Beauty and makeup tips from the Brazilian influencer Camila Coelho


Blogger Camila Coelho, famous for her YouTube makeup and beauty channel, reveals some of her secrets to an impeccable appearance during the summer season. Do not miss Camila's beauty tips and keep reading.

Discover what makeup products the famous influencer recommends and why!


What are Camila Coelho's beauty tips for an impeccable summer look?

If you like to follow the trends in the world of fashion and beauty, you've probably heard of Camila Coelho. The young woman of Brazilian origin left her country of birth at the age of 14 to go to the United States. She moved to Pennsylvania, and after a few years moved to Boston with her husband. After launching a video blog about makeup in Portuguese in June 2010, she then created a channel on the same subject in English in September 2011. Today, she runs several websites and channels dedicated to beauty and makeup products. Since 2010, use the web to share tips on many looks and fashion items.


A good part of the story of Camila's success is related to the Dior house. It is especially in Dior where she worked after discovering her passion for the world of beauty and taking professional makeup classes.


Yes! Before becoming an influencer on YouTube and Instagram, where she is currently followed by more than 7 million people, the Brazilian worked at the counter of the French brand at Macy's. But today, years later, she shares her beauty tips with us.


Therefore, it is not surprising to know that she knows a lot about the makeup products of the Dior brand. This is what she prefers for an impeccable summer look. A look that Camila herself presents during a fashion show in Paris as a special guest of Dior.

How to get a summery and natural look according to Camila Coelho

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The next step, for day trips or at night, is to apply a shiny base on a matte finish product. A trick to eliminate the effect of damp skin, which is one of the most common problems during the summer!

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When we are talking about flushing, the ideal color for summer is the pink coral color. Delicate and natural, this is a perfect color for a city or beach look! (Yes, you want to know more about the best makeup ideas for the beach or pool and the makeup trend for the summer of 2018 we tell you more in this Article ).

Beauty tips from the influencer Camila Coelho

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Finally, the Brazilian fashionista applies a lipstick. Again, she prefers a matte finish or lip balms in light tones.

What are Camila's favorite products at the moment?


For an impeccable summer look, we opted for quality products! And what is better than a makeup professional to tell us what are the key products of fashion makeup at this time?

Beauty tips from the influencer Camila Coelho


Here is the list of Camila's favorite makeup products right now:

For perfect summer foundation Camila has chosen the Dior Backstage Foundation. What he likes about this product is its matte and light finish;

When it comes to moisturizing product for the skin Caudalie beauty water is your favorite. What he likes about this product is that it is ideal to moisturize the skin before makeup but also after its application;


As a hair care product for the summer, Camila uses Ouai Wave Spray. What she likes about this product is that it holds the modern beach-style curls this season with an idyllic hairstyle effect;

According to Camila the Dior Addict Lip Glow, in all its nuances, is an ideal lip product for summer. What he likes about this product is that it keeps the lips hydrated with a touch of color;

A very important thing is the tan. Camila wears Lorac Tantalizer Body Bronzer to keep her skin radiant throughout the season.

Beauty tips from the influencer Camila Coelho

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What are Camila's tips to keep your skin in good condition during the summer trip?

Summer, as we all well know, is a period of vacations and trips. For this reason, it is natural that one of the questions we ask the professional makeup artist is about their skin care tips while traveling.

Beauty tips from the influencer Camila Coelho


So, what does the blogger do to keep her skin in good condition while traveling? The answer of Camila Coelho is that the masks are her essential product for the days of travel and care of beauty in the home.


They hydrate and tighten the skin at the same time. The other secret of Camila for impeccable skin, even while traveling? Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day!

What are Camila's favorite Brazilian treatments?


Camila Coelho is proud of her Brazilian origins. The young woman does not hesitate to share what beauty treatments are typical of her country that she loves and still practices today. According to her, Brazilians love homemade masks and, in particular, DIY hair care.

Beauty tips from the influencer Camila Coelho


Your favorite homemade mask? It is based on pure organic coconut oil! To test the mask, try a moisturizing product and keep the hair wrapped in a bath cap.




Do you want more inspiration and fashion makeup ideas? Do not hesitate to take a look at Camila's YouTube channel, her Web page or Instagram profile!