Hairstyles half-collected and picked up on the side for every occasion

hairstyles half collected-hair-loose

We continue with the hairstyles and the fashionable ones, but in this article I have decided to group the hairstyles in different sections so that they can soak in inspiration more easily.

In this article I will talk about hairstyles half collected and collected , with braids and without braids, but the element that will appear in each of the images will be the hair placed on the side of the head, it is decoration, we will focus on the lateral hairstyles.

Hairstyles half collected and collected for any occasion

youthful hairstyles for party-braids

The reason for selecting precisely this theme and these hairstyles is that they are appropriate for any event and occasion. They can take you so much to go to work, in your day to day, but also to party and at weddings. In addition, these hairstyles allow to create a quite natural image, especially when the element of the braid appears.

modern hairstyles-braid-front

On the other hand, to give the desired originality and modernity to the hairstyle, you simply have to add other decorative details to it, such as tiaras, hairpins and flowers. Do not forget that these decorations can change the style of the hairstyle and can both give modernity, and fill him with naturalness.

semirecogidos party hairstyles-side

We will also see some hairstyles with loose hair in which the lateral direction is present. They have to keep in mind that these modern hairstyles, perhaps, are the easiest to do and, in addition, they are very appropriate to go out at night. Next, we will see different collected singles grouped into sections to facilitate the work of our readers.

Some hairstyles half collected and collected to go to work

youth hairstyles for party-natural

When we choose our hairstyle to go to work we usually want it to be comfortable, that it does not hinder us or give us a headache, that it is natural and easy to do. When it comes to long hair, one of the quickest and easiest ways to comb your hair in the morning is to braid your hair. A lateral braid that does not start from the roots, but from the nape or neck area will be very natural.

semirecogidos-natural party hairstyles

Also, if you want to increase the naturalness of your hairstyle, they can give you a disheveled and crazy touch. This can be achieved by leaving loose strands on the forehead or on the sides of the face and also loose hairs. This way of combing will surprise people and it will seem that they have just got up, but in the photo above they can see the original and the interesting thing that remains.

hairstyles half collected-hair-long

On the other hand, if you prefer a more neat and collected appearance, you can also opt for a side braid, only that the strands and loose hairs have to be less. Part of the braid can start from the top of the head, near the roots, while another part of the hair that is incorporated into the hairstyle, is braid at a lower level. Do not forget that in these cases the naturalness may be present in the hairstyle, but for that, the braid has to be loose, without tight strands.

The hairstyles half collected and collected for the day to day and the times of walk

hairstyles half-picked-side-braid

One of the main characteristics of the hairstyles collected and semi-picked for day to day or for our free time is not only the naturalness, but also that special touch that we want to give to our look. Of course, any of the superior hairstyles can be used in this part of your day, just like any of the hairstyles in this section can be used to go to work, since they are quite similar. The main difference is hidden in the difficulty and in the time it will take to elaborate them.

hairstyles half-collected-braid-side

Lately, braids that begin at the front of the head using a wider or narrower portion of hair are very fashionable. The truth is that these braids allow tracing a lateral line following the shape of the forehead or pulling the braid back slightly. In the photo above you can see an example of this type of hairstyles with hair collected with a finite strand loose on the side opposite the braid.

collected hairstyles-modern-braid

On the other hand, they can also make the braid so that it itself follows a diagonal or side line. However, to make this hairstyle on the opposite side of the braid, the strands have to be looser so that the hair allows the hair to be pulled to the side. Once this is done, they can choose the type of braid that they like the most to make the hairstyle more original and interesting.

Different types of hairstyles half-collected and semi-collected with braids, close-up views

semirecogidos-collected-braids-lateral hairstyles

In this section, I have selected the braid models that are most fashionable nowadays. These models follow a more special technique of elaboration, since as you can see, all the hair has been used to create it, but the direction of the hair is different from the classic one.

hairstyles for party-half-braid

Actually, it is not inverted braids, but fish braids. The characteristic of them is that they are adding strands every time we cross one of the strands of the same braid. This technique allows many varieties. In the photo above you can see this kind of braid made with half the hair to a certain point. After the hair that is loose is added to the braid but in the bottom, in the area of ​​the pigtail.

semirecogidos-collected-braid night hairstyles

At the same time, the braids are part of the hairstyles collected in fashion and the side option of them is to start the braid on one side of the head. For that, it is best to start from the level of the forehead. In this way, they have to add tufts from above and from below, turning both positions to create the effect of the fish. The idea of ​​this hairstyle is that in the end the result resembles the backbone of a fish.

