Coastal style receivers. Decoration ideas


In this publication we will focus on how to decorate modern receivers in a marine style. coastal-style bench

Do you have a villa on the beach or a coastal house? Then you probably want decorate all interior spaces following the sailor theme. If so, do not forget that smaller spaces like bathrooms or receivers They are also important to complete the look of the house and create a coastal atmosphere. wood bench

It is not difficult to design the hall of sailor or coastal style and here we will give you some ideas that you can take advantage of. First choose the furniture that you like and fit into the hall space and then just add the marine style decoration. If the hall you want to decorate is quite large, you have the possibility of placing a bench, ottomans, shelves and even a sailor-style side table there. small-wooden bench

But if it is small you have to choose only the essential elements that usually consist of a bank and some storage elements.


The modern sailor style

First of all, before focusing on the specific receivers, we have to clarify exactly what the coastal or maritime style consists of and what their distinctive features and characteristics are.

Let's see here some general advice on the decoration of spaces of sailor style.

Simple design

The decoration is the point where the modern coastal style really differs from its predecessor the traditional coastal style. Instead of the abundant and excessive decoration that was popular in the past, the current trend adheres to the minimalist decoration that conveys a sense of modern elegance. To do this, allow the function of the room to be the star.


When designing each room, make the furniture, whether a large dining table or a cozy sofa, the focal point. Be sure to leave a lot of negative space around so that people can move comfortably through space.

Keep in mind that the furniture you use is especially important. Since there will be fewer accessories to emphasize the chosen style identity, choose pieces that are really in tune with your coastal aesthetic.

console table-decoration

Play with the textures

When it comes to the coastal style, the visual weight or the appearance of the decorative elements is crucial. Going to the beach is a tactile experience (think about burying your toes in the sand or the sensation of hot stones in your hand) so do everything you can to recreate those sensations with your design choices.


Start by putting together many different textures. Take the image above as an example. See how the area carpet looks woven, the pieces of wood seem to have a rough finish and the clay looks smooth. Choose pieces like these, with textures that are visually obvious.

In addition, it includes many soft elements. The goal of coastal design is to make people feel comfortable and relaxed, so be sure to include plenty of plush cushions, pillows and blankets to make the space cozy. wall-decorated-with-anchors

Mix the accents

Use modern and traditional accents

The accessories are what give the final coastal touches to the space you want to decorate. In the modern coastal style it is preferable to stick to a smaller number of accent pieces than you would use in a more traditional seaside house. That said, do not be afraid to mix more fashion pieces with one or two statement elements that give the room a touch of beach nostalgia.

decoracion-de recibidores
Although in recent years the coastal style seems to have lost validity the latest fashion trends in interior decoration announce its rebirth. However, the ornate rooms decorated with many accessories have been definitively in the past. Currently the modern coastal design is providing a more discreet comfort for the 21st century. Use these tips to decorate your interior spaces in a marine style that feels unquestionably current. table-auxiliary-coastal-decoration
The receivers are the spaces that create the first impression on when we enter the houses where we are invited. For this reason, the decoration of our reception rooms is no less important than the decoration of any other larger space in the house. And if it's about coastal beach decor homes we have to think of marine decoration for receivers to create a perfect first impression on our guests. table-with-decoration-marinera

Sailor-style entrance consoles

How to decorate a marine, coastal or nautical entrance console? First of all, you have to choose a piece that suits your space and is of the right style. A vintage console table can be adapted to a vintage space, refined or shabby chic, a rustic wooden console is ideal for the receivers of coastal or rustic style and the acrylic pieces are better suited to a modern or minimalist space.


If it is a small receiver, opt for a console table mounted on the wall. Hang some artwork inspired by the beach and the sea on top of the console or you can create a full gallery wall, which is a feature of modern decor. Add shells, starfish and corals to decorative items that you decide to use such as bells, bowls, decorative plates, lanterns, bottles or simply glue them to the console. Hang a mirror in a wooden frame and add works of art with the marine theme.


Photos with decoration ideas of receivers of marine style

A carved vintage console table, lanterns with starfish, a bottle with sand, a mirror with a wooden frame

wooden console table
A long whitewashed console table with works of art inspired by the sea, large bottles, lanterns and shells hall-coastal-modern
A light wooden console table, a piece of string art, painted bottles and a duo of marine creatures artwork. table-console-receiver

A coastal-style hall with a gallery of works of art, a beige vintage console table, a round mirror and some lanterns.

decorating-coastal receivers
An elegant white side table, a great work of art of watercolor inspired by the ocean, a beautiful bottle of decorated glass and a white cube in function of pot. sailor-style receivers (2)
An acrylic console table and a stool with upholstery, works of art, a mirror and painted blue vases. decoration-marinera receivers
A rustic wooden console table, works of art, shells in a bowl, a wooden seahorse and lanterns sailor-style receivers
A wooden console table, a piece of tropical art, some pieces of wood art, bottles and lanterns with candles and jute balls receivers ideas-of-decoration
A wooden console table with oars, shells, ropes, works of art and a basket for storage decoration-of-coastal-style
A hall painted white with a small table, a fish figure, baskets, floating wooden ledge and decoration corals receivers with-wood-benches
A white vintage console table with bold blue lamps and vases, potted plants, baskets and corals hall-of-sailor-modern style
A luxurious marine-style lobby with aquatic touches, a storage basket, a white bench with seating cushions, a built-in console table and a mirror with a shell frame receivers-coastal-originals
A small console table with a bottle wrapped in rope, a work of art and a small shelf modern-coastal receivers (2)
A simple vintage console table, baskets, lanterns, coral, a piece of art of whales and a mirror with wooden frame decoration-coastal

Benches for marine style receivers

The bank is an indispensable piece of furniture even for the smallest receiver. Choose the one that best suits your space. A wooden bench is an ideal piece to decorate all types of receivers. A vintage style bench with storage drawer is ideal for vintage spaces.


And if your space is small look for a built-in bank. Add pillows with marine impressions, hang a work of art inspired by the sea on the bench, place some baskets to store the piece. Hang or place some anchors on the wall and around the bench. The oars and the rope are other objects typical of the marine decoration that you can use.


A coastal hall with an oversized work of art inspired by the sea, a wooden bench, a wooden bowl, books and a hat

A bench with storage drawers, oars, works of art from the sea with shells, corals and star fish.

receivers with-banks receivers with-modern-banks style-coastal receivers modern-coastal receivers