Ikea 2018 bathroom furniture - Designs that guarantee quality and comfort


Today we are going to show you the Ikea bathroom furniture for 2018. We hope to help you find the bathroom furniture that best suits your space. Check out our gallery of Ikea bathroom furniture, where you can see bathroom designs and furniture for bathrooms of different sizes and styles, and as we all well know at affordable prices.

Ikea┬╣ bathroom furniture ideal for everyone


The Ikea bathroom furniture and its designs never cease to amaze us despite its simplicity and purity of form and especially despite the fact that we all know Ikea and we have almost all the same furniture. So, how is it possible that Ikea will surprise us again? How can we look again and again at the store's catalog and furniture when we possibly know everything by heart?


Ikea bathroom furniture is great. You can choose ideal objects for storage: practical logical and comfortable. They can be found in a range of colors that may not be exhaustive but quite satisfactory. We find all sizes. In fact, there are very large and wide long and wide options installed especially under the sink.


You can not always change the bathroom you have, especially if you live in a flat you have rented. And if the storage space of your bathroom is insufficient, in these furniture photos of the Ikea catalog you can find ideas that are perfect for you. Forget about cabinets that take up a lot of valuable space. And opt for a combination of rails and baskets to store everything from towels to toilet paper using all the space on the walls.


The best part of Ikea storage ideas is that they are easy to install and easy to dismantle when you decide that the time has come to change them for something new. To keep things from getting too crowded, choose lanes and baskets that are the same color as your walls. And use small accessory containers, such as a toothbrush holder, to organize all the smaller items.


Ideas for storage in the bathroom very original


Give your bathroom a quick style change is much easier than you think because in Ikea you can find many original decorative elements. Simply add some new lights, decoration, textiles and accessories for a simple and modern update.


Break the rules in your bathroom

If more than three people use the same bathroom it is very likely that you are tired of everyone crowding around the sink and there is no place for anyone, then it is time to observe the needs and habits of your family, and consider that two or Three sinks can be better than one.


Especially when you choose compact, space-saving bathroom sinks. Designed to fit in small spaces, these come with hooks for towels and cloths, built-in shelves for everyone's toothbrushes and plenty of storage space underneath. It's a sure way to make those morning and night routines much smoother.


Original solutions for more storage in the bathroom

There are smart ways to create additional storage space in your bathroom without the need to drill a single hole. One way is to use the empty space under the sink by placing a shelf underneath.

Ikea 2018 bathroom furniture - Designs that guarantee quality and comfort

Another tip is to use an independent car. Its size and wheels make it easy to move to fit almost anywhere you need it by adding S hooks to the rails you will have a place to hang towels and jewelry.

Bathroom furniture Ikea designs on white


The bathroom space also has to be fun for children

The family bathroom can be the sanctuary of the parents. A space to retire after a long day to enjoy a well-deserved bath or a good rest. But children also want to hide somewhere where cool harmony and tranquility reign. At Ikea you can find all the ingredients for a good night for children. The white furniture and the blue tones that remind us of the water give the sensation of a relaxing spa in this bathroom. Add flowers, candles and a good book, and you will have the perfect setting for a time of relaxation. But what happens when the children take control?


With the auxiliary table out of the way, there is plenty of space for nighttime fun in the bathrooms with the children. The secret of a large family bathroom is finding the right balance so that you can share the space correctly. Make it easy for them to use, with space for their things and hooks at the correct height, and they could even help with cleaning.


The closed storage is a vital ingredient to create the sensation of calm of a bath. Store your favorite products for pampering and then hide everything you are not using now behind closed doors and drawers. In the sink area, you can use soap dishes or small trays to store soaps, bottles, to protect your sink from drips or marks. Finally, an orderly pile of cloths for the guests to dry their hands will add the sensation of an exclusive bathroom.


With lives so busy that we need a place to relax. If you crave a place to spend some time resting, go on reading more simple tips and turn your bathroom into a relaxing retreat.

Ikea bathroom furniture elegant wood options

Ikea 2018 bathroom furniture - Designs that guarantee quality and comfort

The design of the drawers and the intelligent organization tools is also very comfortable. The organizers of compartments, separators and small containers keep everything in place when the drawers are opened and closed. Making it very easy to find what you are looking for, without wasting time.


Enjoy the comfort of a supply of fluffy towels. Choose matching towels that are simple, or with subtle details like these white ones with a gray stripe that you see in the next photo for an instant touch of luxury. This wooden towel stand allows the towels to air dry. It's efficient, and it's independent, which means it does not have holes to drill into its walls.

