Horoscope of the day in the newspaper - Where is the trap?

astrology-ancient science In each diary we can see the horoscope of the day for the 12 zodiacal signs, but to what extent can we believe in these horoscopes and where is the trap? This will be the subject of our publication today that we hope will be interesting and useful for our readers.

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The horoscope of the day and astrology

Do you believe in Astrology? For example, if my sign of zodiac

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From this I infer that someone means that all cancers in the world , which makes almost a twelfth of the inhabitants of the earth have within themselves an emotional bomb to burst from one moment to another.

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It turns out that all those who have had the misfortune to be born under this sign have to immediately leave for a destination where there is water to avoid a serious attack of nerves since all of us (I say cancers) are on the verge of a nervous breakdown, right? ? This is ridiculous.


No, folks, the horoscope of the day in the morning paper (and in magazines, the Internet, etc.) is not astrology or at least it's not all astrology - it's just a very commercialized corner of this extremely serious science.

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How did the day's horoscope appear in the newspaper?

Stars has existed and has been developed for centuries. However for many people the horoscope of the day of the newspaper is the first and will probably be the only encounter with art called astrology. But let me at least make it clear.

astrology day horoscope The astrology of the newspaper is also called astrology of the sun sign. It emerged in the 20th century, although still the 17th-century English astrologer William Lilly published his prophetic almanacs.

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A real horoscope

In 1930, the magazine"Sunday Express"ordered the English astrologer Richard Harold Naylor to make a horoscope for the newborn Princess Margaret. The horoscope emphasizes the characteristics of your Leo sun sign and some other dramatic positions on your map are mentioned briefly and diplomatically.

horoscope of the day parchment birthday. And really a few months before Margaret turned seven, her father took the throne.


A week later, the newspaper was flooded with letters from readers and astrologer R.H.Naylor had the idea of ​​offering weekly horoscopes in his column.

horoscope of the day signs Initially, it only makes mundane predictions and recommendations for every day of the week about finance, commerce, entertainment, politics, betting, racing, etc. horoscope of the day of the newspaper Over time, however, he is forced to create a simplified astrological system that can be generalized to connect with every day horoscope reader of his growing audience in an individual way.


The primacy of the sun in the horoscope of the day

zodiac?. And by sign in this sense is meant the sign in which the Sun was at the time of the birth of the person.

the planets of the solar system Until 1930 people did not ask each other such things and no astrologer considered that the position of the sun at the time of birth is more important than the position of the Moon, Venus and Mars for his horoscope.

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Why the horoscope of the day in the newspaper is not true?

Each person in his birth chart has not only a sun sign, but also a moon, Venera, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus... Therefore the horoscope of each person is a unique combination of interactions between planets in the solar system seen from the Earth in its unique position at the time of birth.

astrology-and-horoscopes There are no two identical horoscopes and there is no typology similar to the horoscope of the day that the newspapers present to us. Each serious astrologer can confirm that the sun sign can not put all the representatives of a sign in the same group. Signs-zodiac-circle Read your horoscope of the day in a women's magazine while waiting to get a haircut in the beauty salon, but keep in mind one thing - the information is too generalized. And do not fall into the cliché of identifying it with real and serious astrology.


If you want a serious analysis of your birth chart and an adequate forecast of your life trends, contact a professional astrologer.

horoscope-for-the-2018 Then, after unmasking the horoscope of the day and the astrology of the newspaper, let me say some good words about it since the coin always has two faces. Its roots are found in the oldest astrological practices. image-of-constellations Long before the birth of the natal astrology that studies the horoscopes of the individuals, the astrologers observed the celestial spectacles, trying to guess through them the destiny of the nations, countries and kingdoms.


The newspaper horoscopes are a continuation of these practices: to explore the dominant themes during a certain period of time and to interpret them.

symbols-of-the-zodiac signs Of course, the information presented in the horoscope of the day is too general, but nevertheless it still gives us an idea of ​​the important trends if the astrologer who prepared it is an experienced and skilled interpreter of celestial symbols and is able to translate them to human language.

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