Ideas for weddings in spring - Inspire the charm of the awakening of nature


Many people choose to celebrate their wedding during the spring, thanks to the peculiarities of the season, sunny, romantic, with a wonderful light mood.

After all, spring is a symbol of the beginning of a new life in nature and in relationships as well. It is believed that the spring sun accompanied throughout his family life the newlyweds who joined their destinies during this period. If you have chosen this station you are in the right place because today we offer ideas for spring weddings and useful advice.

Ideas for weddings in spring Get ideas to inspire you!


Spring is not only the moment of universal awakening after winter and the multifaceted blossoming of nature, but also a great opportunity to create a family with your loved one. Although the beginning of the year is in January, it is spring that drives the awakening of all the beautiful and bright things giving liveliness to each person thanks to the intoxicating air the purity of the plants, the floral aromas and the trees that begin to put their colorful outfits


Ideas for weddings and organization of the celebration of a spring wedding

One of the reasons why we love spring time for weddings is because it brings the promise of the new beginning. As plants begin to bloom and temperatures begin to rise, spring has a fresh sensation and fills the heart with hope.


That feeling of starting something new is exactly the feeling we think weddings should have. If you are thinking about celebrating your wedding in the spring, we present some ideas for weddings to inspire you.


When we decide to go through the altar in spring sometimes, we have to decide what mood we want for our wedding, what our true desires are and think about the contradictory moments that can affect the atmosphere of the celebration.


Each spring month you can present both your unique benefits for the celebration, and some very impressive disadvantages, in which we should think and consider.


We start commenting every month

Ideas for weddings in March

A beautiful month of spring, when mysterious bells bloom, the distant sun begins to warm and trills of happy birds sound everywhere, and the future bride have not forgotten the celebration of Valentine's Day in February and the feast of International Women's Day March 8.


This month's wedding has an impressive list of advantages:

Although we really like the month of March the truth is even if it is a cool month between the future couple is not very popular, so no queues are expected, paperwork and problems with the date of the celebration.


It is a month in which the future bride and groom, have many winter promotions when it comes to decorators, or florists, as well as rental of vehicle for the wedding.

Speaking of the rent of the place for the celebration in this period it will be easier to find a place in addition, since there are not as many parties and days off that it may even cheaper and save you from the wedding budget.


You can opt for many ideas from very original wedding photos. Some in artificial snow and others surrounded by vegetation combining the two seasons.

Plants and snow can play an important role in official photographs. You can use a decoration centered on the spirit of nature or be inspired by fairy tales to create an unforgettable atmosphere that surrounds the bride and groom during the wedding day.


If you get married in March you can go on a honeymoon in the same month as many operators offer their clients a very profitable and very low price trip to all corners of the planet;

A bachelorette party in March is an excellent opportunity to gather all her friends in a more distant and unexpected place and have fun, during this month it is still a little cold and people rarely go on vacation or leave the country for a long time time, so you will have plenty of free time in the company of your best friends.


The wedding collections in March offer a series of discounts on the variants of winter dresses: embroidered lace with woman's handles can be purchased at very attractive prices, while enjoying the unique pleasure of shopping.

After all the positive factors, the bride and groom must become familiar with the disadvantages that await them when they organize the wedding in March:


In March is the time of Lent, so you will have a small number of problems in organizing a holiday (if the couple wanted to get married, it can be done only at the end of the post, if the guest list, there are people that have a Lenten menu, this factor must be thought in advance and the corresponding adjustments made in the program). Although it is not forbidden to marry during Lent, the Church warns the future spouses that it is a peculiar time.


Nor should we forget that the weather in the first month of spring could bring many surprises: ice, snowstorm or rain should be expected and it is very possible to have a Plan B it is very possible that you have to forget about the official walks and photographs on the air free, during the wedding organization do not forget this factor is worth considering in advance, two places one outdoors and one not for photos.


Ideas for weddings in April

The nature of April is qualitatively different from the melted snow of March, because the sun heats the earth more actively, dense vegetation appears and the climate is already adjusting its rhythms, allowing it to adapt to their needs. The wedding, which takes place on a warm April day, has a decent list of advantages.


The weather at the beginning of the month may resemble the character of a whimsical girl, but in the middle of the month you can enjoy a real warmth, which allows us to fully enjoy a solemn walk or take pictures in the street.


There are many florists that add more options and floral arrangements in April. Using the first flowers that will make it possible to adjust the floral details to the celebration to the selected color, as well as give you more opportunities to create decorative objects with natural colors (green and blue tones that will easily be completed with wooden decoration, perfumed flowers)


Nature awakens during this month and allows us to recreate almost any theme for the photo album, as it greatly simplifies the selection of dresses. The warm April breeze allows us to quiet the gloves, you can choose a lightweight, easy-to-wear dress.


