How to make original and decorative pots with different materials for outdoor

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During the last years there is a very interesting trend that concerns the gardens and exteriors and that focuses on its decoration.

To the question how to make pots , people have found different original answers some of which are based on the decoration of old pots and others on the idea of ​​using and taking advantage of some objects and materials old ones and recycle them in this way. And the truth is that the results obtained have a very innovative design. In this article I will present some of the most popular ideas in decorating gardens with recycled materials.

How to make original pots with shoes and rubber boots

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Shoes are one of the preferred variants of people who are dedicated to making these types of decorations on their exteriors. You can choose between rubber boots, sports shoes or high-heeled shoes. The main thing is that it is something old that they no longer use, even if they are worn or broken, they will give a retro or vintage image to their garden.

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Instead, they have to keep in mind that if they intend to fill them with earth and plant natural flowers inside, they should not forget about the drainage. They just have to make some holes in the bottom of the shoe so that the water can slide and the plant absorbs only the necessary amount.

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On the other hand, in these pots recycled are also very good artificial flowers that will not have to worry. The shape of the shoe container just have to fill it with some material like a sponge, for example, to be able to nail the flowers in it.

How to make pots with old broken pots

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The originality and the design of the people with a great imagination have come to give use and to elaborate small and stepped gardens inside some broken planters. If at home they have some of these types, instead of throwing them or trying to paste them, they can create the models they see in these images.

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What they need is a broken pot on one of the sides and with the pieces or with some flat stones they only have to create some steps nailing them in the ground. In addition, they can also create terraces with the pieces. Once this is done, they just have to plant the plants they want to create tiny bushes. Do not forget to add other decorations such as houses and castles to complete the image of the pot.

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On the other hand, pots and wooden cubes are appropriate to create rivers with flowers in their gardens. To do this, these original pots have to be lying down and the earth has to cover only one of the sides of the container. When they have done it, it is best to plant small florets along the ground that have to be exited from the bed of the bucket. If you want you can also opt for colorful flowers.

How to make pots with macerata trunks to decorate the gardens

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At the same time, remember that wood logs are a good option for decorating the gardens. They give a very natural touch to the exterior and blend perfectly with the grass, stones and other decorative elements they have used to design their landscape. One of the pots that I am going to present to you can be seen in the image above. It is a composition with two round pieces cut from a trunk that are joined by wooden boards in horizontal direction.

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On the other hand, you can also choose the variant of removing the center of some wooden trunks, fill them with earth and plant the flowers inside. In this case, I advise you to use small trunks if the flowers are going to be natural. On the other hand, tall and large trunks are suitable for artificial flowers.

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The decoration of pots can also be done with other objeos of wood that do not use as trunks, barrels, etc. They simply have to select the area where they are going to plant the plants to cut this piece if necessary. In the photo above you can see a very nice example of a wooden composition to decorate the garden.

How to make pots with original objects that we no longer use

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In this section you can find more ideas about decorated pots and objects converted into pots. The idea of ​​the piano that you see above is ideal for the original and large exteriors in which there is enough space not only to place the piano, but also to create a lake in which the water will fall. It is a closed circle in which water circulates continuously.

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On the other hand, if you want to decorate with stones, you can choose the variant of a larger transparent container. In the center of this they have to introduce the necessary portion of earth and by the edges they can make a decoration with different colored stones arranged in lines. The plants have to plant them in the center and if they want they can choose artificial plants to make this ornament.

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Many of us have old chairs in their homes that they no longer use, that they want to change and do not know what to do with the old ones. Here I bring you an idea to turn your chair into a pot. However, for this, the seat of the chair has to be more raised so that they can remove its surface and add the corresponding decorations inside.

How to make pots with other materials for a modern and original image

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Next, I'm going to leave you with more pictures of pots painted and decorated, even with pots made from recycled materials to decorate your gardens. I encourage you to try these decorative techniques and in this way give a new image to your exterior. I hope you liked the article and the ideas have been interesting for you.

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Do not forget that in design and decoration the only limits that exist are in your imagination.

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