DIY outdoor games ideas for summer

outdoor games The games of DIY that we are going to present today serve two purposes. First of all you can entertain yourself and learn some new technique while making them with your own hands and second they offer a unique fun for the whole family outdoors.

memory-to-the-air-free game

So you can see that DIY jobs of this kind have many benefits for all participants in the process. All you need to start are a few easy-to-find materials and instruments at any craft store, some enthusiasm and the most difficult to find, a little free time. Anyway, you will soon see that the efforts invested are definitely worth it and you will want to continue with the next project.

Knowing all this we have selected for you some easy DIY projects for outdoor games that will make your family's summer even more fun and happy. So let's not waste any more time and ¡Manos a la obra, amigos!

Outdoor DIY games

DIY-launch games

Launch game

The first game we offer here is a DIY sachet launch game with clay saucers and number printed. This set of bags full of beans is easy to make and very fun!

Required skills: Beginner level. You are going to paint, cut an impression and paste it to clay saucers with glue. Very easy! materials-for-game-of-diy
This set of bean bags is so easy to make that you'll be having fun in just a few minutes. Children can also help in the process before playing. You can play with any number of players of all ages. Also, when they have already trained, they can organize a real beanbag throwing tournament.


How to make bags of diy beans

Buy pieces of cotton fabric of different colors (better knit) to sew bags and beans of medium size. Sew bean bags in a square shape and size 5"x 5"(one 12 cm or so). Cut the boxes 1 inch larger than the size of the finished bags and use a double stitch or zigzag to reinforce them.

Each bag should contain approximately 1-3 / 4 cup of beans to weigh between 15-16 oz.

How to make the punctuation plates?


Printer and paper

8"clay saucers, buy five or six if you want to score values ​​up to 100 points

Spray paint - white


Adhesive spray

Paint brush

Paint the saucers with spray. Cover your work surface with protective paper and place the clay plates down. Apply the paint evenly and let it dry for at least 20 minutes. Turn and repeat. Continue doing this until the saucers are evenly covered on both sides and completely dry. Remember that you should always apply spray paints in well-ventilated areas! paint-of-white-the-saucers
Of course, if you have acrylic paint by hand, you can use it to paint these dishes instead of using spray paint.
Tip: Paint ten saucers if you want to use the value of 100 points in addition to option 10 - 50 shown.



Print on paper (which is more durable) the numbers using a fairly large letter, then cut the circles with the scissors and glue them to the saucers. Here you see point values ​​of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 to 100.

How to play?

Take your DIY launch game to the garden and set the saucers as far as you want. Over time you can increase the distances. You will discover that it is a pretty fun challenge to hit the goal and you will have a lot of fun. You can also invite your friends or neighbors to create a more competitive atmosphere.


DIY games for summer

Outdoor american football ball throwing game

Learn how to build this soccer game by following this simple tutorial. A perfect gift idea for Father's Day!

Father's Day is just around the corner and this DIY game is the perfect gift idea for this occasion.
Let's do it!


Materials you will need for the project:

3 tables of flat surface of cedar of 5/8"x 5 1/2"x 6 '

4 tables for 5/8"x 3 1/2"x 6 'cedar flat fence

1"wood screws

A package of hinges


2 small nails

1"Kreg screws

1"finishing nails


keyhole saw


Drill bits

Nail gun

Measuring tape




create-pivot point
It is better to use cedar boards instead of traditional pine boards so that the elements of the game are able to resist the weather without additional paint. In addition the cedar is a beautiful wood by itself. how-to-draw-circles
1. Place the 5 1/2"boards on a flat surface and prepare to mark your circles. Find the center of the board and measure 9"from the top table. Nail a nail at this point to act as your pivot point. Tie a string to this nail with a pencil at the other end. The distance between the nail and the pencil should be 4", which will create a circle with 8"diameter. Draw a circle around the pivot point.
Repeat this process measuring 9"up from the bottom board but this time the distance between the nail and the pencil should be 6", which will create a 12"diameter circle. throw-off-ball
Join the boards with screws and wood glue. Let the glue dries.
2. Now it's time to cut the holes. Place your newly created board on a well-supported surface with nothing underneath the circles (to allow free passage of the jigsaw blade). Using a drill and a drill, drill a hole in the inside edge of the circle that is large enough to insert a saw blade. Using a jigsaw, cut the circles. soccer-ball-throw
3. Construct 2 frames using the 3 1/2"cedar boards as follows.
4. Add the front panel we created using the 5 1/2"boards and cut the holes between the 3 1/2"boards and connect them with wood glue and nails. DIY game hinges
5. Now place the front frame and the back frame upside down with the top parts together to install the hinges.
6. Now is the time to sand this. The boards for cedar fences are quite rough, so starting with a larger grain sandpaper, start sanding the throwing game of your soccer ball slowly increasing the force until it reaches a piece of very fine sandpaper. DIY-soccer games
7. Enjoy the game! Create your own rules for this game or just try to pass the football through the holes. It's a great way to have fun and do outdoor sports in the summer.