A honeymoon trip can still be adjusted at a price not too high for family welfare. Although there are so many positive factors, we must also comment on the disadvantages.


One of the disadvantages is that in April, most salons and restaurants introduce new prices for their rentals and services, so that newlyweds will have to deal with the prices of the new season. The queues in the registration office will be much denser than in March, the warm weather will increase the number of people who want to get married.


The new dresses of the bridal season please customers not only with interesting new trends, but also with a significant increase in prices, which significantly reduces the budget of the future family.

ideas for weddings-spring-decoration-flowers

In April, the abundance of food on the table must fulfill the wishes of the guests who ended the fast. The weather is still unstable and if it is a night wedding it is worth taking warm clothes.


Ideas for weddings in May

It is worth exploring all the positive aspects of a wedding celebration in May:

The first thing is the abundance of flowers and plants that allows you to emit not only think of a celebration room but also in an outdoor space.

ideas for weddings-spring-decoration-photocall

Also to celebrate a bachelorette party in one of the florist's salons for a detailed master class on the creation of the most effective compositions, as well as dedicate a photo session with her best friends


In addition to the flowers we enjoy an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables that will allow you to dilute the festive menu and add real colors and a fresh fragrance to the decoration, you can order a dessert with a composition of berries.


Wedding dresses can impress guests with their unique lightness, modern laconicism and romanticism, since the warm May weather can not be eclipsed even by the appearance of the spring rain.

ideas for weddings-spring-wall-photos-options

Ideas for spring weddings flowers decoration and style

Nature itself dictates our inspiration. Flowers, flowers and flowers. The delicate primroses, tulips, daffodils, lilies or lilies can become the subject of your wedding. The theme of flowers can be diluted with notes of vintage decoration. Tulips in decorative showers, teapots and cups, small pots with daffodils as gifts for guests, linen tablecloths with a lace border, watercolors and an old dresser are some of the examples.


Birds in invitations, natural branches in the decoration, nests as a support for rings and wooden birdhouses as a box for the wish cards: an interpretation of the"eco"or"rustic"stylistic spring. Bright colors, paper flowers, delicate inscriptions and colorful accessories: a winning option is a fun and youthful wedding. Look around and find inspiration for your wedding, I hope this spring is unique to you!

ideas for weddings-spring-terarium-table-beauty

Ideas for spring weddings - The best colors

So that the celebration of the wedding in spring is cheerful, warm and romantic, when choosing a color scheme it is desirable to get away from the cold winter tones. As the primary color, you can choose:


Lilac (from lavender to violet) - it is better to dilute with rose, blue, gold, green;

Juicy green: can be used in decoration in large quantities;

Romantic rose - well combined with the color of the plum, ivory color;

White: so that it does not seem too cold, it is worth diluting it with green, pink, yellow;

Sunny yellow: in combination with peach, or the apricot color will give the wedding a feeling of joy.

ideas for weddings-roses-details-hang

You can combine several colors at your discretion. But that the great variety did not give the appearance of excessive diversity, it is better to combine at the same time no more than two or three tones.

ideas for weddings-roses-cages-mirrors-vintage

Ideas for weddings - Floristics

When choosing flowers for the design of the spring wedding, in addition to your personal preferences, it is worth considering what flowers are in this season. After all, not only seasonal flowers can be purchased in the required amount, but also save on your purchase, as they are often cheaper out of season.


Depending on the season you can opt for soft tulips and daffodils, lilies and, luxury pions, and mimosa, saffron, hyacinths, lilacs, lilies. In addition to the decoration of the wedding you can use all the elements of nature as for example the branches of the cherry trees, apricot trees, the young grass, moss. Effectively complement the various floral compositions, you can use ribbons, beads, decorative figures.


The main interior of the restaurant can be light, pastel colors and more vibrant colors for decoration. In the very cool spring you will see a combination of soft shades of pink and green. You can use this combination in different ways, for example, cover the tables with pink tablecloths and decorate with green bows.


The spring banquet menu, like the whole wedding, should be distinguished. For example, you can give preference to seafood, fresh vegetable dishes, which will be very appealing at the tables. Also a winning option for the spring menu are cold tapas, light sandwiches, delicate sauces.


This time of year can be included in the menu various juices, soft drinks, or fruit teas, which will add a touch of sophistication and brightness to a party table. You can also please your guests with several cocktails made with champagne.

ideas-for-weddings-roses-options-original-fruits ideas-for-weddings-roses-options-candles-pendants table-wedding-decoracion-tulipanes-opciones-originales table-wedding-spring-candles-decorated table-decorated-style-vintage-ideas-originals