Hairstyles for modern brides according to the type of hair and face

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For the preparation of today's article I selected some images of hairstyles for brides with the hair loose, collected, semi-booked , long and short to give them ideas.

However, many times when we go to the hairdressers they surprise us with the news that said hairstyle can not be done with our hair because it is too dry or the length does not reach the right one. Therefore, if you are planning to marry or a few months await an important event do not hesitate to give the necessary care to your hair to achieve a really impressive hairstyle.

Hairstyles for brides and the type of our hair

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Surely, many of you once in your life have been interested in the type of hair they have. The classification is quite simple but, at the same time, very important since depending on the type of hair, it will also depend on the type of care that we have to provide. In addition, later in the article you will also find a classification of the hairstyles according to the type of face.

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The classification of the type of hair is based on its texture, shape and consistency, so to speak. Depending on the consistency we have three types of hair: fat, dry and normal; depending on its texture the hair is divided into: thick, thin and medium; and according to its shape we can distinguish between straight, curly and wavy hair.

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The most important thing you need to know to understand hair growth and its structure is that each hair is a follicle that contains a sebaceous gland. This gland is responsible for keeping the hair in good condition and when we talk about good condition we refer to the following characteristics: permeability, which is its ability to absorb liquids, resistance, plasticity, thanks to which we can mold it, and the elasticity.

Some hairstyles for brides and the type of greasy hair

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Everything that differs from normal in its consistency or texture is distinguished by the fact that it is closer to one of the extremes. Each end is a not very healthy way of reflecting in our image and one of them is the hair fat that is characterized precisely by the excess of fat in our hair.

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Actually, there are many women who have this problem and who try to fight against it, as it seems to be continuously dirty. For this reason, it is necessary to wash it more than the rest of the consistencies, however, excessive washing can have very negative consequences on its image.

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To avoid the feeling of dirtiness and not to cause additional damages, you just have to choose the right shampoo and you can wash it whenever you need it. Do not forget to include in your care a mask or an appropriate conditioner. In addition, in the network you can find many homemade masks for oily hair that are very easy to make and apply.

Some hairstyles for brides and the type of dry hair

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Unlike the previous type, dry hair is totally opposite to fat. As it is characterized by having very little fat the main consequences is that it is very fragile and breaks more easily. In addition, the main signs of dry hair are, on the one hand, the frizzy effect and, on the other, the ease with which hairs are broken. If this is your case, the most important thing is to eliminate the strong dyes that do not care for dry hair and start using some for your hair.

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One of the ways to care for this type of hair to be able to enjoy an awesome girlfriend hairstyle are moisturizing masks. The drier your hair is, the more moisturizing the mask has to be. In addition, these masks contain keratin that also strengthens the hair. At the same time, to stimulate the circulation of the blood and the elaboration of more fat can be massaged with the masks and combed more often.

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On the other hand, if you frequently use dryers and irons or tongs, it is important that you apply a heat shield first. In this way, the high degrees of these tools will not be able to further dry the hair and protect it.

Some hairstyles for brides and normal hair type

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This type of hair is the most desired by the female audience and is the hair that every woman would like to have. The main thing is that it produces the right amounts of fat that feed the hair and does not suffer from excesses. However, although all this sounds very good, this type of hair also needs minimal care.

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First, masks are appropriate when applied to the hair once every two weeks or so. It is important to take into account that if your hair is normal and you apply a moisturizing mask several times a week, you will create a greasy effect.

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On the other hand, heat protectors against hair dryers and other utensils are also suitable for hair care. This type of protection will prevent or slow down open and dry ends. Also, do not forget that the dyes will also have a harmful effect on your hair, so try to use less harmful ones.

Some hairstyles for brides with fine hair

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Modern bridal hairstyles are harder to do when the hair in front of you is thinner than it should be. The reason is that for some of these hairstyles a greater quantity of hair is needed and when this offers a fine texture we do not have volume and the effect of the hairstyle can be lost.

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In fact, this type of hair is one of the easiest to mold, but like dry hair, it is the one that suffers most from the harmful and harmful effects of the irons and dryers. In these cases, the use of a heat protector is essential, since the hair can break easily.

