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While caring for your skin in the city or while on vacation is essential to avoid Burns solar In fact, in summer, 15 minutes of exposure to UV rays may be enough to cause skin damage.

For this reason today we have decided to share with you some home remedies for burns.

Sunburn may be accompanied by pain in different areas of the body that they should then try to relieve. If you are on vacation in a secluded place or just want to use ingredients natural , a good idea would be to opt for a homemade product that can alleviate sunburn.

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How to relieve sunburn? Home remedies for sunburn

In the text that follows, we offer our recipe for homemade products to relieve sunburn. It includes only 3 perfectly natural ingredients, it is easy to make and comes in the form of an easy-to-apply gel. And, to complete this natural recipe for skin care, read everything you need to know about the symptoms of a sunburn and the right actions to treat them.

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To be effective and practical, homemade products to relieve sunburn and burns in general must include natural ingredients. And much better if the amount of these ingredients is reduced to only 3! Today we offer you a recipe created by Amber from Busy Creating Memories. Which corresponds precisely to these criteria!


100% pure aloe vera gel

Pure lavender essential oil

Peppermint essential oil

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Better yet, the products incorporated in this type of recipes must have indisputable benefits for the skin. This is probably the case with the three ingredients on our list. Next, we continue with practical information on the properties of the ingredients in question and their positive effects on the skin.


Do not you like the smell of lavender or mint? In this case, you can try different essential oils that have the abilities to heal and revitalize the skin. Examples of this type of oils are eucalyptus or sweet orange oil.


Be careful, however, because not all oils have the same skin benefits. In addition, it is advisable to ask and learn well before applying an essential oil on your skin. Some, like orange oil, can have a photosensitivity effect, others can cause allergic reactions.


Natural recipe to relieve sunburn: how does it work?


Aloe vera gel is one of the natural products widely used for the manufacture of skin care products in the home.


And this is not surprising knowing that it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It also contains active compounds that can reduce pain, which is very good in case of sunburn.

Lavender and mint are two essential oils found in many homemade skin care recipes. Both oils are beneficial for the skin and will help you relieve pain effectively.


It is known that lavender essential oil has the ability to cure many ailments. It is a very effective oil when applied to the skin in case of insect bites or itching. The product is also perfect for sunburn. At first, it will help calm the skin. Then, it will facilitate its quick healing and will strengthen the action of the aloe vera gel.


It should also be taken into account that lavender essential oil will reduce the amount of itching that will suffer after a sunburn. This happens if there is an immediate application of the product. In addition, frequent use of oil can reduce the amount of scars.


Peppermint essential oil is another powerful product in case of burning and to relieve sunburn. It helps stop the evils created by the sun's rays and prevents its action in the future. Another well-known effect of mint: helps the skin to cool almost instantly. All this allows you to calm the pain naturally and effectively.


How do these natural products work to relieve sunburn? Lavender and peppermint essential oils are natural ways to help aloe vera gel work instantly. How does this combination of products help relieve sunburn? Here is more than one answer:

Stop excessive pain caused by sunburn;

Stop combustion;

Give the skin an instant cooling effect;

Soothe and moisturize the skin;

Leave your skin smooth, smooth and much more calm;

Reduces the risk of itching

It allows the skin to tan instead of suffering.


Note: to obtain the best results, always opt for pure and natural products. Choose organic ingredients and you will benefit from a more effective and ideal home-made skin care cream for all skin types.


Home remedies for sunburn - Tutorial for making a homemade skin remedy


In addition to all the benefits of this natural product to relieve sunburn, it is very fast and easy to do. Follow the instructions below to convince you!


Add 3 tablespoons of pure aloe vera gel in a small airtight container. After adding the aloe vera gel to the jar, put 15 drops of lavender essential oil.


Then, also add 15 drops of peppermint essential oil. Now you have used all the ingredients in the list at the top. Now all you have to do is mix them!


Using a stick or spoon upside down and mix ingredients slowly. Continue until the oils and aloe vera are well mixed. You will recognize the fact that your aloe vera will become slightly cloudy.


Now your product to relieve sunburn and burns is ready. You just have to seal the lid! If you have friends who travel a lot or love to sunbathe, you can offer them a small pot of homemade skin care as a gift.


To keep your homemade cream, you can store jars that close well in a dark place. Another solution to consider: store your remedy in the refrigerator. In this way, it will have an even more refreshing effect when applied to the burned area!

