Gardens of the future. An ecological and technological garden presented by LG

garden-area-to-sit Visitors to the Chelsea Flower Show garden exhibition that took place at the end of May had the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of the LG Eco-City Garden. It's about a garden ecological and technological presented by one of the leading companies in the technology sector. area-to-sit-and-relax This garden designed by the Korean landscaper Hay-Joung Hwang presents a modern, simple and attractive layout, with a central sunken sitting area and a vegetation of coordinated colors.

Garden design

What is it about?

After the successful collaboration in 2016, LG once again contacted the landscape architect Hay Joung Hwang to create the 'Eco-City' exhibition garden especially for the Chelsea Horticultural Society's Chelsea Flower Show 2018 exhibition.

lighting-of-garden LG collaborated with designer Hay Joung Hwang two years ago, when together they created the LG Smart Garden, which won a gold silver medal at the Chelsea Flower Show 2016. This year, LG returns to the iconic show with its next innovation, an Eco garden -City that transfigures the concept of life in the center of the city and helps fight air pollution and improve the quality of life of the city's inhabitants.


Who is Hay Joung Hwang?

Born in South Korea, Hay Joung Hwang moved to the United Kingdom in 2006 where she studied landscape design at the University of Nottingham Trent taking florist courses to become familiar with plants and flowers. She then spent an internship as a landscape architect at the University of Sheffield, where she gained the skills to establish her own company, Hay Designs, in 2014. Her company's work ranges from large gardens and parks open to the public to smaller private gardens. Some of Hay's previous works include the creation of a garden for the International Garden Festival in Chaumont-Sur-Loire in France, as well as one for the Seoul Garden Festival in Korea.

house-modern-with-garden Despite the scale and complexity of the work they do, Hay Designs is still a small company with three landscape architects and designers working under the direction of Hay that is closely involved with each project. ecological gardens With a degree in interior design from South Korea and a wealth of knowledge and experience in landscape architecture, Hay's philosophy behind each project is to bring traditionalism and modernism together. For the Eco-City garden, its design uses innovative technology to address the environmental problems posed by contemporary lifestyles.

gardens in-the-city

The"Eco-City"garden of LG and Hay Joung Hwang

vertical of ecological gardens.

urban gardens-de-LG The company manages to combine our growing dependency on technologies with the current requirement of being aware of the environmental problems we face as a result of our contemporary lifestyle. This project also highlights the objective of reducing pollution specifically in areas of high population density.

urban-modern gardens

Urban gardens of the future

LG Eco-City Garden - Chelsea Flower Show 2018

Each home has a spacious terrace that is accessed from the kitchen and is designed to allow natural light. Plants and trees play a role in the seasonal control of oxygen generation, humidity control, moderation of temperature and reduction of carbon dioxide. They also play the role of a natural filter against noise pollution in the city.


Modern technologies and the ecological approach

The garden is self-sufficient and energy efficient. Aquaponics systems have been used to provide nutrients from fish waste to feed a vertical garden of vegetables and herbs, while solar technologies replace conventional construction materials to power LED lighting that creates the perfect conditions to grow different species vegetables and herbs.

garden-urban-night self-sufficient The garden is full of innovative LG products, including Signature Kitchen Suite. The technological innovations used in the project continue with the seating area for relaxation that has running water functions to filter the acoustic contamination and the digital art exhibited through the TV OLED Signature 4K, LG's thinnest television.


What is the key message conveyed by this project for gardens of the future?

There are several key issues that stand out here. An investigation of LG discovered that pollution is the main concern of the inhabitants of large cities in the United Kingdom. By transforming life in the city, this garden's main objective is to reduce pollution by using specially selected trees, plants and shrubs and to provide a model that can be reproduced in high-rise buildings in the city.

wall-of-plants The garden also addresses the great concern about the decline of pollinating insects and their habitats. The planting scheme shows how to incorporate wildflowers, perennials and a looser meadow-style planting in an urban garden. Garden plants In general these gardens of modern design show a closer interaction between concrete, glass and greener environment. project-for-urban-gardens height.


What prize did the LG Eco-City Garden win?

The Eco-City Garden won a gold silver medal that is delivered by design, planting, construction and general impression on the client.