How to make modern braids and inverted fishtail

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To many of us and to many of our readers the theme of braids is very interesting and all the hairstyles and ideas we give about hairstyles with braids.

However, in this article I have decided to pay attention to how to make modern braids and I'm going to focus on two of the many variants and types that exist. It's about the braids of inverted fish tail. Below I leave the steps you have to follow to develop them.

How to make modern inverted fishtail braids

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Actually these braids are easier to do than you think and just have to get the hang of it so they can be made quickly. Anyway, you have to keep in mind that for these braids it is best to have a long hair, since the braid itself will take part of the length. Thus, the first step is to brush the tufts well so that there are no tangles that make braiding difficult.

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To make modern braids step by step, then they have to separate part of the hair which is on the top of the head and have to braid it. However, this braid does not have to start from the roots, but from the area where the braid begins to follow a vertical line down. After doing it they have to use a small gummie so that it does not fall apart.

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When doing the braid, they will realize that the strands they have used are one on top of the other. They have to see which is the upper strand because under it they have to introduce another one. The other strand has to be taken from that part of the hair that is on the opposite side of the head. In this way, they will continue creating the braid.

How to make modern braids step by step in a very simple way

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If they want the person they are making the braid can help them, suggesting the strands that are introduced in the braid that had done at the beginning. This step has to be repeated with all the remaining hair. The method that they have to follow has to be to catch each time a lock on each side of the head. The final result of having collected all the hair has to be something similar to what you will see in the next photo.

Fashionable braids step by step-inverted

After having used all the hair to make hairstyles of modern braids, you will see that the braid has a different thickness and larger than those with the classic braids. However, do not forget that when you finish with the braid, you have to grab the hair with a rubber band so that the hairstyle you have made is not undone.

Modern braids step by step-inverted

On the other hand, this type of fashion braids can increase the volume, using the fingers. It is about taking with the fingers the strands that have been adding to the braid and pulling gently so that they do not come off completely. In this way, they will remove a small portion of them and increase the volume of their hairstyle.

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In the photo above you can see the final result of the elaboration of this inverted braid. It is a very modern and natural hairstyle that you can use in your day to day, in your work hours, etc. In addition, if they want to increase their naturalness, they can leave some locks or loose hairs on the sides of the face and in the neck area.

How to make inverted modern braids in a very easy way

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To the question how to make easy braids I leave you another answer that can be explained in the following images. The first step you have to follow after combing and brushing your hair, is to take two strands, each of which on one side of the face and have them suggest with a small rubber band on the back of the hair. head. However, they have to keep in mind that the locks have to be loose to be able to continue with the other steps.

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Secondly, they have to separate a side tuft about five centimeters thick and they have to insert it into the tufts that they have collected. The way you have to do it can be seen illustrated below.

how to make modern braids-step-by-step

From the outside of the collection they have to introduce the tuft inward so that it passes under one of the portions of the hair that have already been collected. This step is quite simple to follow once the trick is taken and if you practice it more often you will not have problems with making the braid.

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Once the tuft is inserted under the other, they have to pull gently out horizontally. These same steps must be followed with the other half of the hair.

How to make modern and inverted braids, the hidden techniques

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You can see that the method is the same. Once they have made these fashion braids step by step, they will have learned the technique and will not need many repetitions so that they will come out better and better.

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Then they have to repeat the gentle pull with the other strand so that it remains attached. At the same time, they have to take into account that when the hair is not cut into layers, making these braids is also easier. The reason is that with the hair stepped the hairs are leaving the braid.

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Once they have introduced a lock on each side of the head, they have to grab them with a rubber band in the center. This procedure must be done with all the hair, so prepare a larger number of gummies.

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In this photo you can see the result that will come out as you go to make the braid. I hope you have given a variety of useful solutions to your question, how to make modern braids step by step and in an easy way.

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