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As I mentioned above, one of the main problems women have with this type of hair is that it lacks volume. In this case, if you want to wear a loose hair bride hairstyles have to use an appropriate shampoo that volume to the hair. The way to achieve it by means of a shampoo is that it converts the hairs into thicker ones with which their volume increases.

Some bridal hairstyles with thick hair

Hairstyles for Bride Hair Loose-Headband

Unlike the previous texture, thick hair offers many possibilities to create simple or more complicated bridal hairstyles. This type of hair is distinguished from the others by a large volume, by its hardness and by the difficulty that makes us handle it.

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The truth is that if they have this type of hair are privileged, because by lacquer the hairstyle will last much longer and also long hair bride hairstyles offer a much more splendid image. However, they do not have to leave care aside; Moisturizing masks and heat protector are the most important elements to maintain and nourish this type of hair.

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In contrast, the hair with a medium or normal texture combs easier than the previous. With this hair you can also make many bridal hairstyles with veils or veils and the best of all is that they will last longer than if the hair was thick or thin. If this is your case, use it to create those awesome hairstyles.

Some hairstyles for brides with curly and wavy hair

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The most important thing to know about curly hair before doing any kind of bridal hairstyles aside is that this type of hair in most cases is much more fragile than straight hair or wavy hair. Therefore, hydration is very important for this type of hair. In addition, curly hair usually has an image composed of small curls that are difficult to comb and hence comes its fragility.

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One of the most important care that can provide is to dry it completely before starting to treat it with any tool that emits heat. The reason is that if the hair is not completely dry it will dehydrate even more. Regarding hydration, we can say that this hair is very similar to dry hair.

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For its part, the main problem we can have with wavy hair is the ease with which it gets tangled. Therefore, the use of a good conditioner becomes mandatory. On the other hand, with straight hair the problem will be found in the volume. In this case, we simply have to have at our disposal a shampoo that increases it.

Some hairstyles for brides according to the type of face, the round face

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In order to determine the shape and type of your face, you have to take a series of measurements of the width of the forehead, cheekbones and chin. Then, these measures have to be captured on a sheet and they simply have to unify the ends to see what shape will come out. If the final result is close enough to a circle in this case its face is round and the hairstyles have to be chosen based on it.

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Hairstyles collected for brides are very appropriate for this type of face, however, it is best to leave a few strands on the sides so that these areas of the face can be disguised. You can also opt for asymmetrical hairstyles and high buns.

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On the other hand, if your hair is shorter and have a round face the hairstyles for bride short hair collected are not appropriate. Next, I'm going to leave you with a series of mistakes that girls with this type of face have to avoid in order to show off a perfect image on their wedding day.

Some hairstyles for brides with round faces and the most common mistakes

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One of the most common mistakes women can make with a round face on their wedding day is hidden in the accessories. In this sense, the jewels with round elements have to be avoided, since in this way an idea is created that relates both forms and elements of the aspect.

Long hair-loose bridal hairstyles

At the same time, the mistake they have to avoid when choosing a hairstyle or doing theirs are those that reveal their foreheads and cheeks. The reason is that if they are exposed, the face will look much bigger, since there will not be any strands that disguise these parts of the face.

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On the other hand, the round shapes can also be found in the hairstyle using the curls. Therefore, large curls have to be avoided or can be done at the level of the chin and chin. If your face is round, my advice is not to do this type of curls from the root of the hair or from the center, as they will widen their face even more.

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Also avoid short fringes, as these will also leave your forehead uncovered. You can bet calmly on the long and asymmetrical bangs as they will break with the rounded of your face and also give that elongated effect to the face without enlarging it additionally to the sides.

Some hairstyles for brides with a rounded face

hairstyles for brides with veil-semirecogidos

At the same time, the division of the hair can be done both in the center and on the side. However, do not forget that when it is done in the center they will come closer to the oval shape of the face. In addition, hairstyles with volume are also very appropriate, to the same as accessories such as tiaras.

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Next, I leave you with more images of bridal hairstyles from which you can get many ideas and that you can try before the wedding. Do not forget that hair care is very important to achieve an impressive hairstyle.

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