Hairstyles half-collected and collected for night outings

hairstyles half-picked-side-braids

On the other hand, element of the braid can also be added to your party hairstyles and the final result will be very original and modern. A hairstyle with a side braid that starts from one of the temples and follows a straight line, staying hanging on the opposite side of the face is very modern. However, they have to keep in mind that these hairstyles will not look good on any type of face. In the oval and rounded faces will be very good.

night hairstyles long-side hair

On the other hand, when we have a more elongated or rectangular face, even slightly square, it is better to opt for the lateral pigtails. They can make a pigtail on the side of the head, leaving the fringe loose with a slight undulation. The final touch of the hairstyle will be the ripples present in the ponytail. However, do not forget that the hair has to be collected so that the line that separates it is not lost. Otherwise, the factions that are more prominent will reinforce and underline their angle.

hairstyles at night long hair-braids

In this hairstyle you can observe just that: the middle stripe has been lost due to the braid. When the features do not present more rough angles, these semierecogidos party hairstyles become ideal. In addition, the original of this hairstyle comes from the fact that the end of the braid consists of a knot that collects the rest of the hair in a ponytail. They do not have to forget that for the elaboration of this hairstyle the hair has first been separated in two, the pigtail has been made and then the braid.

A few hairstyles half collected and semi-collected easy, natural and elegant

collected hairstyles-party-singles

Many times we think that the difficulty of the hairstyle determines the level of its elegance. However, I hope that in this article I have given you enough evidence to belie this belief. Style and elegance can be seen in the image above. A hairstyle with intertwined locks forming a side ponytail is ideal for events and celebrations.

hairstyles with collected hair-semi-collected

Another very easy and natural hairstyle with a front and side braid is leaving the rest of the hair loose. To make this hairstyle, you can choose between different options to hide the braid. One of the ways is to hide it among the other strands with a hairpin or with a rubber band for the hair, tying it to another strand and another of the options is to leave it in view, having the hair down or to a certain extent.

hairstyles with collected hair-braid

In this photo you can see a technique more about how these braids are made and the combs emirecogidos. They can braid the edge only on one side of the head and leave the rest of the hair loose or they can also add the rest of the hair to the tail of the braid. They just have to try and experiment to see which variant they like best.

A very modern and original braids in semi-collected and semi-collected hairstyles

collected-braids-modern semi-collected

For the preparation of the hairstyles that you will see below, there is a requirement: to have a very long hair and a large amount of hair. The braids remove part of the length of the hair and therefore this has to be quite long so that they can place the braid aside. In addition, the large amount of hair will allow them to make thicker braids with greater volume.

semirecogidos night hairstyles-braid-lateral

Surely, many of you have not started experimenting with your hair and have lost a hairstyle as original as the one you see in the photo above. These are two side braids next to each other that have used the hair in its full volume to make them. Once this is done, with the two braids a pigtail has been made that falls freely on one of the shoulders of the girl.

collected simple-braids-natural

On the other hand, among the original braids we can also find long hairstyles at night. These hairstyles can follow the model you see above. It is a wild collection and to some extent disheveled that incorporates the braid on the front that the girl and curly locks and loose. This hairstyles is very easy to make when the hair is cut in a staggered way because then the strands leave the braid alone.

The half-collected and collected hairstyles we offer for weddings

hairstyles half-collected-headband

Unlike semi-combed night hairstyles, wedding hairstyles are full of details and decorative elements such as white headbands, flowers, etc. Probably, many of you think that the wedding hairstyle has to be elegant and stylish and think of complicated bows and hairstyles. However, in this article you will see some collected for weddings, both simple are the hair loose, and complicated with the hair collected.

modern hairstyles-women-hair-long

Usually, for a woman who has straight hair, a hairstyle with curly or wavy hair is ideal for a wedding or some other special occasion. Of course, the curls have to be done well to highlight the image of the bride. Then to keep the hair aside you just have to add some hairpins that hold it. In the end, they can incorporate some ornament like a flower stuck in their hair.

hairstyles half-collected-bangs-modern

On the other hand, with the braids you can also make some collected originals different from the youth hairstyles for party. In the photo above you can see a ponytail with side braids that cross the head and merge into the pigtail. In addition, these braids also serve as an ornament, since they create the sensation of braided diadems.

semi-choreographed party hairstyles-weddings

They have to keep in mind that when the length of the hair does not allow for so many innovations they can add these details using a headband either braided with natural hair or traditional headbands. Now, I'm going to leave you with the rest of the images of the collection of hairstyles half collected lateral. I hope they inspire you and that you dare to experiment.

hairstyles half-picked-side-hair-long hairstyles half-picked-side-curls half-collected hairstyles-women-wedding hairstyles half collected-hair-curly medium-braided hairstyles-modern hairstyles collected-weddings-brides fashion-collected-wedding hairstyles hairstyles collected fashion-brides semirecogidos hairdos-weddings-braids collected semi-collected-modern-weddings party hairstyles collected-semi-booked collected simple-braids-monkeys semirecogidos trenzas-ninas-pequenas semirecogidos hairstyles-braids-side