Ideas of original crafts to give for any occasion

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Today we are going to offer you craft ideas to give to your friends and family members for any occasion.

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But before we start with our craft ideas, we will explain why the gifts handmade are so special and in which cases we should choose them before the numerous gift items that are sold in stores. Ideas of original crafts to give for any occasion

There is no doubt that a handmade gift has more sentimental value than something bought by more original than it is. In any case if you want to give something handmade to someone it is always better to do it with your own hands than to buy it. craft ideas for gifts

Yes, it may not look as perfect as the one made by a professional, but in spite of everything it will carry the charm of something made with desire and even love. In addition to this form you will show the person who will receive you that you are ready to invest not only money, but also part of your time to make him feel happy and happy.

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However, you have to be careful and remember that crafts as a gift are more appropriate for the people closest to you. It is risky to give a picture painted by you for the birthday of your boss, for example, unless you are a recognized painter.

After this introduction we can now turn to some craft ideas that we have selected to help you make some unique and impressive gifts.


Craft ideas: Photo holder

In recent years people make many pictures every day thanks to their phones, but ironically we are not as surrounded by photos printed on paper as before. For this reason this photo holder is a good gift idea with which you can remind someone to put the photos of their loved ones on their desk or on a shelf as a decoration.


What do you need?

Smooth and oval river stones, some copper wire, acrylic paint of different colors, needle nose pliers and some tail. If you want you can choose not to paint the stones to create a more natural feeling.

Ideas of original crafts to give for any occasion

How is it done?

First paint the stones in a solid color, apply several layers if necessary. When the paint dries you can paint a pattern in another color like polka dots, stripes, pictures, etc.

Then take the wire and wrap it several times around a thick marker. holder-of-photos-fabrication

Wrap the stone with the other end of the wire 2 or 3 times, put some glue to fix it and the photo holder will be ready. Make several and give them together to get better effect.


Ideas of original crafts to give for any occasion


Craft ideas: Map fridge magnet

These cute, fast and easy, map fridge magnets are perfect gifts that you can be sure will not be forgotten and will be in full view for a long time.

Ideas of original crafts to give for any occasion

What do you need?

- Transparent and rounded glass stones;

- Tail and brush;

- Scissors and pencil;

- Maps to cut (use an Atlas of a second-hand store);

- magnets and a hot glue gun;

fridge magnets

How are they made?

First cut the map in the form of crystal stones. Glue the map pieces to the glass by adjusting the correct shape. Let the glue dry and then use the hot glue gun to stick the magnet on the back of the paper.

Note: Magnets must be large and strong enough to support the weight of the stone.

Ideas of original crafts to give for any occasion

Craft ideas: Watermelon soap

These watermelon-shaped soaps are lovely and can be made in just 15 minutes.


What do you need?

- Goat Milk Soap Base (you can also use Shea Butter Soap Base or Coconut Soap Base)

- Clear soap base

- Silicone bread soap mold

- Pyrex measuring cup

- Green soap coloring and red soap coloring

- Watermelon fragrance oil

- Poppy seeds


How are they made?

For the dark green layer: cut 250 grams of goat's milk soap into cubes. Place the cubes in a 4-cup Pyrex measuring cup and melt in the microwave in 30-second steps, stirring well after each. When the soap is completely melted, add 10 drops of watermelon fragrance oil and green soap coloring (as much as necessary to achieve the desired color). Pour 3/4 of green soap into the bottom of the soap mold and let it cool for 15-20 minutes.

For the Light Green Coat: Take the remaining dark green soap (still in the Pyrex measuring cup) and add 100 grams of white soap cubes. Melt in the microwave, stir until completely mixed (it will be a light green color) and pour into the soap mold. Let it firm for 15-20 minutes. craft ideas soaps
For the white layer: Melt 100 grams of white soap cubes in the microwave. Add 5 drops of watermelon fragrance oil and pour into the soap mold. Let it firm again for 15-20 minutes. soap-of-water
For the red / pink layer: cut 1 kilo of transparent soap base in cubes. Put in the microwave until it melts completely, then add 15 drops of watermelon fragrance oil and 1 tablespoon of poppy seeds. Pour into the soap mold and sprinkle the top with some more poppy seeds. Let it rest for 90 minutes or until the soap has hardened completely (the time will depend on the temperature and humidity).

Carefully remove the soap from the silicone. You will get an extra large soap that you can cut into slices to get between 12 and 15 soaps in the shape of watermelon.

Among the ideas for handicrafts to give the soap is one of the best because the materials are easy to find at any craft store, can be done in many different ways and its manufacture does not require special skills.