Ikea 2018 bathroom furniture ideas for wooden shelves


Arrange your bathroom with these simple ideas to bring new features, a new look and an easy update at the same time. Think of your sink area as a work space to prepare yourself where you have to place all the items you need for this job. Hooks on the wall keep wipes close at hand. Storage under the sink, does not require drilling, is a great use of space, especially in smaller bathrooms. Finally, a mirror cabinet gives you a place to store more things. Add some strong lighting and also be a place to be sure that it looks your best.

A small new bathroom or a small update of your bathroom


In the next photo you can see how each wall has been used. Often one of the walls is overlooked, but it is a large space to store additional elements. With one or two wall shelves like the ones you see in the next photo and some baskets or boxes to keep small things organized you can add an element of style but also very useful to the bathroom. Used in small spaces a tall and slender shelf. Simply place and fill with fluffy towels, products, candles and trinkets for an elegant appearance.

Ikea 2018 bathroom furniture classic designs


The fastest solution to give a new look to your bathroom is to change the shower curtain. Shelves and soap bars to keep everything out of the tub, to create a more attractive place to enjoy a bath. The design of a bathroom never ends you can always remove and put things.


Remember, the beauty of these updates is so easy to add. So, even if you get tired of a look, it will not take much time or effort to change it with another one. And do not underestimate the difference that simply changing textiles and accessories can make.

Ikea 2018 bathroom furniture and accessories that adapt to each space


Sharing a bathroom can be a hassle, especially when you only have a few square meters to prepare. But when you make the most of your walls and corners, it is possible to find a space that you did not even know you had.


In this bathroom, you can see a washing unit with generous storage space. A shelf on each side extends the available surface adding even more personal storage. A bright design!


Wall cabinets high above the sink add valuable storage space for items you do not use every day. Just make sure you have a small stool on hand when you need help reaching it.


A large mirror can enlarge the bathroom, making it look and feel bigger. One that is big enough for everyone to use at the same time. The drawer dividers separate space and do a brilliant job of keeping each person's things separate and in place, no matter how many times you open and close the drawer, which makes it super-fast to find what you need.


The wall above the sink is a perfect space to use. With a combination of open and closed storage, it is possible to hide things that you do not want to show the things you use more frequently, making it easier to search when you need them.


A garbage sorting system is an easy way to make your bathroom more sustainable. And it's not just about big things. All those little pieces of garbage accumulate. Small containers facilitate recycling.


Reducing the amount of water and electricity we use are simple ways to save. Change your lights with LED lights. It uses 85% less energy than incandescent bulbs and lasts up to 20 years. Save water! Turn off taps while brushing your teeth and fix any drips. A dripping tap can waste enough water to fill a bathtub every day. Ask for help. Choose faucets, showers and toilets with built-in water saving functions to do the work for you. Only with a change of faucets could you use up to 50% less water!

Ikea 2018 bathroom furniture - Designs that guarantee quality and comfort

Only a few space-saving smart solutions are needed, such as a compact sink, shallow storage containers and a tall, thin cabinet to get everything you need to prepare even in the smallest bathrooms. See in the next photo a very original small bathroom design.


Sometimes the bathroom is not big enough. That's why we invite you to see the next photo in which space was used outside of this.


In our pictures today of Ikea bathroom furniture you can see how these furniture in combination with the decoration with accessories of all colors, is a good idea. There are seven main colors in Ikea that you can easily play with. We can see accessories of light blue, dark blue, red, orange, green, yellow and pink.

Ikea 2018 bathroom furniture - Designs that guarantee quality and comfort

In most of the Ikea bathrooms that we see today, the furniture is white and the accessories are made of wood or vice versa. One of the best combinations is that of white with wood. This combination is ideal for decorating the kitchen and perfect for bathroom decoration.

Ikea 2018 bathroom furniture - Designs that guarantee quality and comfort 1

But Ikea also presents classic wing furniture like the ones we see in the next photo. As you can see it is Ikea bathroom furniture that dominates the space and transforms it into an even more elegant one.

Ikea 2018 bathroom furniture - Designs that guarantee quality and comfort 2 furniture-of-bathroom-ikea-style-furniture-design furniture-de-bano-ikea-madera-natural ikea bathroom furniture-natural-wood-beauty bathroom furniture ikea-color-dark ikea bathroom furniture options-white ikea bathroom furniture-options-small-spaces ikea bathroom furniture-options-mirrors bathroom furniture ikea-options-furniture-white furniture-ikea-bano-ideas-banos-pequenos furniture-ikea-clasicos-ideas-cuarto-bano furniture-original-wood-style-natural-bathroom options-elements-bathroom-design-modern-ikea options-elements-bathrooms-ikea-design-modern Ikea 2018 bathroom furniture - Designs that guarantee quality and comfort wall-beautiful-color-black-furniture-ikea

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