite wood, stone, concrete, paving stones, tiles, pebbles and others. Remember that the placement of floors is a long investment, or even a very long term.



Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. The wood is, of course, always occupies the first places in the classification and preferred by many garden owners. Usually, one chooses to coat the outdoor wood floor if it has a pergola.


For its part, stone and concrete are two ultra strong coating options that will last a long time. Although we must not forget that its installation is usually more expensive.


In summary, we made a short list of the three criteria to consider when choosing the lining of your terrace. Are here:

type of land

budget available

style and aesthetics sought


And after the choice of the garden cover, we think about the choice of furniture

The choice of furniture is also very important for outdoor comfort. One chooses it according to their way of life, but also of their desires and needs. Do you like to organize outdoor parties with friends? Then, install a bar is a great idea! Do you prefer to cook outdoors? So, why not install a kitchen in your garden?



Garden furniture: always comfortable, never annoying

To fully enjoy your outdoor space, of course you will need a comfortable garden furniture. Here again, we have a wide variety of materials, styles and shapes. Some garden owners prefer the lightness and low price of braided resin furniture. Others are based on wooden garden furniture. There are also those who love contemporary design and appreciate garden furniture designers. Which furniture to choose for your garden, terrace, balcony or patio also depends on your budget.


We believe that it is always better to make your own furniture with recycled materials. Not only does it cost much less, but you will also have original furniture, customized and perfectly adapted to the configuration of your space. In addition, you can use many things to make it: wooden pallets, old doors or windows, old furniture, car tires, logs, barrels, cardboard boxes. Do not hesitate to visit our DIY section to find the best furniture ideas for DIY home gardens.

Gardens of houses a design by Paly Architects


Sofa, armchair, chair, table, bench, suspended bed etc... There are so many options!

If you do not have much space, the presence of a garden room plus a dining room will be uncomfortable. To better optimize your space while you have a living room and dining area, we recommend that you choose an extendable and height adjustable table. To sit, bet on the wooden benches that are good compared to the sofa and chairs and also take up less space.


Suspended furniture has been very popular lately

You can not always have a swing in your garden, but you can install a hanging bed or chair. Comfort is guaranteed! It is even possible to make a hanging garden bed yourself. Having a bed or an armchair in your garden is very pleasant when you want to relax, read or rest.

Gardens of houses a design by Arman Azadi


Resistance, quality, aesthetics or everything you need in a modern garden furniture


Modern exterior with pool

Having a pool in your garden is a great advantage and a real pleasure in the summer. If you have the opportunity to enjoy a pool in the garden, then think again about the design of your outdoor space. Although the addition of a pool requires a specific floor. The environment of the pool is very important not only for the aesthetics of its exterior, but also for the safety of all pool users. We invite you to review our articles on gardens with swimming pool to learn everything about the subject.


Given the wide variety of materials available, it is often difficult to make a choice. When choosing the environment of your pool, there are some criteria to consider. The first criterion, and the most important, is that it is made of a non-slip material that is resistant to water, salt and chlorine. It should not be too hot in the sun, it should be easy to maintain and aesthetic to match the exterior style of your garden and terrace.


Gardens of houses a design by Matt Gibson Architecture Design


The exterior lighting is decisive and it depends on the environment you want to create

It has been said many times and it remains true: lighting is decisive for the environment of any exterior or interior space. Many owners of outdoor spaces think that outdoor lighting should be strong. In fact, strong lighting is a big mistake. The lighting should not be strong or very dark, but right in the middle of both to be perfect. Bright spots, hanging lights, garlands of light, LED lighting: you really have many options!

Home gardens a Starbox Architecture design


When choosing the lighting in your garden, plan your outdoor area beforehand. It is absolutely necessary to illuminate your table in the living room or dining room so for this you will need a suspended luminaire. If you have a pool, you should also think about installing spotlights to enjoy it even at night for a refreshing bath. The countertop in the outdoor kitchen should also be well lit.


Pergola, garden tent, gazebo: which one to choose and why?

Having a pergola, a garden tent, a tree or something to protect yourself from the sun is important. Why? Firstly, because the furniture can be damaged by sun and rain, protecting them guarantees a longer life for your outdoor furniture.

Gardens of houses a design by Wade Design Architects


You need to enjoy its exterior even when the sun is very strong, the installation of a pergola allows you to spend time outdoors even on the hottest days. One more thing we all know is that the pergola makes the space more beautiful and adds a nice decorative touch.

Gardens of houses a design by Robert Young Architects


A roof terrace

Great idea! There is nothing better than turning a roof into a comfortable resting place. Many people who live in the city feel the need to be closer to nature. The terrace is one of its possibilities and we love it. The design is almost the same as for any outdoor space: floors, furniture, decoration etc...


urban. Do not be afraid since the maintenance of most potted plants is relatively easy and undemanding.


In case you have decided to build your terrace on the roof, the presence of umbrella or pergola is essential. But as we have said more than once, there are many possibilities to choose from.

Gardens of houses a design by South Coast Architects


Beautify the ground you walk on

There is nothing more intimidating than looking at a large stretch of land and wondering what to do with it. Even if you are lucky enough to move into a space where the most important decisions about landscaping have been made, you may still have certain plants that do not really work in the garden, or problem areas that are simply not your style. The good news is that many possibilities await you!


One of the joys of summer is to eat outdoors, whether it's a cup of coffee under the morning sun or a dinner prepared under the stars. Now that the days are warmer, it's the perfect time to prepare your patio for summer entertainment. Whether you have a small terrace or a large garden, these elegant spaces that we show you today will surely give you inspiration and ideas for your own summer evenings.


Install a fireplace in your garden for magical moments

In our article dedicated to outdoor fireplaces, we have already addressed this issue. Having a fireplace or a fire pit in your outdoor area is always a good idea. Contrary to what many people think, a fireplace or a fire is not too expensive and you can even do it yourself. Its presence ensures a more pleasant, cozy and warm space. The best part is that you can enjoy your garden, balcony or terrace even when it's cold outside.


What decoration style to choose for my outdoor space?

It is up to you to choose the style! Minimalist and refined, rustic and vintage, industrial and modern, traditional, boho chic etc... There are so many styles of decoration that it is impossible not to choose at least one that you like. Now, as you well know in our section of garden and terrace, we have explored all the different styles to make it easier for you to choose.

Home gardens a design by Koichi Takada

gardens of houses-koichi-takada

A modern outdoor patio is characterized by clean lines and modular shapes that are aesthetically appealing to create your design it's time to get some inspiration. The modern spaces are based on a mixture of textures and organic materials all to maintain a high visual interest. To escape the monotony, a combination of refined finishes, rustic surfaces and various forms of furniture helps create a more interesting outdoor space. Follow with the other images of home gardens and inspires to create your design.

Home gardens a design by Koichi Takada

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Home gardens a design by MCK Architecture


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Gardens of houses a design by Wade Design Architects


Gardens of houses a design Wade Design Architects

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