Hairstyles for girls - Check our proposals for summer

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For girls and boys, the spring-summer season of 2018 is full of fashionable hairstyles and beautiful haircuts, offered not only in simple but modern ways, but also all kinds of haircuts and complex haircuts and braids. In our article today we invite you to be inspired by photos and ideas of modern and original girl hairstyles, perfect for summer.

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Unlike adult fashion, children exclude the use of any means to fix the hair: lacquer, foam, mousse and gel. In addition, stylists recommend refraining from drying the hair with a hair dryer. The metal combs are not recommended either.

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Hairstyles for spring and summer are a sign of tenderness. In the following selection of photos show the latest trends and trends that have been proposed for daily use, special occasions and parties.

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Hairstyles for girl spring-summer 2018 ideas and photos

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Taking into account the novelties of the season, we can not avoid saying that fashion for girls included hairstyles based on tight braids and thin braids, as well as options for combing with hair accessories (rubber bands, hair pins, etc.).

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Beautiful hairstyles for girl spring-summer 2018 fashion novelties and trends

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Hairstyles for girl with short hair

For young girls with hair short, modern trends offer laconic and very beautiful haircuts, taken from adult fashion. The elongated and square or asymmetrical bob, layered hair are just some of those hairstyles that can be seen in the shows of fashion childish.

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Any of the aforementioned haircuts and variations in their base, can be complemented with bangs. The choice depends only on the taste of the young woman and her mother.

To go to the nursery and school, you must choose only practical hairstyles that do not prevent the child from playing and learning. So that the hair does not hang over your eyes, it is better to comb them back, hold them with invisible or bright hairpins.

culminating hairstyle of a little princess.

Hairstyles for beautiful girl-braids

For girls whose parents prefer short hair to long hair, hot season fashion trends offer a style with the effect of slight negligence, unusual hairstyles with the use of rubber hairpins.


The braids can be reproduced by twisting individual strands of hair and holding them with elastic bands. Hair decoration, attire and accessories depend solely on the desire of a little fashionista and her mother.


Girls who like shiny hair accessories can make a hairstyle using clips, elastic bands and invisible colors. They can decorate the hair in a chaotic way. For example, braids with original figures that look like a heart, a square or a triangle.


Hairstyles for girl with braids

Every mother knows how to do not only combed with tail, usually two tails at the top or at the bottom. Let's see what else can be invented with the usual tails. Experimenting with separation. If you want to make the traditional two-tails, you can make a creative zigzag stripe, you should keep in mind that this separation is not suitable for very short hair. Another way to diversify the ordinary hairstyle is to do side separation.


Decorate tails

The usual lines will look elegant, if you decorate them with accessories. It can be beautiful elastic bands, ribbons or pretty bows. In any case, we advise you to decorate the tails to get a beautiful hairstyle that you can do in a very short time.






Hairstyles for girls with medium length hair

The average length of hair is preferred by both mothers and daughters. Besides that this length is practical and it is easy to reproduce any hairstyle, it is suitable for any face shape and hair type. With medium length hair, it is easy to create different styles of hairstyles, from modern and simple styles, to haircuts and intricate and original hairstyles.


In the spring-summer season of 2018, the girls' hairstyles are decorated with all kinds of hair ornaments: pigtails and elastics, satin bows, tiaras with embroidery and flowers, small crowns that resemble a headband.

Taking into account the current variants of hairstyles, we can distinguish the following solutions: pigtails, small curls, waves and curls collected in a bun.


Very often small girls at school age, have a medium length hair, so stylists, hairdressers pay special attention to this particular length.

Playing with each of the options is not difficult, so each mother can repeat any hairstyle with their own hands at home. And the main thing is that any decoration will make the hairstyle is unique and different from the standard versions.


Hairstyles for girls with coleteros

The hairstyles with hair straighteners exist, maybe, there is an infinite number, because here you can give free rein to your imagination and every time try something new. For starters, you will need a lot of rubber hair. It can be made of soft shiny material or silicone. Rubber bands are not replaceable if you need to create a hairstyle that lasts throughout the day.


The hair will be fixed securely and will not prevent the girl from having fun. In the photos we suggest to look at different variants of hairstyles with hair gums and take them as a base to create your hairstyle. In addition, such hairstyles are suitable for short hair and medium length hair. The principle of creating such hairstyles is that each tail is woven into the next tail, so that all the hair is firmly grasped.


More hairstyles for girl with braids

The braids perhaps the most popular hairstyle for girls, combining the simplicity, beauty and enthusiasm that are so suitable for little princesses. Ways to weave braids are many, it can be such a popular French braid, cascade of braids, braid of various strands, and others. It is not necessary to give up this style of hairstyle, if your daughter's hair is short, in fact, with the help of French braids it can be interesting to draw on the hair creating an original hairstyle or remove the bangs.


Well, if your little beauty has long hair, then the hairstyle variants with braids can not be counted. Braids can act as an element of hairstyles, for example, when it is necessary to use braids to remove hair from the face or simply pick up unnecessary strands or collect a full hair. One of the most popular options is a hairstyle with two pigtails, which can be a classic fabric of three strands or French braids.


For medium length hair, it is better to choose the French version of braids. For girls with long hair, braids look good on thick hair, a braid can be twisted to get an interesting hairstyle.





Hairstyles for girls with long hair

A princess with long hair can make simple and sophisticated hairstyles that are easy to do at home. It is clear that you can recreate at home with your own hands, any of the options (which you can see in the pictures below) as long as you have free time and is determined to do something interesting for the next event.


For each day, it is better to prefer simple hairstyles: braids, loose hair decorated with a bow, a high tail, a bow. For parties or for special dinners at home, you can do: curls and curls, retro hairstyles, intricate braids.


Hairstyles for girl ideas for collected hair

The bun is a versatile hairstyle, will adapt to every occasion to go to school to the park or for a special occasion. If your daughter is engaged in dancing, gymnastics or other sports, be sure to bring a lot of hair ties to make a bow. This hairstyle did not differ in variety, but now there are many options for all tastes, and if you decorate it with a small headband, your daughter will look like a real princess.







Hairstyles for girls spring-summer 2018

Unlike the adult style options, the beautiful and modern 2019 summer hairstyles exclude the use of a hair dryer, lacquer gel and other ingredients that damage the hair structure. In addition, although they are not proibidos if they went out of fashion the intricate braids and the standard ideas that were used in years 90. These were replaced by hairdos based on braids with more than three tufts, styles of Hollywood, curls small and great, Retro hairstyles decorated with bright accessories for hair.


For the summer season, the girls' hair is collected in beautiful, but simple, creative style hairstyles and light negligence. The photo below shows the spring and summer hairstyles for 2018 girls, designed for long, medium and short hair.






Hairstyles for girl at school

Hairstyles for girls at school are modest and laconic. The main rule: they should not cause discomfort during the study (the strands should not fall on the eyes). In our article today, you can find many interesting options. The simplest and most common is the tail. She looks very pretty and will hold you until the night. Also in medium hair, you can braid or make a spiral braid. Schoolgirls with medium length hair can braid two French braids along the sides and connect them to the rest of the hair, attaching it to the tail.


Loose hair is a delight, especially if it is well groomed and shines with a healthy glow. But for little girls this is always an appropriate option. To diversify the look of your daughter every day of the week with a trendy hairstyle, see the photographs, which will help you to be inspired to make hairstyles in short, medium and long hair. All these hairstyles can be done with your own hands for you and your daughter.