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Today we have for you all some images of modern kitchens with island. Not long ago, the kitchen island was an exotic element for our compatriots. All the design projects that we show you today have options of location, modification, color and palette with texture of the island of the kitchen according to your taste.

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Unfortunately, most kitchen spaces in standard design apartment buildings can not boast enough areas to house not only a minimum set of kitchen storage systems and appliances, but also a practical, functional and attractive module from the external point of view like the island.


But over time the situation has changed, more and more apartments have an improved planning and are looking for more studio apartments that can offer owners more spaces, not to mention the private houses of urban and suburban type.

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This is one of the reasons why more and more people are requesting the manufacture of a kitchen game that includes an island or are considering the option of installing islands as part of their storage system, work surfaces and places to the integration of household appliances or sinks.


In our article today we will see more options for modifying the kitchen islands, to be sure that you will find ideas for kitchen islands in different design interiors, we have more articles on the subject in our kitchen section. We will deal with design, color and texture solutions.


Images of modern kitchens - Kitchen island with different designs of furniture sets

The island in the kitchen - is an independent piece of furniture that can be integrated as a storage system or to integrate appliances or washbasins. The upper part of the island is typically a tabletop, which can be used as a countertop or dining room for meals or breakfasts. In addition, the upper part can be an integration system of a glass-ceramic gas stove.


At the base of the kitchen island, these appliances can be integrated, in addition to storage of utensils and kitchen accessories, microwave, oven, dishwasher and wine refrigerator. Depending on the size of the kitchen island, which depend directly on the scale of the room, and the needs of the family, they make up the filling of the base module and the work surfaces.


If you have a kitchen with an L-shaped or corner layout, the kitchen set most often accompanies the placement of the kitchen island in the kitchen area. The fact is that with a design of storage systems, work surfaces and appliances, there is enough space even in medium-sized rooms. Experts in ergonomics recommend the installation of the island as a module of independent furniture in kitchen spaces with an area of ​​at least 9 square meters.


Images of modern kitchens - Basics and measures of the kitchen island

The islands do not work well in all kitchens. The area of ​​a kitchen must be at least 2 by 4 meters to accommodate an island. A hallway of at least 1 meter around the island is recommended. This space allocation is especially important on the sides that face appliances (ie ovens, stoves, and dishwashers) where there are doors that open and you need space to work.


Depending on the layout of the kitchen, the minimum aisle width must be at least 60 centimeters to be functional. The minimum width of the countertop of an island should be 60 centimeters. The standard height for an island is 90 centimeters.


Kitchen island seats

The seats should be comfortable. Most of the islands are 90 centimeters high to accommodate a cook. A standard dining table measures between 60 and 80 centimeters, while the height of the bar is usually 1 meter, 1.20 meters. You should consider the height of your seat based on the height of the counter on the island.


You can create a section to sit on an island by adding an outgoing element or a level. In each case you must leave at least 30 centimeters of legroom under the counter and 60 centimeters of counter space for each person seated.


Prolonging the countertop on the kitchen island and leaving free space for the feet at its base, you can get a very convenient place for short meals, such as breakfast. For houses or apartments where there are no small children and the elderly.


Similar spaces with bar stools can serve as dining areas if there is no separate dining room and all the people living in the house are not against spending time or eating sitting on high stools or high chairs. If you plan not only to have breakfast at the counter on the kitchen island, but also to eat at another time of day, you may consider installing small chairs or chairs with back and upholstery.


Tips and recommendations for the design of the kitchen island

The island is often the centerpiece of a kitchen, and serves many purposes. If you are remodeling a kitchen, consider these amenities, design specifications and planning recommendations.


Images of modern kitchens - Can your kitchen have an island?

Most kitchen designs can accommodate an island, but some, like a long, narrow kitchen, simply do not offer enough space. In some designs, an island might be on the road: it should be able to reach all major work areas (such as a sink, refrigerator and stove) without an island blocking its way. The proportion of an island in relation to the whole kitchen is its most important characteristic


Do not be fooled: an island does not have to be rectangular. You can choose the shape of the island to better adapt to the space and needs of your kitchen, or simply to create a spectacular focal point. The rounded, L-shaped and T-shaped islands are some of the most common substitutes for rectangles.


Independent islands, such as small islands with wheels, are often used in small kitchens to prevent the room from feeling crowded. In general, they are not as durable as a built island but this is no secret. The built-in islands look like furniture. Usually, they are made to measure and can include all kinds of amenities of the island, including seats, appliances, storage and accessories.


A well-lit work area is essential for safety, so think about lighting when planning your island. A kitchen benefits more by mixing types of lighting, such as the built-in, ceiling mounted and natural light. Hanging lamps are the common accessories on the islands because they provide concentrated work light on the work surface.

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Use the island as an opportunity to add bold, contrasting, unexpected or unusual materials in the modern design of your kitchen. Your base on the island is a good place to start. A dark wood finish or color really stands out in front of a room full of neutral or white cabinets.

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If your perimeter cabinets are simple in design, try an island with ornaments, such as curved brackets, crown molding or original legs, for a subtly grander statement. Even something as simple as changing the countertop on the island can generate a distinctive change in character.

Images of modern kitchens a design by Catherine Macfee Interior Design

images of modern kitchens-Catherine-Macfee-Interior-Design

The upper part of the island is a smart place to specialize your kitchen work areas. For example, a countertop with a wooden part that plays the role of a chopping board is popular for islands used primarily for food preparation, while marble is often the bakers' best choice. You do not have to choose a single surface: many owners vary the materials on the island, for example, inserting a strip of marble to add luxury without spending a fortune.

Images of modern kitchens a design by Denise Morrison Interiors¹

Images of modern kitchens a design by Denise-Morrison-Interiors

Maintenance is an important consideration when choosing countertop materials. Porous substances such as granite or marble require maintenance and sealing every so often for food safety and aesthetic maintenance, while other surfaces, such as laminate, quartz and solid surfaces, require less attention.


Whatever your plan to use your island, you probably also need it to provide storage space. When planning the base cabinets, consider these specialized storage solutions.


The extra-deep drawers are the perfect place to easily store bulky objects such as pots and large pans. Even for the smallest gadgets in the kitchen, drawers are a great solution because they open for easy access instead of reaching the back of the cabinets to search for items.


The vertical bases are ideal for trays. Open shelves keep frequently used items on hand, such as cookbooks, serving dishes or even everyday tableware. The storage space of the front that will be seen by all, can do with glass or shallow open shelves, uses the end of an island to show porcelain or other decorative elements.





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