Hidden led lights to create environments in a Hi-Light Architects design

led lights modern space

LED lights are recognized for their many advantages. You have to start with insurance because of savings in terms of Energy . Something that in the end will be reflected in our account.

The benefits do not end here and the list is truly extensive. As we see in the pictures of the apartment today, the advantages in terms of aesthetics are noticeable.

Led lights hidden in the upper part of the ceiling

led lights modern living room

With LED lights both decorators and architects can achieve better visual effects. Be with lights of a specific color or simply white. This is not only achieved indoors, both the gardens and the pools are adapted to their use. Especially outdoors the effect on the water of fountains or pools is very beautiful.

led lights wood furniture

In the case of today they have taken advantage inside an apartment designed by Hi-Light Architects. A nice modern space in Poland that has a neutral color palette with hidden lighting. At the main entrance the entrance door seems to merge with the wooden accent wall. In it the led lights are hidden.

led lights indoor plants

The living room is distinguished by a concrete wall that becomes the backdrop of a bookshelf. It houses the television and the sofa projects towards the bar and the kitchen cabinets. At the end of the living room and the space shared with the kitchen there is a small space for a dining table. The best contrast of the kitchen is achieved thanks to the black countertops and the wood cabinets.


The white countertops give life to an area of ​​the bar. At the end of the kitchen, there is a built-in wine rack. Behind the entrance door hidden behind a door with mirror there is a wardrobe with dressing room. The opposite wall was the one selected for the bedroom. Right here the wooden accent wall with diagonal pattern is highlighted by the led lights hidden in the ceiling.


The bathroom, mostly white has other details in gray and an open space of wooden shelving. This house, like other projects of Hi-Light Architects, has a design that is unique. Whether the interior design or the architecture are designed specifically for the client's lifestyle and needs. Each project is created not only for the practicality of the interior, but also for its artistic value.


Something important is that all costs are visible before the work begins. The calculation of all stages before the start of construction allows each client to calculate their budget. Including not only general things, but also decorative elements. Especially in the design of interiors there is a great work for the quantity of articles.

Hidden led lights and storage spaces


This leads to a lot of questions and meetings with clients. For Hi-Light Architects each project must include constant exchange and feedback. His work style is divided into several stages. The first being the planning of the space. In the first stage, the designer creates at least three different planning solutions.


For the client to have more options they offer a complete palette of different combinations of color and style solutions. So the result is always liked by all and there are no unforeseen changes in the Projects . Without discounting the high level of customization and functionality. Achieved especially by the exchange with customers, the result can be seen in these wonderful photos.

bedroom-relaxing-textile-neutral wall-accent-headboard-bed white-striking-modern-bathroom