Home Tricks for Garden Cleaning

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With the arrival of spring we start to do the cleaning of the home . But we do not have to forget about our garden or patio. Because every garden is damaged after going through a winter when the weather conditions are harder.

Here are some homemade tricks that can help you redecorate the garden and give it back its previous image.

Home Tricks to Clean the Garden

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Even if you try to protect your plants from garden Despite the efforts will not because nobody can change the time. A home trick to know that the cold days are over is to look out the window if the grass is growing can be sure in this. Taking a look around you will surely see fallen dry leaves and branches to be removed or even some garbage. Imagine how everything will be after the cleaning will give you motivation to achieve the ultimate goal.

Home Tricks to Keep Your Garden


If you need many changes you can hire a cleaning company to do it for you. It may seem obvious but it is very important to use the appropriate tools when garden cleaning begins. Take the scissors to prune the rose bushes and do not forget to wear gloves before you start. You will be surprised how, after pruning, your vegetation will come to life. We have to cut the lateral stems starting from below leaving only those that are at the top.

Cheats to keep the garden clean

Lawn back garden trees flowers stones For larger trees and plants make sure you have removed half of the branches. You can take some shoots or branches and reproduce the plant by cutting the branches in water and leave them in a sunny place and within a week you will start to sprout leaves indicating that they are ready to sow. With a good hoe will remove weeds from your lawn.

A beautiful flowers that give a magic touch to your garden

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Well-kept flowers

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A walkway with flowers at the edges

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Trees that further embellish this garden


Use gardening gloves to avoid accidents

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