Fashion clothes for men-Trends of 2018 that should not be missed


Who does not like the idea of ​​feeling completely comfortable all day and at the same time look elegant? While that concept may have been just a dream, in today's modern world it is a reality.

Although there will always be a need for an elegant suit, luxury sports and athletic styles are infiltrating the designs of fashion .

The modern man looks after his appearance, but without it being too noticeable. What are the trends of fashion clothes for men spring Summer in 2018 and what are the essential pieces? Keep reading and discover the answers through our exclusive selection of photos.

Fashion clothes for men


Fashion clothes for men spring-summer 2018 - we extend the trends for this season

The current fashion trends are not very different from those of previous years. Style is important every year.. It is something in permanent construction, it is chosen according to your age, your tastes and your way of life.


The arrival of 2018 for men is marked by an interesting fashion style, to which special attention must be paid. Practicality and comfort are the main trends in fashion clothes for men. You can create an impeccable look thanks to a new design approach when creating masculine collections of stylish and fashionable clothes.


Modern men are as good at choosing their style as women. This is why we recommend you to carefully review the fashionable male designs that will be relevant throughout 2018. If you follow the recommendations and buy fashionable men's clothing, then in all the upcoming seasons you can feel confident in yourself and in your impeccable style.


No matter what your style, there is one thing in particular that you should always remember: balance in the elements. But what do we mean by that? It's about finding a harmonious combination of materials and colors with a small element (or accessory) that accentuates the attire. And to be really comfortable with your outfit, you should always prefer comfort without neglecting the aesthetic. In the following lines you will find many sets of various styles. Choose the one you like the most.

clothes-of-fashion-for-man-trends-dark-colors clothes-of-fashion-for-man-trends-details-green clothes-of-fashion-for-man-trends-style-casual-gray clothes-of-fashion-for-man-trends-man-daring clothes-of-fashion-for-man-trends-ideas-attractive fashion clothes for men-trends-originality-work Fashionable menswear-trends-suit-bright fashion clothes for men-trends-suit-gray fashion clothes for men-trends-costumes-elegate

New articles of leather clothes for men

Not only women are lovers of leather clothing. Many men prefer to wear warm clothing made of leather and the fashion of leather jackets never happens. A wide selection of leather models for men allows you to look stunning both in the cold season and in the hot season. In the trend - leather pants, jackets, vests. The appearance of men's leather clothing has not always been the motorcyclist's style. The leather clothes for men takes a turn and already has an elegance that reveal our fashion images, which, maybe you did not expect.

Fashion clothes for men vest-long-leather

Fashion clothes for men trends 2018

clothes-of-fashion-for-man-vest-pants clothes-of-fashion-for-man-jacket-leather-white-black clothes-fashion-for-man-jacket-leather-colors clothes-of-fashion-for-man-jacket-pants-zippers

Fashion clothes for men leather ideas

clothes-of-fashion-for-man-leather-balmain trends-man-pants-jacket-leather

A well-dressed man gives the impression of being a self-confident, successful, brave and decent man. Representatives of the strong sex follow news and fashion events. They tend to keep up with fashion. The designers believe that the men's spring-summer 2018 fashion will allow everyone to decide on the image, emphasize its beauty with the help of bright and sober colors.

Fashion clothes for men casual style trends

fashion-man-2018-original-designs-denim-givenchy fashion-man-2018-original-design-urban-style

The first impression of a person is one of the strongest, which can sometimes be extremely difficult to change. Almost all people come to certain conclusions about their interlocutor, according to what he is wearing. For example, if you go to a job interview in a tracksuit or in a beach outfit, it is unlikely that you can qualify as a capable and responsible employee.

fashion-man-2018-original designs-costume

Dark brown

This tone emphasizes the high status of a man who has a strong character and a serious nature. Especially the color of cinnamon and coffee. Such clothing does not look grim and scura, but, on the contrary, pleases the eye. With it, you can wear things in beige tones and shoes in bold tone.


