Hairstyles with braids, ideas and steps to follow to do the hairstyle at home

hairstyles with braids step by step-easy

The Hairstyles with braids They are one of the last ones that are fashionable and that mark the trends during the last years. Today, we can witness many hairstyles and many variants of modern and original braids that are combined with different types of braids. collected and pigtails. However, for most of us, these braids are quite difficult to do and we even have no idea how to proceed. Therefore, in today's article I will give you the ten steps you have to follow to create braid hairstyles like the one you will see below. There we go!

Hairstyles with braids step by step to do at home

hairstyles with braids-easy-to-do-home

In the following paragraphs and sections I will show you and offer you a guide that you have to follow to develop the hairstyle that you see in this image. Actually, it is two pigtails in whose principle we have two braids. It is very possible that the finish impresses them and that they think that it is a very complicated braids, but now they will see that it is actually easier than they think.

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As you can see, the first thing you should do is divide the hair into two equal sections and make a small ponytail in one of them. For this, it is better to use a small hair gum, since from the aesthetic point of view they are not seen and go unnoticed, while from a practical point of view, they are much more comfortable. After making the second ponytail, under the first one, you have to divide the top ponytail in two and the second one has to go through the center and grab it with a clamp or with another tool at the top.

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After that, they have to make a third ponytail, release the first one so that the two halves form an oval frame around the second. These steps have to be done as many times as they want, depending on the length of their hair and how long they want their hair to be. braids . In the photo above you can see that the step has been repeated three times and at the end the hair has been collected in a ponytail.

A few hairstyles with modern and original braids with hair collected

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After having finished with the braids in the first section of their hair, they have to move to the other and repeat the steps that I have already explained. In the end, to give more volume to your braids just have to gently pull the strands so that they protrude. Once they have done this they can also enjoy a hairstyle with quick and easy braids to make.

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However, they should take into account that this type of hairstyles are very appropriate for women who have longer hair, because in this way they have a wider margin with which to experiment. In addition, women who have their hair cut into layers and the first layer is shorter, will have difficulties when it comes to picking the hair by making the braid, as there will be hairs and strands that will come out of the frames.

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If they did not know how to make hairstyles with braids, they already have all the necessary steps to create this particular hairstyle. From here, you can experiment and try other options and variants with which you can also make very original hairstyles and collections that are very appropriate for the summer and for the hot days of the year.

The comfort of hairstyles with braids

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On the other hand, stylists also recommend these hairstyles for sunny days because the braids step by step are easy to make and very fast. You do not have to spend hours in front of the mirror to make this hairstyle. In addition, in recent years there has been a trend that points to the clear preference of women for these hairstyles.

how to make braids-easy hairstyles

For your comfort you can choose between the half-made braids and the ones I have shown you above in the article and also the full braids. In other of our articles you can take a look at the techniques of how to make braids oriented to different types.

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In fact, the classic braids are going out of style and fewer and fewer people use them to create their hairstyles. The most current are the fish and inverted fish braids and also the Dutch braids. Remember that the braid of your choice should fit and be consistent with the length of your hair so that the hairstyle looks good.

A few hairstyles with very modern braids today

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In the photos that I have selected to complete the article you will see that there are braids with a lot of volume and it is very possible that they think that they need to have more amount of hair to make these braids. As I have already told you, it is not about the amount of hair, but to pull the strands lightly without leaving to give them the volume they want.

Hairstyles with double braids

When trying to give volume to your locks, it is better to do it more or less uniformly. Thus, the volume will be greater in the upper part and in the central area of ​​the hair, while in the lower part it will be smaller. Actually, this is the idea they must follow to create their hairstyles and their hair volume.

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On the other hand, hairstyles with double braids are also pretty when they do not present the volume we were talking about. However, for this it is better to let your hair grow to enjoy long braids. If you did not know the steps you had to follow for a few hairstyles with easy-to-do braids, you already have an idea on how to proceed.

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Then, I leave you with more images of hairstyles with braids and more ideas that can be used to create a comfortable and refreshing look in summer. See you in the next with more ideas on hairstyles with braids.

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