Home remedies for sunburns of apple cider vinegar and aloe

Pour one teaspoon of dried sage leaves into a cup of apple cider vinegar for at least two hours. Take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with herbal infusion and mix with 4 tablespoons of aloe vera gel. Add 5 tablespoons of water and 10 drops of lavender essential oil. Mix the ingredients well and store them in the refrigerator.


Home remedies for sunburn of rose and sandalwood tree

To provide quick relief from discomfort, add 10 drops of sandalwood oil, 10 drops of neroli essential oil and 2 tablespoons of rose water to a spray bottle and shake the bottle well. Refrigerate the bottle


Home remedies for sunburn of shea butter and jojoba oil

Mix one tablespoon of shea butter, one tablespoon of olive oil, one tablespoon of jojoba oil and five tablespoons of water. Mix the ingredients well and pour it into a spray bottle. Shake the bottle well before using the spray after sun.


Home remedies for green tea and Hamamelis sunburns

In a cup of hot water put two tablespoons of green tea leaves for five minutes. Strain the tea and let it cool. In a spray bottle, pour green tea and add a teaspoon of witch hazel extract, two tablespoons of aloe gel and 10 drops of lavender or calendula essential oil. Shake the bottle and store it in the refrigerator.


Home remedies for sunburn have become especially popular in recent years. We all do our best to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of the sun. But let's be honest, mistakes happen.


Of course, prevention is always better than a cure, but a good after-sun cream is essential to repair the skin that has already been damaged. But even if you take all precautions to minimize sunburn, it is good practice to anoint yourself after a day in the sun anyway.

So we keep coming up with more ideas of home remedies for sunburn! The following remedies will help relieve pain, reduce inflammation and restore your skin's natural beauty. You have nothing to lose with this recipe!


Home remedies for sunburn - Cold packs and showers

When you look red like a lobster and feel that your skin is throbbing so hard that it could fall, a cold compress or a cold shower can be a great natural relief for sunburn.

What is the first thing you intend to do when you burn your hand on the stove? Put it under cold water.

The same goes for sunburns, so you should put a cloth in cold water for small areas or get under the ice shower if your whole body feels like it's on fire.


Home remedies for sunburn - Vitamin E

You probably do not need to be told how good vitamin E is for your skin, so apply it to a burn to help speed healing.

If you do not have vitamin E oil on hand, use almond oil, avocados or both mixed, as both ingredients have high concentrations of vitamin E. When blends are a great treatment of sunburn at home.


Home remedies for sunburn - Greek yogurt

Although you could use any natural yogurt, Greek yogurt is the best. Putting yogurt on the skin works as a natural relief from sunburn and throbbing pain. Make sure the yogurt you are using does not contain sugar, sweeteners and flavorings. Nobody wants to be burned by the sun while simultaneously fighting against waves of insect attacks.


Home remedies for sunburn - Tea

Surprisingly, tea is one of the home remedies for sunburn that really works. Calendula tea bags are the best. Simply dip tea bags in boiling water, let them cool (or add ice cubes to speed up the process) then apply with a clean cloth to the affected areas.


We continue with a recipe for more home remedies for sunburn.


70g of Aloe Vera Organic Gel

70 g of cucumber juice (instructions below)

40 g of macadamia nut oil

6 g of shea butter

5th 10 drops of lavender essential oil

10g of emulsifying wax

0.5-1% preservative

Combine all the ingredients and you already have your ointment.


No matter how you use your sunscreen, you almost always end up with at least one sunburn during the summer. For this we show you our latest recipes for home remedies for sunburn.

Coconut oil is also ideal for the skin in many of the same forms as red palm oil. It helps the skin maintain moisture balance and promotes the regeneration of skin cells.


Shea butter is super moisturizing, and has been used in home remedies for sunburn, peeling skin and burns due to excessive heat. It reduces inflammation and contains additional vitamins and nutrients to promote the overall health of the skin. In addition, it also penetrates the skin to help hydrate effectively.

There really is nothing like the helichrysum essential oil. It has a rich aroma of honey and is incredible for skin care. You can use it for burns, wounds, bruises and other minor scratches and rashes. It does a wonderful job to help return moisture to the skin after sunburn and relieve the pain of sunburn. We have said enough about lavender.