Fashion clothes mens ideas for 2018

fashion-man-2018-designs-original-color-brown-ideas fashion-man-2018-designs-original-color-brown-dark fashion-man-2018-original-designs-Louis-Vuitton-spring fashion-man-2018-original-designs-Oliver-Spencer-spring


The blue color has always been universal and suitable for both young men and mature men. In addition, the clothes of this tone looks very presentable. Will adapt to businessmen with pronounced leadership qualities. With blue, you can combine many other tones. For the office you will find appropriate jackets and shirts of this color.

fashion-man-2018-designs-original-blue fashion-man-2018-designs-original-blue-fashion-casual

Fashion clothes for men suits ideas


The suede or chamois color

This is a new type of shadow, widely used by designers. It is a combination of warm colors: mustard, graphite and white. This color does not look brown or yellow, but it is warm just like these and it looks clean and fresh. It is especially suitable for everyday style.

clothes-fashion-man-color-bright-options clothes-fashion-man-color-bright-options-beige clothes-fashion-man-color-bright-options-Tom-Ford

A coat for men

How to choose a fashion model. The coat for men of today is fashionable. Many fashion manufacturers offer solutions and popular color models. I do not fear that designers offer red coats for men in 2018. Both the coat and the mantle are very relevant and in demand. And it is very difficult to choose between them. So why not buy a man's coat or a stylish raincoat? These two products can perfectly emphasize the style and men, like women, can create unique and attractive images.

clothes-fashion-man-color-bright-options-beige clothes-fashion-man-coat-long-white clothes-fashion-man-coat-long clothes-jacket-man-fashion-style clothes-fashion-man-coat-fabric-light clothes-fashion-man-coat-long-black clothes-fashion-man-coat-long-black-details-stars clothes-fashion-man-coat-long-red clothes-fashion-man-coat-black-options clothes-fashion-man-coat-long-details

Traditional classics

A modern look the slightly contiguous silhouette of these jackets exquisitely highlights the line of the male figure, and the neutral noble fabrics suggest a lot of interesting experiments with the making of the suit. vest-sports-suit-modern-combination-design combination-white-gray-clothes-male-design urban-style-suit-shorts man-elegant-gray-design choices-original-costume-elegant-color-blue original-options-male-suits-design pants-shorts-options-original-design-2018 hue-gray-costume-designs-2018 costume-color-clear-design-modern costume-colorful-design-modern-2018 suits-man-designs-original-style-color-indigo

Men's clothing with print

Men's prints are not always popular, but still became a hit in 2018. The daring combinations of ornaments and textures in modern models for men create complex and at the same time refined images. By choosing the right version of the product with an impression, man can no longer use monophonic clothing, because in actual practice he will see and appreciate all the advantages of attractive drawings.


Fashion trends in the spring of 2018

For men who want to look presentable, designers recommend using bright details, clear print lines and harsh materials in the images. Do not forget the black, blue and gray colors.


Narrow pants have been around for years. And in 2018 they are still relevant. They can be used with jackets or shirts. However, in this case, the pants must be of a single color, otherwise the image will be overloaded.


Wide pants have no less demand among men and take place in the spring of 2018. With them, you can also wear checkered and striped jackets.

clothes-men-prints-designs-small-squares clothes-men-prints-designs-modern clothes-men-prints-designs-pants clothes-men-prints-designs-stripes-style

The sleeves in three rooms, which are very convenient for spring and summer, will adapt to both the office and the walk. Leather jackets in dark tones with bright details: zippers, zippers, etc. They can be used safely with jeans.


Bright accessories: handkerchiefs, ties, socks, etc. The designers believe that the latter can be demonstrated, leaving a small"area"open between the shoes and the bottom of the pants.

man-modern-style-2018 man-modern-clothes-trends-2018 clothes-men-style-men-designs-modern costume-blue-striped-design-modern-style-masculine Christopher-Raeburn-color-black-modern-style Christopher-Raeburn-clothes-designs-originals Christopher-Raeburn-clothes-original-designs-urban-style color-blue-clear-design = modern-prada color-white-chandal-design-modern-options color-gray-style-man-designs design-elegant-shorts-options modern-style-costume-black-options-ideas Giorgio-Armani-design-modern-jacket-stripes Louis-Vuitton-design-original-suit-color-gray Louis-Vuitton-design-masculine-options-modern-style mon-masculine-prada-designs-color-black mono-stamps-modern-design-style-masculine options-armani-design-men-style options-chandal-masculine-style-modern-designs-originals choices-jacket-leather-homber-design pantalon-azul-jersey-rojo-opciones-estilo check-pants-jacket-bright-man shorts-options-design-modern-style trousers-dior-style-modern-color-black trousers-modern-jersey-men-2018 spring-2018-modern-design-Emporio-Armani sports-clothes-man-options-style clothes-sports-man-options-givenchy clothing-design-attractive-original-options clothes-man-style-sports-designs-elements-leather clothes-man-style-sports-designs-original clothes-man-trends-colors-pastel-style-modern clothes-man-trends-original-style trends-fashion-male-design-original costume-pictures-pants-ideas-options costume-prints-original-designs-men