Green grass on the roof of this house designed by Gluck +


The house we show you today is located in the United States and is designed by GLUCK + Architects - its verderde grass roof is the subject of this article. The architects came up with the idea of ​​creating a house immersed in the mountain landscape.

House with grass on the roof in the Rocky Mountains in the United States

Actually, they have designed a large 2850 square foot house in the Rocky Mountains in the United States, geographically speaking, but also literally as you will see in the photos. In fact, located at the foot of the rocky mountains, the house seems like buried in the ground, the house signed GLUCK + wanted to submerge it in the landscape and so did.


The GLUCK + mountain house: But how is the building itself

Two structures are built, one next to the other, to satisfy the need of a family creating a unique family environment. The two buildings create a unique, green and high mountain courtyard that connects and serves both sides of the house.


The east-west part of the structure houses three bedrooms and the garage, while the north-south part surrounds the living areas. These are the dining room and the kitchen. The barely distinguishable roof of the meadow makes the house virtually invisible from the road.


Preserves and highlights the original view of the existing structure. In addition, the green grass roof provides a super-insulated envelope. Instead of putting walls, they have put glass everywhere. Therefore, the continuous skylights concentrate the panoramic views and provide a space fully illuminated by the light of day.


Mountain house signed GLUCK + ultramodern

A thick solar wall on the south side separates the service side of the building from the main courtyard. In addition, it creates a secondary space for automobiles, storage and collection of solar energy. A retaining wall covered with Corten steel cuts the site diagonally, capturing sunlight on one side and forming a private courtyard below the other.




Solar panels heat the house, the outdoor pool and the hot tub. The indoor pool and floors overheat during the day to act as heat sinks, to prevent mechanical heating at night.


An information system integrated into the building includes a real-time information sensor and remote controlled energy efficiency. This information capture allows the system to respond in real time to changing environmental conditions. As a result, it becomes more competitive over time, reducing fossil fuel consumption by more than 60%, as well as energy costs.


Mountain house with unique design

It is obvious that the house designed by GLUCK plus is unique. The so-to-say burial of the building under the meadow is a great idea. Therefore, architects fully respect nature and completely preserve the environment and landscape. Being one with the surrounding nature was considered the most important for the guests.

Green grass on the roof of this house designed by Gluck +

Mountain house with green grass roof designed by GLUCK plus: absolute comfort

We can see in the photos that we collect for you also part of the interior of the house. It shows in each of the spaces that comfort is absolute. In fact, the interior design that has adopted a minimalist style has also provided unparalleled comfort.


Mountain house signed GLUCK welfare and inner peace

We can see in the photos and through them, we can feel that there is a special atmosphere inside the mountain house. What you can feel inside depends, in large part, on the outside environment. The location of the furniture, the space without furniture, the immensity, the clarity and the modernity, the comfort characterize the luxury. In the case where the owners want to live exactly where this extraordinary building is located, they can only experience well-being. But also, the environment, the decoration, the idea, the professionalism, the excellence, everything is there! It is true that any resident who likes to live in nature will find inner peace.


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