DIY memory-game

DIY games for outdoor play

Giant memory game

This game is very fun to play in your backyard, during family picnics, even during your trips to the beach and is made with cork tiles, so it is completely reusable. You can do it with summer themed prints like the ones shown here and change them at any time when you decide to vary the game.


How to make a giant memory game

Materials you need:

25 cork tiles 12 × 12".

Spray paints of different colors found in an art supply store.

Free printable templates (This includes 12 symbols, a bonus card and a way to mark the back of the cards.) Print these on cardboard.

1 sheet of 12 × 12"cardboard

Knife X-Act

Painter's tape

Paper, protective cloth or another way to protect your workspace


cork tile
Cover your outdoor and well-ventilated work space with protective paper as this project involves a large amount of spray paint. Spray the 25 cork tiles with white spray paint on one side. Let dry, then do the same on the other side of the tiles. game-of-memory-in-the-garden

While they are drying, go and cut all your templates. To do so, cut the edges of the black silhouettes with an x-acto knife and eliminate the shapes to stay with the patterns. For each tile choose one of the symbols and stick the template with adhesive tape, making sure to cover all the white space exposed with adhesive tape. Spray the template with your choice color. Apply each of the patterns to two tiles and paint them in the same color.
Paint the backs of the tiles

For the back of the template, cut the wedge shape of lemon on the last sheet of card several times at random. Use an x-acto knife to cut out the shapes, creating a template. the-pattern-for-the-reverse
Place the template over the top of each tile (the dimensions will fit perfectly and there is no need to stick tape here) and carefully spray each shape in a different color to get the look you see in the photos. Let dry. the-back-of-the-tile

It really is very important to let the tiles dry before stacking and using them. You have to make sure that the tack is gone and the paint is completely set.

memory bricolage game
To play, align the tiles in a square of 5 by 5 pieces. If someone flips the tile"once more", they get an extra turn and then that tile is removed from the game. If you play with younger children (read: fewer patients), you can choose to put only 16 tokens into play (using 8 symbols) for a smaller and easier game. DIY memory-game
Memory games are really great because people of all ages love them and this is a wonderful way to get this board game out in the open air. giant-memory-game
And if you have a good friend who has invited you to a party, this would be an amazing gift to take to a barbecue in the backyard. And if you do not want younger children to jump on top of the spray paint, you could easily offer them to paint some tiles for their own DIY versions. memory-game-patterns
In this project cork tiles are used so that the memory game is reusable and lasts summer after summer. But if you only want to make a single use game or if you are looking for a less expensive option, you can print the symbols on cardboard or draw them on construction paper and paint them.


Diy dice game"Yahtzee"

Will need:

5 4 × 4 wooden cubes

1 large blackboard...

A cube to roll the dice (optional)

Wood burner or thick black marker

The game of"Yahdzee"can be played individually or in teams. It does not require physical skills and is suitable for people of all ages. The only preparation that players need to play this game is a bit of good humor to have fun playing. game-with-dice
However, if the grass is played, it can be difficult to guess which number has fallen because the surface is not flat. For this reason it is better to choose a flat site with pavement to roll the dice. You can also cover the play area with a carpet so that the dice roll more smoothly. DIY game-dice
If you do not have a scorecard at home for the"Yahdzee"game to copy, you can find an example and the rules in Yahtzee Scoring and print them out



If you do not have anywhere to buy ready-made wooden cubes, you can make them yourself with an electric saw at home. When you have the cubes prepared, create dice using a wood burner or simply a marker to add the points on each side.

throw the dice
Use a whiteboard to create a large scorecard that all players can see. I used markers for lines and score details. Then use a whiteboard marker to score real players during the game. So you will have a large reusable score board for many"Yahdzee"games in the garden all summer long.

This has been the last DIY game that we offer in this article. We hope that our summer outdoor DIY game ideas will please you and be useful for you to spend many pleasant hours in your gardens with your families and friends.