Escape from the city in the form of tree houses designed by the architect Antony Gibbon

house-in-the-tree design In today's busy life, the inhabitants of large cities often seek an escape in the nature . And this escape is increasingly unusual and far from their daily way of life. To respond to your wishes and needs, architects Inspired by the roots of humanity, they create modern and innovative tree houses. An example of this trend that we present today is the architect Antony Gibbon who creates a forest escape for those who want a drastic change in their usual lifestyle even if only for a few days.


Escape from the city

Treehouse Woodstock

A little out of the ordinary, this elevated house in Woodstock, New York is supported by only three points. Although it is not a tree house in the traditional sense, the architect calls it because of its structural similarity to a tree and its attempt to adhere to the natural environment.


This place of escape in the form of a tree house was conceived by the architect Anthony Gibbon, whose designs are conditioned by his environmental responsibility and his cohesion with the landscape. The house is rustic but comfortable and cozy. Its wood paneling is familiar, but nevertheless, its trapezoidal shape is exciting and creates a different sensation of escape as if you were in another dimension. The structure of the house is well camouflaged in the environment.

escape from la-ciudad-anthony-gibbo This tree house by Anthony Gibbon uses the same materials as its neighbors: a variety of local wood. Attention is paid to the human scale in the project. The ceilings are not too low to be claustrophobic or too high to exhaust the feeling of comfort. Even when you climb the stairs to the attic, you never feel afraid of hitting your head. Glass is widely used to clearly show the serene natural environment. The windows are integrated into the unusual shape of the house, instead of representing simple cuts which creates a very successful effect.


Little house on the tree in the middle of the forest, the perfect escape from the city for the weekend

The house overlooks a lake where you can swim, provides privacy and the opportunity to escape from society for an escape for the weekend.

escape from-the-city

The house can be rented on airbnb and costs 335 USD per night, a fair price for a time away from the chaotic New York City. It is a great opportunity to get in touch with the beautiful landscape in which this house is intelligently integrated.

Other similar projects by Anthony Gibbon


Tree house inspired by geometric shapes

Inhabit Tree House was inspired by geometric shapes. This little house can be built in any environment, be it in the forest, the mountains or near rivers and lakes. Available in various sizes and variations in Design: built on trees or on the ground. Its capacity is from 2 to 4 people depending on the needs of the client.

geometric house

The exterior structure has a cedar siding that will age over time, allowing the house to blend in with the natural environment. The large open windows are designed to allow a lot of natural light to enter the interior when it is located in densely wooded areas, as well as to enjoy the views of the surrounding nature. Another perfect escape place for the whole family.


Tree house, chicken coop

The house-tree chicken coop is designed to mimic the organic curvilinear forms found in nature. The goal was to create a tree house that could blend in and become almost part of the tree, camouflaging itself in the surrounding forest. The tree house consists of a series of capsules that are attached to the trunk of each tree using a bracing technique that does not cause damage or interference with the growth of trees.


Each capsule has a central spiral staircase leading to an outer platform. This is connected to the adjoining platform, which allows access to the following structure and provides additional support to the general structures. Only one of the capsules has the spiral staircase leading to the ground level.

escape in-house-tree

The inside of each capsule can accommodate 2 people and the outer platform above is designed to interact with the forest environment and offers panoramic views from the crowns of the trees. All the materials used for the construction are of sustainable materials and do not damage the trees in any way.

escape from-the-city-house These structures can also be built independently without the need for a tree that runs through the center and a central support pole is planted instead.


Tree house, embryo

Embryo is a dwelling in the cylindrical two-story tree that uses the principles of bio-mimicry. The design of the structure was to give the illusion that it is almost part of the trunk of a tree and has taken certain elements from the nest of the wasps. It is covered with cedar tiles to mix the structure with the surroundings.

houses-in-the-trees The embryo derives its name from the first stages of development in nature. The idea was to address the way we live in today's society and offer a greener and simpler way of life. At present in which we live we are increasingly disconnected from our natural environment and the embryo is part of a series of designs to try to reconnect with the elements and the way we interact with nature, while using their resources . escape in-house-tree The embryo is attached to the tree with a series of orthopedic devices that do not interfere with the growth of the tree or cause damage to the trunk cortex. The entrance is through a hatch door that leads to the first floor and then to the second floor through steps that turn upwards through the internal walls of the cylinder. This allows maximum space on the floor and makes it able to accommodate up to 4 people. There are three different window designs for the structure that can be customized to suit each tree house, depending on the lighting levels of the surrounding area.